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The Moonlight Howlers: Psychobilly, Rockabilly, and Family - by Frankie Tease

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Moonlight Howlers - Psychobilly, Rockabilly and Family

The Best of Frankie Tease Magazine Vol.1: Jan. - June 2012, Las Vegas

The Moonlight Howlers are a seriously hard-working, young, talented, trio out of Arizona. The band is made-up of Composer and amazing Stand-up Slap Bassist Raffael Weatherly, aka "Bones", aka Raffe (Male 23), Drummer and Singer Aeriel Weatherly, aka "Siren", aka Ari (Female 21), and Guitarist and Singer Tory Putman, aka "Lee Terror" (Male 27). The band all has two things in common: they have names that could be super heroes in a comic book, and they are family. I saw the Howlers on a really cold wet night in November of 2010 in Portland, Oregon, and immediately loved their music and danced all night to it. I recently missed their appearance at Viva Las Vegas Rockabilly Festival 15, but saw Raffael at Viva in the hall, and requested an interview once the band returned home, by phone. I had been corresponding with his Mom ever since I filmed a candid video for them to capture their live show in Portland.

"Rocket to the Moon", their 2011 album, describes the musical career path they've been on best: they are shooting to stardom in the rockabilly scene. Borrowing from Roots, Rock, and Psyochobilly, the band's energetic and power-packed original music and cover tunes will stick with you, and never let you go. On Sunday April 29th, Raffael Weatherly and Aerial Weatherly (brother and sister, Bassist and Drummer respectively-Tory who was not present is the Cousin) were available, and here is what they had to tell me from Arizona to Las Vegas through the telephone wire. I'd like to add that since this interview, I've decided that Aerial is a the 'Rockabilly Rihanna’ (but only in looks). You can use that. The Moonlight Howlers: Rockabilly, Psychobilly, & Family

The Best of Frankie Tease Magazine Vol.1: Jan. - June 2012, Las Vegas

FT: When was the band formed and how did it become all family?
RW: The band started with a completely different line-up, about four years ago. We had a different
guitarist and drummer. We played in the garage and around the house for about two years.
Then my sister joined after we kicked the other guy out. I started showing her how to play drums,
and we've been doing this for about three years professionally now.

FT: So Raffael, you're the band leader?
RW: Kind of yeah [chuckle]. I'm the one that sets most the stuff up, so I take the lead on most of

FT: So since I saw you on tour in Portland circa 2010, you've toured Europe. That's amazing, how was that?
RW: It was pretty cool. We went over for about a month, a little over a month with a company called "Surfing Airline Productions" they're based out of Belgium. We played Holland, Belgium and the Netherlands, several cities in each. It was awesome, we had a good time. We're going back over in February.

FT: You'll have a new album to promote at that time right?
AW: We're hoping that we'll have a new album out.

FT: Can you tell us what albums you have out now?
RW: Yeah. We had a five song LP that we put out, we just put out 'Rocket to the Moon' late last year and we're working on this new album now. We're setting up a website and it'll be available on that with all our albums and merch.

FT: Can you tell me about the song 'Stagecoach' and how it became included in the Viva Las Vegas 15 CD Compilation, an honor reserved for only 26 bands?
RW: We got an email before the event asking if we could submit two songs and they'd pick a song if they felt that it would be appropriate for the CD. We picked two songs out for them, and sent them, and after Viva they presented to us that we'd be on the album.

FT: Congratulations. Is the song that was chosen, Stagecoach, original?
RW: Yes. Everything that we've recorded and done on albums is all original material except 'Walking in the Sand' (by George “Shadow Morton” of the Shangrilas). 

FT: Who's involved in the writing? Aerial are you involved in the writing?
AW: Mainly Raffe and Tory will figure it out and then I will give input, but we all write together.

FT: Who's the lyricist?
RW: All three of us.

FT: I love the song Oppa.
AW: [Ruckus laughter]. That song started as a mess-up. We messed up on another song and it became
the beginning of Oppa and we wrote it in like ten minutes. It's fun.

