Thursday, June 7, 2012

Interview Bites with Frankie Tease - Burlesque Hall of Fame 2012 - Foxy Tann, April O' Peel

Sunday June 3, 2012

I ran down Foxy Tann after her performance Sunday night at the Icons and Allstars show during the Burlesque Hall of Fame 2012, Las Vegas. What an Icon she is. This is one of the sassiest most comical ladies I have ever met, and had the pleasure to interview. She's also super easy on the eyes. She sat at a slot machine chair chatting with me, wearing her HUGE afro, surrounded by her friends. I asked her a few Q's and here they are.

FT: So you go by Foxy Tann. Tell us more about you.
I'm known as the Boss of Burlesque, and the Original Triple Mocha Latte.
FT: Where are you out of?
FxT: The Twin Titties in Minnesota.
FT: [crowd laughs] How many times have you performed at BHOF?
FxT: I have performed six times at Burlesque Hall, four of them were competing for best troupe. We won the first time out. We're Foxy Tann and the Wam Bam Thank You Ma'ams.
FT: Who/ what is the inspiration for your act, Foxy Brown?
FxT: I named myself after Foxy Brown, but I'm bi-racial, so the Brown became Tann. A lot of blaxploitation films have been my inspiration. Those women like Cleopatra Jones, Tamara Dobson, Coffy, all those guys who are just bad-ass bitches, bad-ass hoes in huge platform heels going around kicking ass.
FT: What is one of the highlights of (performing or attending) this year's Burlesque Hall event for you?
FxT: I can give you my moment. I can now die a happy person. I got to come out of a Vegas stage from an elevator with fog. It was my 'Showgirls' Gina Gershon moment. 
FT: Is there any closing thought I can quote you on?
FxT: I think the BHOF is quite probably one of the rare treasures in American Tourism. I think people would get so much freaky weirdness from this weekend that they could put it on 'hidden planet' and it would go beautifully. I fuckin' love it. They've made my life good, and I hope I can help make their life good.
FT: You're already makin' our lives great by performing. Thank You.
FxT: Thank you very much Frankie Tease.
FT: My pleasure.
Sunday June 3, 2012
FrankieTeaseFoto of April O' Peel
April O' Peel won the 'Best Comedic" award at the Burlesque Hall of Fame 2012 Weekender. I found her with a group of friends in the cafe' and sat for a couple minutes to ask her a few burning questions about her delightfully funny act, Sunday night our final night at the event.
FT: Your act was simply adorable. There wasn't a timing or cue missed. Congrats, and what did it feel like to perform on that stage?
AOP: Amazing. It was a thrill of a lifetime.
FT: How long have you been doing the Chicken Act?
AOP: It's been around almost a year.
FT: It shows. How amazing was it to get that ovation today from the Legends? (Some of the legends of Strip Tease at the Q&A, brought up and praised her act as an example of great Burlesque, and it received a round of vehement applause by all, and partial ovation). 
AOP: That was better than winning the 'Best Comedic' award. That was the greatest thing that ever happened to me, I cried. It was so nice.
FT: What a career-making nod. So, now you'll go back and continue doing Burlesque in Canada eh?
AOP: Yes. I don't know, this was... the big one. I don't know what all is next.
FT: So what has been the highlight for you this weekend?
AOP: Obviously the Legends Panel. I love all the stories, they're hilarious. They warmed my heart. Find out more about this Canadian performer at

This article was written by Las Vegas Reporter/Performer Frankie Tease
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