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Vegas Stratosphere Headliner Frankie Moreno's 2012 Release is Albums within Albums

Photo by John Knopf

After seeing the Frankie Moreno Live show at the Stratosphere Thanksgiving Eve, I became a new fan of the man and the band. A writer, a thinker, a ridiculously intuitive entertainer, and someone that can give you the chills many times in one night from sheer talent, I buckled into the task of reviewing his first self-titled album. No pressure. The album is a completely different experience and feeling than seeing the band live. The album also totally captures the feeling of the band live. Let me explain.

The live show is a mix of massive musical hits that are highly recognizable to the audience (swing, blues, rock) and the original music that the Moreno Brothers compose while abroad every year. The originals in the show are stand-outs for those of us who thrive on new music. The album is nothing but pure Moreno goodness with piano and vocal front-man Frankie Moreno displaying the skills of his musical depth, which have no limits. What I found is that there were three different albums within this album. Here they are.

I began listening to the 11 song album of originals in the car on the way home from the show. Still buzzing from the experience, I immediately wanted to section off certain songs to keep the high upbeat energy of the Frankie Moreno Live Show going. Songs I'd heard live I wanted to hear first. My after-show playlist from the album would be tracks five, six, and 10... I'd just heard these live and in that order on the playlist (among the rest of the show's set). "I'm Sorry", "Black Mascara", and "Tangerine Honey" are the most dramatic songs, most vintage arrangements musically, and they conjured great memories of times dancing - they stood out. More about those in a minute.

Every single song on the album brings the quality of Frankie Moreno's gorgeous addictive baritone vocal talent, with clever meaningful lyrics that explore various states of being in love, (or lust) and the journey of life. Every song articulates what we cannot, with great style. This combined with addictive rhythms and melodies, a skilled back-up band, and originality, yet familiarity, makes for an album that Frankie told me was "half way to gold" after his appearance on Dancing with the Stars in October, 2012. It's no surprise.

The Album's Core, Tracks: 1,2,3,4,7
Album opener "A Million Roads" is a song that could be heard on any radio anywhere in America, anytime U.S.A. A great travelling sing-a-long about the journey of life. Lovely voice dips (almost yodeling at times) and a wide vocal range between highs and lows reminded me of another great favorite of mine, Chris Isaak. Then classic stuff like "Moonlight Matinee" carefully paints a picture of cherished late-nights in young love we have all experienced. The rambling guitar and piano parts on "Story" mixed with those tender vocals and delectable, catchy lyrics like "this is a story of forever, the time that I want us to be together" would make anyone sigh. Piano-intro-ed, and waltz-timed "Beautiful" quickly conjures a Beatle-esque quality, then launches into a full melodic chorus with "b-b-baby, just keep on doin' what you do, 'cause it makes me feel beautiful too", so Elvis. Loved that. "Missin' You" hearkens to a love lost and the valid sentimentality that comes with the clarity of hindsight, and the hope that it's not over. Lovely guitar and horns are featured.

The Album's Break-Up Songs, Tracks: 8, 9,11
Some of the Capitol Years of Sinatra brought us whole albums of break-up songs like Only the Lonely. "Gotta Move On" is on the 'album within album' of stellar break-up songs, as well as "Just a Memory". A candid love song with gorgeous delicate piano and drums, with a little hint of country ballad in its style as in "with each word we slip farther away". Again helping define those moments we can't deny take place in the process of love, Just A Memory has some very beatlesque guitar licks that were tantalizing. "Never Mine" offers classic piano and lyrics like: "chasing sunlight 'cross the cold and lonely sky". The song rings out with gorgeous cello and violin parts elevating it higher and higher as it escalates to "there's nothin' left to say". Just gorgeous stuff, which made me long to hear it live. 

The Blockbusters, My favorites: Tracks: 5,6,10
"I'm Sorry" showcases the piano man, and ads a rock vibe and big band horns to create a rich atmosphere which wrangled me in immediately. "How can anyone fight on a night like tonight?" sets the scene, and we journey to I'm Sorry with every luscious note from the backing band. If a rainbow had sound, this may be the audio for the visual. Half-way through the live show I was loving the song: "Black Mascara", said to be written on an Egypt trip. This song hearkens to an amazing Jazz classic called Caravan. The beckoning words, the minor key, and the progression to a major key in the chorus have the same style but with a completely contemporary modern feel. This is the new Caravan for me, thanks Moreno Brothers (Caravan was composed by Jaun Tizol and first played by Duke Ellington '36). Horns and chunky guitar stirred with violin and cello accents sound like a journey into the unknown, and then burst into "gotta find a way to make 'ya love me, love me." It's bold and stupendous in style. It's hot.