FT: Your vocals are amazing Aerial, and they remind me of the female singer Exene of the band "X" at times. It's nice to have a female in this genre, because there's not a lot of them. Does having a female drummer in the band as gorgeous as yourself get the band extra attention?
AW: [Laughter] Yeah it has, especially when we played in a prison in Europe? It was kind of weird, but it was fun. [Laughter]
RW: It was awesome.
FT: You've experienced so much success over this last year, can you tell us one highlight out of that for each of you?
RW: Mine would probably have to be Viva (Las Vegas 15). It was such an honor. We've only been playing in the scene -as we are right now- for almost three years. So, for us to make it to that and to be put on the (VLV15) Compilation was a huge honor. We've played shows with Wanda Jackson, Jr. Brown, and we're playing with some amazing Icons (which can't yet be mentioned) coming up in September (2012). We've played with the Misfits, Mad Sin, The Quakes, The Koffin Kats, CreepShow, and Big Sandy. We're playing with really big acts and really filling in our career, so hopefully we can keep it up.

The Best of Frankie Tease Magazine Vol.1: Jan. - June 2012, Las Vegas

FT: Aerial what about you? This last year sounds like it's been a whirlwind.
AW: Mine would have to be Europe. It's not really like a job to be paid and be there with my family, it was amazing.
[AW FOR] TP: Tory isn't here right now, but I know one of his highlights would
be receiving his Gretsch guitar. He's now playing with a Gretsch guitar. He's got two, a White Falcon and a Chet Atkins. The sound is amazing. He's worked hard for them. We're not sponsored by Gretsch but one of the representative of Gretsch is giving us a helping hand. We can't say we're Gretsch endorsed, but they're helping us.

FT: With regards to equipment, do you use old or new?
AW: I play a 1955 Slinger, and I also have a newer drum set that I play.
RW: I play -it's an older Bass- the Bass that the original bass player of Bill Haley and the Comets played. It's called a "German Tank". I also play a Victory, it's a Chinese-made bass.

FT: Is it considered a Double-Bass?
RW: Yeah, it's a Double-Bass, I play a 3/4 size, but it's a full size Double-Bass.

FT: I really look forward to the new album. Who's producing the album, and what label are you on?
RW: We are not signed to any label as of right now. We're looking at three different studios to record the next one at. I think we'll probably end up recording a song at each place, maybe the same song to see if we get the sound we really want. The last one [album] had a good sound, but it wasn't exactly the sound we wanted. So, hopefully this one has a little bit more punch to it.

FT: Which brings me to my final question. What is your sound besides 'hitting the
spot' for me? How do you describe what you do?
RW: I don't know Frankie, we call ourselves Rockabilly. I wouldn't say we're a traditional Rockabilly band, we're definitely influenced by it. But if you listen to the albums there is some Psychobilly stuff on there, we've got Honky Tonk, original Rockabilly, and we have a lot of Polka influence. We kind of play what we feel like playing at the time, and we make it our own. Like the song 'Hobgobble' for instance, that's a really funny song. It's a comedic song.

Check out the Band's Reverb Nation site at
Buy the Viva Las Vegas 15 CD Compilation at

This exclusive interview with Moonlight Howlers 
is was featured on the ebook 
The Best of Frankie Tease Magazine Vol. 1


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"Stagecoach" was written by the band and
featured on the VLV 15 Compilation Album


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The Love Grub Truck is Las Vegas's Vegan Hipster Food

Love Grub's Infamous 'Sloppy Tots'
Photo courtesy of

The Love Grub Truck is one part vegan Hipster, two parts groove, and three parts downtown Vegas. The truck's owner Zach Bartlett, stands in front of the truck and greets patrons on this balmy Las Vegas evening. Zach restored the classic vintage food truck in March 2011, and after two weeks in front of the thesaurus, Zach's girlfriend came up with the Love Grub Truck name because Zach loves to grub. He is a tall drink of water that food doesn't seem to stick to, with a huge smile and style. As you approach the truck which is painted extremely bright construction orange, you may have a flashback to any truck you may have visited across the U.S., because of it's modern yet classic taco truck style.

