Saturday, October 22, 2011

How to burlesque: patent leather shoes

How to Clean Patent Leather Accessories
You know those scuffs or spills on your patent leather accessories? They're not going to cost you a trip to the cobbler anymore, because your own household item will take them off! I found out from a friend way back when, that nail polish remover will get rid of any scuffs or stains on patent leather, without any damage. It might even make them shine a bit brighter.
Start with a soft cloth or cotton pad. Dowse the cloth with a bit of nail polish remover. Wipe. Let it evaporate, then use a dry cloth to buff. You may end up cleaning your accessories in their entirety when you see how sparkly they get with the application of nail polish remover.
Now go enjoy your politically correct patent leather products knowing how quick and easy you can clean them. Find out more about the columnist of 'How to Burlesque'  at

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