Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Interview Bites with Frankie Tease: Scotty the Blue Bunny at Burlesque Hall of Fame 2012

Scotty the Blue Bunny at BHOF12 Craig Jackson Photography 
There was one person you couldn't very-well miss in the halls of the Orleans during BHOF 2012, that's Scotty the Blue Bunny (San Francisco). Wearing a shiny blue ultra-fitted suit, complete with over-sized bunny ears, The Blue Bunny owns whatever area he's entering, without a hare of a doubt (har har). He manages his six inch (at least) clear stripper heels with ease, and this is what he told me about what it was like to host the 2nd half of the Tournament of Tease on Saturday at the Burlesque Hall of Fame 2012 Weekender.
FT: What was your highlight in hosting the Saturday event, and how did you enjoy it?
SBB: I loved it, and I'm honored to be here. I would have to say that I achieved my goal of not introducing the performers by gender, but introducing them as Performers and Artists. That was my goal was to sort of 'queer it up', sort of bring in a little... try and push the artist side of all this. We don't live in the girly age- I wanted to keep it on that level, and avoid any misogynistic accidental- just to keep it: Artist Artist, Artist.
FT: And who were you most excited to introduce?
SBB: Miss Indigo Blue is a good friend of mine, so it was an honor to introduce her, and to be there for that transition. And, to announce the Queen, is a coveted position: to say the magic words. I have to say, I saved the piece of paper that had her name Imogen Kelly (2012's Queen of Burlesque) on it, and it was my pleasure to walk up to her and give her that piece of paper back. Also, she was late giving me her bio, her introduction. She hand-wrote me a page-and-a-half, which there was no way I could have accommodated- and I gave that back to her as well. It was nice to contribute to someone's scrap-book, and give that back. I really felt like, she'll look at that piece of paper forever, knowing the tension that went into writing it. She wrote it with such energy, right before she won. It was really nice to give her that, to start her own archive. It doesn't mean anything to the world, it doesn't help a starving person... but it's a person's life. 
FT: Ephemera. That's a great story.
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