Zach has been working on the concept a lot longer than this year though. He told me that the Vegan Tacos (two for $6) are an item he recalls making at age thirteen, when he would entertain 'Mom' during the 'Cooking with Zack' show at home. "It's his dream come true, he has always loved to cook" she said about his entrepreneurial adventure. Zack grew up around downtown Las Vegas, and attended L.V.A. and has an obvious comfort with Downtown Vegas nightlife and style. 

The Love Grub Truck has received support from the Artiface bar, and Insert Coins and many other surrounding Downtown Las Vegas venues. This unofficial official native son and hipster of downtown Las Vegas takes pride in the "Sloppy Tots". This culinary creation stacks trusted American favorite 'Crispy tater tots', and continues with black beans, grilled chicken, sour cream, and is topped off with pico de gallo, to make-up their most popular dish, aka #slopptots ($6). Zack's truck hits the spot with the right price, and about ten food choice items that are top notch hits with Vegan and meat eater clientele alike. Keeping it simple has been a part of the truck's success, as he mixes American and Mexican favorite standbys with plain freshness and serves them up in bite-size little to-go boats. Available drinks include sodas, water, and the ever popular drink of the kitchen brigade, Red Bull. The mini-meals could stack up to some of the best local late-night treats, while the vintage taco truck just adds to the menu's appeal, it's shabby chic, all the way.

The Love Grub Truck: A Classic Taco Truck Revised
Photo courtesy of

The downtown area is experiencing a wave of development, and the Love Grub Truck fits right into the party atmosphere Fremont is famous for. Hit up the Love Grub Truck and tweet your review to @lovegrub, or like Love Grub Truck on Facebook. You may also want to use the ever popular 'downtown Las Vegas' hashtag #dtlv to share in the developing cultural phenomena. The Love Grub Truck will not just be easy on your wallet, your stomach will jump for joy too, with this 'happenin' late night delight in the desert. As an added bonus you can flirt with the owner and have a fun and inspirational conversation about how he ended up near Jackie Gaughn drive between Jillians and the El Cortez. The company is as good as the food.

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The Big Six 'Rocked' Us at Viva Las Vegas 15 - by Frankie Tease

The Big Six photo courtesy of the band.

Part of the decision for me to attend this year's Viva Las Vegas Rockabilly Weekender was pushed over into reality by the fact that the Big Six of England would be one of the headliners. They have a very fond place in my heart, and hearing they'd be back in the states was exciting. You see, several years ago (perhaps in the teen count) this fiery band appeared at a little club I was at on the regular called 'The Derby' in Hollywood, maybe you've heard of it? It was an amazing night, and it converted me into a Big Six listener, as well as enthusiast. I wore those perfectly-measured-for-Swing-Dance albums out. Make that album. Back then, they had only the first album available 'Ready to Rock', chalk-full of 20 tunes, both top-notch covers and originals. Part of what I took from their live performance was their insane antics, like standing on the bass and lighting the piano and the bass on fire. Would the Big Six still be this

As I stepped into the Viva Las Vegas Orleans Hotel Ballroom to get my spot for the Big Six, I was excited there was still standing room up front. I chatted with a woman all the way from Germany, keeping the international theme going. The band and roadies came and went, and the audience began to really fill-in. The introductory announcement by Dell Villarreal was met with cheers and the six-men-crew marched onstage tofollow the previous act who had just played the 11pm Saturday slot for the Las Vegas Rockabilly crowd. The lead singer of Big Six stepped up to the mic to say "hello, it's been a long time", and was greeted with "too long" shouted from the audience. Looks like I wasn't the only enthusiast present. The band leader stomped his feet with a one, two, three, and a wall of stupendous wacky synchronized rhythm washed over us. There was an audible "woah" released from the crowd. The band showed they were tight as ever. They got right into the title track from the “Ready to Rock album”, “Let's Hang Out Tonight”, a little Jimmy Preston blues cover with a hoppin' beat to move your feet.
As the entire band jumped and wailed hard, they looked impeccable in their six matching double-breasted plaid zuit-suits. Front-man Pat Reyford worked overtime with his stylish guitar licks, doing the triple-duty of rhythm & lead guitar, as well as lead vocals.