But can he swing? The man can swing. The band can swing. They wrote my favorite song "Tangerine Honey" while in Paris looking at the Eiffel Tower on a Moreno Brothers writing trip. The building was glowing a bright orange which spawned the name and led to a story of a lusciously desirable woman who "can really put the spice in the night - she can show you how a wrong can be right." With all the sophistication and panache of Brian Setzer or Cab Calloway, and all the sexual tension of Elvis, Moreno then adds the piano superiority and precision of Harry Connick Jr., and the tricks of Jerry Lee Lewis. Moreno powers through the big band arrangement with timeless lyrics, spectacular muted trumpet backings and swelling swinging horns which make Tangerine Honey something you'll never tire of. But nothing beats seeing this performance live. Swaggering musical talent Frankie Moreno is taking over the strip, and next: the world. It's time to meet the new Vegas royalty, if you haven't already.

Frankie Moreno "Frankie Moreno" 
(2012) Bermuda Records
via iTunes via CDBaby
Score: ***** (5 OF 5 STARS)
Highly Recommended by Frankie Tease Magazine

Written and Produced by: Moreno Brothers 
(Frankie, Tony, Ricky) and Pat Thrall

Frankie Moreno: Vocals, Piano & Acoustic Guitar
Tony Moreno: Bass
Russ Letizia: Electric Guitar
Pat Thrall: Additional Electric Guitar (Solos : Gotta Move On / Just a Memory)
Jose Pepe Jimenez: Drums and Percussion
Chandler Judkins: Trumpet
Rob Stone: Sax
Caleb McKee: Trombone
Jennifer Lynn: Violin
Monique Olivas: Violin
Lindsey Springer: Cello

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"Groovin' High Orchestra" at House of Blues Mandalay Bay Dec. 4, 2012

The Chandler Judkins Groovin' High Orchestra

Well I've heard there was swing dancing in Vegas, but so far never found it. Until now, I thought swing dancing in Vegas might be just a desert mirage. Alas, it is not so thanks to Swingin' Tuesdays at House of Blues at Mandalay Bay. I wouldn't have known about it in my circles unless I had attended the Frankie Moreno Live show at the Stratosphere last week. In chatting with the Trumpet player, I found out there were regular nights in Vegas to dance and see Swing to, and one is coming up in December.

You'll be in good hands with The "Groovin' High Orchestra". A free show with a Burlesque dancer, and continuous open dance floor to swing on. I have it on good authority that dancers show up too. Well, at least the trumpet player who I mentioned earlier says so. His name is Chandler Judkins

Mandalay Bay is a large hotel and casino in Vegas located near the Luxor on Las Vegas Blvd. and Mandalay Bay Dr. It's also quite near the Las Vegas sign, and the Maccaran Airport. Parking is available which requires a walk through the casino to get to the House of Blues. The Mandalay Bay also has one of the largest Convention spaces in Las Vegas on its property, as well as the five-star Four Seasons, a separate hotel on the same grounds.

Groovin' High Orchestra - Tuesday Dec. 4, 9pm-12am, Free. House of Blues at Mandalay Bay. 

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Tidbits and Teasers: Rock of Ages Dec. Open, Swingin' Holiday Cheer at Chandelier, Springs Reserve L.E.D. Festivities

Rock of Ages Dec. Open at the Venetian
Hairbands are all the rage in this 80's extravaganza Broadway Show hitting the Strip which opens Dec. 18, 8pm at Rock of Ages Theater at Venetian. Live music accompaniment (yeah not recorded!) brings the Tony-award winning Broadway hit to Vegas. The show is described as a party, and what better place to party than the Vegas Strip?

New Jazz Testament at Cosmopolitans Chandelier Bar
Thurs. and Fri. Nov. 29-30, catch "New Jazz Testament" at the Cosmopolitan Chandelier Bar. A free-to-attend five-piece straight-ahead Jazz band that's described as a "very cool hang". Ironic description since they're playing the Chandelier Bar. You may recognize the trumpet player from the hit Vegas Strip show at the Stratosphere, as he plays the horn for Frankie Moreno Live four days a week.

