Saturday, October 22, 2011

How to burlesque: preserving your stockings

In our travels and costuming, we try to make everything last as long as possible. This includes the longevity of stockings. How do you get the most out of your silk thigh highs, or nylon hose? I mean it's your favorite pair and you just got a run. How will you avoid this? It's all about the temperature.
When I had a waitress job way back when, one of the requirements was to wear nylon hose every day. That meant going through a lot of hose. The company recommended we put the freshly bought pair of nylons into the freezer, as a way to preserve them. I didn't understand, but obeyed.
Apparently, the freezing temperature of the freezer of your handy household refridgerator is a climate that will moleculary change the stockings, stronger once they are thawed.
Leave in package in freezer overnight. Take them out and let them sit at room temperature. Take them out after a couple hours and let them air dry. You wil find a tougher hose than you ever imagined, saving you a ton of money on each new stocking you buy after having a run.
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