I personally reveled in the 'Lady of Nagoya' cover, which they turned into a frantic
bopper. Reyfords Doo Wop stylings cannot be challenged. The piano player, Dave Brown, showed his Jerry Lee Lewis frequently, while holding down stage right on electric piano, just next to their non-stop pro slap-bassist. Filling up stage left was their amazingly unique Saxiphone section, with both Baritone and Tenor Sax manned by two fellas who can be called spectacular musical marksmen, we were saxily nudged throughout the arrangements. Bringing up the middle of their set
came their cover of 'Tiger Feet', a song I always used to think was named 'Tiny Feet'.

The Big Six were audacious and comedic as in when the Barriton Sax player pushed the lead singer aside and sang a couple verses mid-show, in his very deep baritone voice. Everything about him was baritone. They eased into “Tell Me Baby” then slid into “Mama Weer All Crazee Now” an obvious crowd sing-along, while I waited for - and finally got - “Blue Moon”. This was the rendition which made me love the song again, over a decade ago. I also was pleasantly re-surprised by "Sombrero", a favorite which I had forgotten about somehow, even though the song had given me years of dance pleasure (on Ready to Rock 1996, Hepcat Records). During this song, snappy front-man singer Pat Reyford impersonated an old man looking for his hat, I loved it. The cover of "At Last" consisted of solid Doo-Wop mixed with a shuffle-beat which drove the dancers wild. This 145-beats-per-minute song is one of the bands' slowest non-slow songs. When “Shaboom” started, the crowd got loose to a Ska and Doo-Wop mash-up with the incredibly nimble Peyton rhythm guitar. Meanwhile the band sang back-up lyrics "oh let me rock" in an echo, and we all joined in. The rhythm section tantalized me with their infectiously sweet beats.

It was all about the beat, and Big Six knows about the beat. They're the biggest big beat you'll ever meet. The biggest beat that, for me, won't ever be beat. If you want to be 'in the know' and 'reet' with the freshest beats to move your feet check out the Big Six. It's not the 90's anymore but here they are. The Big Six are talented and perhaps wild as ever. 

Visit and

The Big Six line-up for Viva Las Vegas was: Pat Reyford - Vocals and guitar, Ricky Lee Brawn - Drums, Al Nicholls - Tenor Sax, Nick Lunt - Baritone Sax, Anders Janes - Double Bass, plus from the U.S. touring band of the late '90s, Dave Brown on Piano.

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Daniel Tosh brings his comedy to Las Vegas through 4/27-28/12

photo courtesy of
Daniel Tosh got mean and got famous. Whatever works. Since the success of Daniel Tosh 2.0 (weekly TV show) on Comedy Central, Tosh has remained popular and busy. Tosh uses biting observational humor to let you know his distinct opinions in no uncertain terms, and seems to focus on topical news. Luckily there are comedians like Daniel Tosh who are appealing to an adult audience - as the popularity of 'politically correct' humor dominates most stage and airwaves in the U.S. You can expect edgy, it's his middle name (sorry Dane Cook). Tosh is great at making fun of people and getting them to enjoy it, making it hip to look stupid and be the brunt of his jokes. Oh Tosh, you aren't creating any future Einsteins but you are making the nation laugh. 

Tosh's popularity has come through time and gaining devoted audiences slowly. He has almost a decade working with Comedy Central, and has two videos and an audio recording for sale. His wit is delivered with large helpings of analogies, to stimulate your brain. If you like modern material, sharp wit and sarcasm, and an uppity rich frat boy delivery, you will love Daniel Tosh - but be prepared, no topic is sacred.

Terry Fator Theater at the Mirage $59.99-$79.99, 
Apr. 27, 10pm, Apr. 28, 10pm with other Summer 2012 dates.

