Saturday, October 22, 2011

How to burlesque "warming up on stage"

How to Warm-Up While On Stage  
as published by Kelly Dinardo on the Candy Pitch March, 2009.
Did 'hair & make-up' go too long before you heard "you're on"? That's ok. You can build a warm up for your own safety into your every performance! If not, you can take 30 seconds to do this right before going on stage. Coming from a major injury to my hamstring, I can tell you that warming up is without question, the most important thing you can do for yourself before performing. I hurt myself on a cold December day during an audition which I didn't have time to warm up for! Because I do acrobatics during every performance, I have now devised a system that will ensure I didn't cool down while waiting to go on stage.
Here's How To:
Take that first 30 seconds of your routine to breath deeply through your nose, connect with your surroundings on the stage, and warm up!  Think about your four 'major muscle groups'. The Chest, Legs, Back, and Stomach, are considered the areas that need the most attention before the body can perform at its peak. Here are a couple warm-ups per muscle group to get you started.

Chest warm-ups: Hold your arms straight out and do mini circles, put arms straight overhead while clasping hands and wiggling your middle. Leg warms-ups: Go down into a complete squat (immediately effective) watch that your knees are pointed the same direction of your toes. Standing in place, bend one knee fully while straightening the other (this also hits the hip flexors). Do this at least 10 times per side. Back warm-ups: Wiggle your hips, rotate your hips, make a figure 8 with your hips, try reaching with your shoulders while doing this. Stomach warm-ups: Roll your stomach while tucking your pelvis in, and then tailbone out do this about 10 times.
These major muscle groups need the most warm-up and stretching before doing any performance. You'll find that thinking of your body like a car, will do you well: always make sure it has enough oil and gas, and is warmed up properly.  Don't worry... the audience will not be bored if they are rewarded in the end! 

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