Saturday, October 22, 2011

Dita Von Teese, Strip Strip Hooray touring U.S. July and August 2011

Everyone can agree on one single point of inspiration for the resurgence of Burlesque in America: high profile 'go-to' girl: Dita Von Teese has done charities and galas alike all over the world, bringing the high glamour of vintage mid-century strip-tease burlesque into the spotlight of today. Beginning as a sexy fetish film model, and gaining notoriety when she married and then divorced famed rocker Marilyn MansonDita is now recognizable by her one-word name, after years of groundbreaking as the leading 'Strip Tease' artist of this time.
After fund-raising pin-up campaigns for P.E.T.A., and launching her own fragrance, Dita has a new project and tour she is revealing that is the first of its kind.Though Dita Von Teese is slated to appear September 10th at Museum of Contemporary Art in San Diego, it appears a two set show will not be the full variety show that has graced parts of the U.S in July and August 2011, to sold-out crowds.The ultra-glamorous mega sparkly Swarovski crystal-filled night of mind-blowing world-class entertainment that has been known as Strip Strip Hooray has been touring from Los Angeles at the Roxy Theater starting in December of 2010, with stops at the House of Blues in Dallas and Houston, as well as New Orleans. Future dates are not known but stay up-to-date via the official Dita Von Teese website here: 
According to , “Burlesque: Strip Strip Hooray!” is a 90-minute spectacle starring burlesque’s brightest star Dita Von Teese, alongside a brilliant cast of Dita’s favorite burlesque acts. Von Teese is taking this show on the road for the very first time. The International Queen of Burlesque will perform three of her world renowned acts, including her brand new Swarovski Martini Glass show.
Sold out shows were the delight of attendees and we hope there will be more.To wet your whistle, view this photo slideshow of the 'Strip Strip Hooray' Burelsque and Variety Show here hooray-july-shows/ by Kavlin Idora and Josh Brasta. Hopefully we will hear soon if the Strip Strip Hooray Variety Show tour will continue with new dates and venues. 
No one has combined high fashion with burlesque and strip-tease like Dita Von Teese, and though she now resides in France, there have been many stateside appearances throughout 2010. Dita now also has an official Twitter and you can follow her @ditavonteese.