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Viva Las Vegas 15 Rockabilly Weekend - The Guitar is still the Star- by Frankie Tease

Photo by Frankie Tease 2012

Band after band came on stage throughout the four-day Rockabilly Weekend held annually at the Orleans Hotel & Casino each Easter Weekend. Clearly though, it was the guitar drivin' the ride. There were eight stages in all and shows within shows continuously. Volumes of bands paid tribute to the great inventors of Rock N' Roll of the 1950's decade. If the solid tribute wasn't enough, actual guitar and Rock N' Roll legends also graced the stage in large numbers. Duane Eddy and The Ventures (ie: Nokie Edwards, Don Wilson, Gerry McGee) were among the most anticipated acts at Viva Las Vegas 15. Hundreds of acts were on inside stages day and night for four-day-pass holders who bought ahead, and the one day Car Show and concert was open to day-of purchase and was well attended. 

Cars, vendors, and music began in front of a huge area at the Orleans Arena at 9am and went well after 8pm. The weather was absolutely perfect for the Saturday show. Topping the stages indoors came two UK sensations and first timers to the Rockabilly Weekender, the Jive Aces, and Si Cranstoun. Highly anticipated return Viva acts included Deke Dickerson, Big Sandy, The Big Six, and The Space Cadets. There was Sweden, Brazil, and UK acts, as well as bands from the good ole' U.S. of A. throughout the Rockabilly Weekender.

Music that has been dominating air waves and television themes was aired out and met with enthusiasm by vintage-clad audiences, and regular people were there too, in droves. It was shoulder-to shoulder for all the music performances. Though aging, the legendary acts showed no signs of stopping. In fact it's as if they were being reborn. The Gretsch booth was in the ballroom upstairs continuously mobbed as they allowed people to play and handle the guitars. During the Big Six set, the leader even announced he'd been loaned a Gretsch electric guitar for his performance. "Thanks Gretsch, it's very smooth, I recommend it." said Big Six singer Pat Reyford in his British accent.

Huge numbers of 'new to Viva' up-and-coming acts were playing continuously in the two downstairs venues as well, such as the Moonlight Howlers, The Blue Collar Combo, and the Stardust Ramblers to name three of perhaps 50. The dance floor was always well-placed in each venue thanks to the Jive dance aspect that runs throughout this event by Miss Wolff of London. The outdoor show did not have a dance floor but that didn't stop dancers from hitting the cement to dance to Big Sandy, a California favorite and host of the Ballroom throughout three of four days of Viva 15.

Viva Las Vegas 15, the Guitar is still the Star

The VLV15 fashion show displayed the 'preserve and create from the past' aspect of the Rockabilly lifestyle at a well-attended Friday 1pm show. The tribute to Mami Van Doren was spectacularlycarried by returning host Debbie Dagger. An array of original vintage fashion came across the stage, set to classic rockabilly tunes. Vintage inspired original fashion looks good strutted to Wanda Jackson, really good. All the Designers showing were female. What used to be an Orange County hobby has turned into a Rockabilly enterprise on an International level. The fashion show was sponsored by Secrets in Lace who are the largest distributor of women's nylons in the world.

The Best of Frankie Tease Magazine Vol.1: Jan. - June 2012, Las Vegas

The Jive contest was running among lessons and DJ dances day and night as well. Miss Wolff's Jive contest took place Sunday at 6:30pm where six couples
were chosen to dance from a huge group. The choosers were six VIP judges who took it down to three couples. Next, the three couples danced for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place, judged by the Clap-O-Meter from audience noise level. Everyone booed the winner announcement among confusion when for a moment the 2nd and 1st place winners were transposed.

