Saturday, October 22, 2011

Burlesque film Tournee' to hit DVD soon

'Tournee' or 'On Tour' which was released world wide in 2010 is soon being released on DVD [release date unknown]. This film is heralded by serious burlesque fans all over the world, this time mainly for the massive underground current working burlesque stage stars that are in it. The Director is Mathieu Amalric, and the stars are Miranda Colclasure (Mimi Le Meaux), Suzanne Ramsey (Kitten on the Keys), Dirty Martini (as Linda Marraccini), Julie Atlas Muz (as Julie Ann Muz), Angela de Lorenzo (as Evie Lovelle) to name a few. []
While 2010 was the year of the major mainstream studio release film "Burlesque", Tournee' (also a 2010 release) was a Cannes Film Festival and underground sensation that will be cherished by those in the strip-tease industry and rabid burlesque genre fans world wide. 
The stars who've made it around the U.S. who I have seen personally from this roster include: Dirty Martini at the 'Tease-O-Rama live show tour in the Pacific Northwest, and Kitten on the Keys at the same show in 2009. The performers here are without rivals in the style of dance they perform, and of course like most dance movies it's rumored you'll wish there were more stage performances and less story.'On Tour' was also criticized mildly for its self-indulgent plot focusing on the difficult character of the Director who tours the gang around France against all odds, but to me it sounds pretty realistic.
For fun, here are some of the trailers I found available to view online.