Contests are always controversial. Even this one which was very well attended in the main ballroom the final day of events. If all of this wasn't enough, vintage strip-tease Burlesque Shows are almost a constant at Viva Las Vegas. If you aren't checking out Burlesque Bingo, once a day, you can choose from four shows at the Burlesque Showcase which this year was Bustout Burlesque from New Orleans, a saucy show with their own live band, and Host Vincent Drambuie of Seattle fame. The pin-up aspect also entered Saturday's car show with the popular Pin-Up Girl Clothing's Model Lounge. Masuimi Max and other highly notables posed with fans who stood patiently in line under a pink tent.

One of the coveted titles to come out of Viva Las Vegas Rockabilly Weekender is the Burlesque Competition 1st Place, or Miss Viva Las Vegas. Entrants must apply before December of the previous year, and various voting methods have brought finalists to perform for live voting by audience decision during their Viva performance. This year the title was won by a Chicago entrant named 'Jeez Loueez', and produced by a Hollywood Boylesque star "Bobbie Burlesque".

The crowd isn't rude. The crowd isn't wasted. There were no incidents visible. There was literally every age from infant to great grandma and grandpa present at the majority of events. Attendees came from as far as: France, Italy, Germany, England, and Sweden. There was also a huge California presence as the organizer is based in Long Beach, California, a short hop away. The staff at the Orleans gushed about loving the annual event, one bartender even going so far as to say "This is my Wrestle-Mania".

You see, that's what's amazing about the Viva Las Vegas Rockabilly Weekend: not only will you see quality Rock N' Roll that is being made today, you experience the origins of Rock. It isn't dead, thanks to people like organizer Tom Ingram and all the bands. The attendees who've been in this for years say things like 'all the new stuff isn't my thing' or 'I'm here for the music'. But pay it no mind. That's just to let you know they're the veterans who kept this alive for all of the newcomers. Viva Las Vegas Rockabilly Weekend is serious about educating people about Rockabilly lifestyle, music, Rock N’ Roll legends, history, and upcoming talent. It just can't be beat.

According to the Organizer, Tom Ingram, Viva Las Vegas Rockabilly Weekend 15 brought in 8,500 prepaid wristband holders, 3,000 of which were International
and 12 music acts were International . The car show had 800 pre-1963 cars, and 15,000 people attended. Tickets went on sale for 2013 starting May 31st 2012. VLV15 was held at the Orleans Hotel April 5-8 of 2012. VLV16 will be held at the Orleans Hotel March 28-31, 2013.

Get tix for this year at

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Burlesque and Pin-Up: Miss Kitty Baby of 'Pin-Up Angels' interview at Viva Las Vegas 15

by Frankie Tease

Live from Viva Las Vegas 15, stopped the very busy Miss Kitty Baby from Seattle who answered a few questions poolside after the Vintage swimsuit contest, an annual event at the Viva Las Vegas Rockabilly Weekend held in Las Vegas yearly on Easter weekend. On the final day, we chatted, but only after I saw her smiling face and lovely figure many times in the halls and events. To say the least, she stands out.

FT:How long have you been doing Burlesque? MKB: About six years.

FT: How long have you been involved in Viva Las Vegas?
Photo by Frankie Tease at VLV15
MKB: I've been involved in Viva for ten years, this is my ten year anniversary.
FT: So that means you started when it was at the Gold Coast Hotel and Casino?
MKB: It was at the Gold Coast, and the car show was on the roof top of the parking lot.

FT: Is this your first time entering the Vintage Swimsuit contest? 
MKB: This is my third time actually. I won the vintage swimsuit contest in 2010, I won 2nd place 2004.
FT: What are your upcoming projects in Seattle? 
MKB: My upcoming project in Seattle is a Burlesque Hall of Fame fundraiser for the Legends Challenge. We raise money to bring legends to the Burlesque Hall of Fame (June 2012 Las Vegas), and pay for their hotel, air fare, and accommodations during the weekend. We have three shows in Seattle benefiting the Legends Challenge this year. 
FT: Who are you working with on that?
MKB: The Acadamey of Burlesque, Miss Indigo Blue will be doing the first show in the series. Myslelf: Miss Kitty Baby, will be producing the second show, and Vixen Valentine a fellow 'Burlesquer' in Seattle will be producing the third show. 
FT: All before the Burlesque Hall of Fame show in June?
MKB: Yes leading up to the show in June in Vegas. We have a big chunk of money we need to raise to get all the legends to the event. We have Iva Handful performing in ours who was a contestant (at Viva) last year, we have Seattle icon Tamara the Trapeze Lady who was pretty much innovative in the start of Burlesque in Seattle in the 90's. We also have Di Alba who is a newly discovered legend who's come out of hiding and she'll be performing her first showcase in over 25 years.
FT: You're making me verklempt. What advice do you have for ladies getting into the swimsuit competitions or Burlesque?
MKB: When you're part of a swimsuit competition or a pin-up contest, the most important thing to remember is you're part of the experience for the event. So by even doing everything you have to do to get up on stage, you're creating the experience for the attendees, and you're making that event that much better by your presentation. So if you win, fantastic, if you participate, really fantastic. Because you make it fun. You're also representing that event. So that's important to remember with your presentation, and how you choose to behave. It is representing the magazine or the car show or the festival.
FT: It may determine whether you get to participate in certain things again.
MKB: Well, it makes it a more enjoyable experience in the whole big picture. As far as Burlesque, to get into Burlesque that's a little bit harder. There are so many aspects of Burlesque that I enjoy - the costuming, the tease, and the entertainment value of it, but the history of it too. I think the most important thing is don't do Burlesque because you want to feel better about yourself.  Do Burlesque because you feel good about yourself and you want to make the audience feel as good about you as you do.  Always always always do as much research as you can on the history of what you're presenting. Going back to the roots of that will make you enjoy it that much more. Even if your audience can't see a little nod to a certain performer, or a little costume piece that is a vintage costume nod, you're going to know you're bringing it full-circle. That's really important in Burlesque. 

The Fringe and Feathers show is in Seattle May 3rd, 7pm and 8:30 tickets at

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Show stopping "Lola Grayce Designs" video from VLV Fashion Show 4/6/12

I can't stop thinking about the perfection of this presentation. The two French photographers I sat next to were excitedly talking away the whole time. They loved it too, as did our audience. The fashion is stand-out design, so functional as shown by many types of dance illustrated wearing the lovely dresses. 


I found another video fashion show by Lola Grayce a few days before
VIVA but this one is narrated, how fun.

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Viva Las Vegas Friday April 6, Live Blogging by Frankie Tease

Please view this below link for
Viva Las Vegas Friday 4/6/12
Complete live bloggin by Frankie Tease

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World Film Premier "Bettie Page Reveals All" opens during Viva Las Vegas 15 Rockabilly Weekend - Orelans Hotel Cinema

Bettie Page Reveals All
Another Bettie Page movie is coming out. But wait, this one was narrated by the legend herself before her passing at age 85 in Los Angeles California. This one is heralded by everyone in the industry as the official Bettie Page documentary for the star who changed pin-up and fetish modeling forever, the icon. This one features modern-day giants in the documentary, including: Dita Von Teese, Hugh Hefner, legendary photographer Bunny Yeager, and Tempest Storm. No offense to Gretchen Mol who played Bettie in another Hollywood film effort, but this one is the 'real' Bettie Page film everyone has been longing for, and the only one sanctioned by the now deceased star.

Bettie Page Look-Alike Contest VIP Screening Friday April 6, 7:30pm
According to Luck Media, there is a contest and VIP Press screening Friday, April 6, 2012 at 7:30pm. Contestants will begin arriving at 5:30 and the first 25 wil recieve free entry (+1) as well as a coveted prize bag including a DVD of the film. At 6:30 press will begin, and at 7:30 the movie will begin. A Q&A will follow the film with press. Red carpet arrivals from  Robin Leach, Tempest Storm (co-star), Tatyana Khomaykova, Jan Glaser, Mark Roesler are confirmed. Red-carpet ushers are rumored to be star-studded as well according to Low Life event announcements.
photo courtesy of CMG Worldwide

Screening Info for Orelans Cinema, Las Vegas April 5-8, 2012
The life of Bettie Page is still a mystery to some extent, that is until the release of this highly anticipated documentary by producer Mark Mori. The film will air beginning Thursday April 5 (film arrival confirmed at 4/4/12, 7:20pm at Orleans Hotel.) through Sunday April 8th in a special screening to coordinate Viva Las Vegas Rockabilly Weekender 15, happening at Orleans Hotel & Casino (April 5-8).

Thursday April 5th: 3:30,5:30,7:30,9:30pm Friday April 6 - Sunday April 8: 11:30am, 1:30,3:30,5:30,7:30,9:30pm. $10 General Admission. Orleans Hotel 4500 W. Tropicana, Las Vegas,NV. DVD for sale after screening at special rate, not available anywhere else. Tickets via in advance, or at box office at time of show. 

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Viva Las Vegas Rockabilly Weekend 15 to Rock Orleans Hotel Apr. 5-8 2012

by Frankie Tease 
Started by organizer Tom Ingram (Long Beach, CA.) Las Vegas has been home to the Viva Las Vegas Rockabilly Weekend for 14 years, this will be the 15th. A little known fact about Tom, he started as an actor ( For those who have never experienced the pure dose of Mid-Century Americana fashion, music, vintage cars, and Burlesque, this is your chance. The festival will take over the Orleans Hotel (previously held at Gold Coast Hotel) from Thursday to Sunday with a very packed agenda leaving no audience members behind, unless they don't have tickets. Some enthusiastic show-goers have had their four day pass for up to a year, drawing people from as far as the U.K. and Australia. If you like beauty, booze, or 50's-era American Rock n' Roll music, you'll find it at VLV15.

Those who have missed the opportunity to buy a ticket for the entire schedule of events (which are sold-out) including all four days of music and swing dancing, can attend the concert at the VLV 15 Classic Car show Saturday April 7. The VLV car show is world-famous and boasts the largest collection of rockabilly vendors in the world, registering over 700 classic cars previous years, and over 20,000 visitors. Pin-up models who represent various fashion companies such as Masuimi Max (West Hollywood), La Cholita (Los Angeles) are also scheduled to attend. Saturday's car show boasts bands including headliner: the Ventures (Florida), and Big Sandy and his original 'Fly Right' Boys (California). 
You can still gain a four-day ticket to the car show for a mere $50. It is important however, to note that you may register to enter the car show with your ticket purchase to the car show, until Thursday April 4th at, after which 'day-of ' registration only is available. The location of the car show is outdoors in a massive fenced-in area in the parking lot of the Orleans Hotel. Classics before 1963 only are to be in the show. It's also important to note that Thursday, Friday and Sunday there will be no vendors or bands in the car show area, just cars, but there will be recorded music and adult beverages, and kids are allowed.
One of the largest events within the VLV Rockabilly Weekender has always been the burlesque competition. Participants must enter by December of the previous year to qualify for the competition and making it in is just the beginning. This year's organizer of the Burlesque competition is making news because he's a boy. Well, he's actually a grown man from Los Angeles who goes by 'Bobby Burlesque', and he performs what's called Boylesque. Having a man run a burlesque competition is rather controversial since Burlesque is definitively considered a woman's sport. The competition is never a dull moment, and is audience decided. Come cheer the female participants on.
VLV also includes a fun event on Saturday from 1-6 pm called 'Viva Las Bowling' held at the Orleans Bowling Center. In addition to all the music, dance, and fashion, you will also get to see some pure vintage comedy with the amazing Charles Phoenix Slideshow. This quirky little show is said to celebrate classic and kitschy Amerian lifestyle. Information about this show -which also tours United States- can be found at
Inspired from the film starring both Elvis Presley and Ann Margaret, this one-of-a-kind festival is set to go off without a hitch, unless you count the hitches towing the droves of classic cars into town. Viva Tom Ingram! 
This year glean insider views from inside the festival at, including video, written interviews, and photos with live up-to-the-minute blogging 'on location'. 
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