Holiday Show at Springs Reserve
Take-in the city lights with friends and family with a per-car rate at the Springs Reserve. Bathed in the glow of thousands of colorful, eco-friendly LED lights, the family-friendly celebration includes: tasty treats, crafts, pony posing as reindeer rides, and Santa photos. Dec. 8-9 and 15-23, 5-9pm. Children under age 4 are free. $8 adult, $5 child. Entrance near Valley View and Alta Drive.

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Teaser Quotes from "The Best of Frankie Tease Magazine Vol. 1" - New eBook Vol.2 Update

Well hello readers. It's been a while since we've talked about the eBook series I launched this year. Lets take a second to chat about what you've missed if you haven't read the book yet, via some favorite interview quotes from Vol. 1:

Lisa Lampanelli:
When asked if people understand her comedy:
"I have this thing: never complain, never explain."
Dirty Martini 
When asked about how she got into Burlesque:
"From the time I was in college, I was working with some of these ideas. Even before college, my choreographic pieces and some of my solo and group work pieces were very Burlesque."
Director Mark Mori of "Bettie Page Reveals All" 
When asked what it was like for Bettie fans viewing his film: 
"When I saw their reaction, how emotional they were when they saw the film and how connected - they felt connected with Bettie before the film - but then to actually basically come as close as you can to meeting and encountering and having interaction with Bettie - their emotional reaction - that really meant so much to me."
The Moonlight Howlers
When asked if their albums have original or cover songs Raffael Weatherly said:
"Everything that we've recorded and done on albums is all original material except 'Walking in the Sand' (by George “Shadow Morton” of the Shangrilas)."
Imogen Kelly
When asked what one of her favorite things about Burlesque Hall of Fame was:  
"The dressing room was really amazing thanks to Coco Lectric.
Si Cranstoun
When asked about his famous "Nappy Brown" bassist Stewart Pannaman:
"Stew is the knowledge, he's the man. Seriously. Apart from being a great Double Bass & Electric Bass player, there ain't a thing Stew don't know about the Rockin' Scene & Vintage R&B."
Melody Sweets
When asked where she grew up:
"I grew up in California until I was around ten, and then I moved around a lot. East Coast, West Coast, and then I moved to New York in 1999, because I wanted to party like it was 1999 like Prince said."
Jonathan Joffe
When asked how he chose film score composer Johnny Summers:
"When Johnny came to the sort-of interview about composing for the film, I knew he was the guy. He brought his trumpet, and five different kinds of mute. So that's it, he understood. He didn't come with a synthesizer, a cd. It was a very interesting experience, and he put a lot of hard work into composing the music for this film."
Michelle L'Amour
When asked what her new routine she performed at Burlesque Hall of Fame 2012 "Atlas" was about:
"It's about the struggle and acceptance of your own power. It's about accepting your own power and how difficult that can be."

Then there are the many reviews which are in the book...
Check out the full description of everyone included via the ebook page at, our book series perma-link. My first effort (Vol.1) contained 30 print size pages, approximately 58 pages in eBook form. The next book in the series will be almost double the size as will all others in the future of the series, and still there will be no ads in the book. It's a book, not a magazine. Editorial is king (though you can advertise on the mag's website).

But what is planned for the new book that's different from Volume 1? First, there will be a lot more content that has never been published. As more people are aware of the magazine and eBook series, we are invited to review and interview bigger and more spectacular events all the time. This means more  choices for the eBook, wonderful pictorials, editorials, interviews, and reviews with shockingly famous stars who play Vegas year-round. The city of Vegas never sleeps. 

Second, we have a quality camera and the will to go get amazing shots that are high rez. Though friend photographers contributed to the last book, there will be more Frankie Tease Magazine photos directly from event access to show you we were there, and what was great about it. The photos are going to blow you away. There is the Viva Las Vegas previews, the confirmed interviews with Frankie Reverend Horton Heat (Texas), Moreno (Stratosphere), Murray Sawchuck (Tropicana), Perle Noir (New Orleans), and the large feature on famous mob daughter Amy Hanley's (Sin City Rules) couture line for 2013, as well as Winter in Venice at the Venetian pictorial. These are just the tail-end of the excitement I've been up to for the June-Dec. Vol. 2 eBook. It's going to be amazing.

Right now I want to talk to new-to eBook or never-heard-of-an eBook people. It's the wave of the future. No print, no waste, and extremely accessible from anywhere. Let's face it, how many times did you wish you had great content to check out while at the airport or non-internet accessible moments? This series is great for that. Your tablet, phone, or computer can access the eBook, and with some vendors, like Copia, you can even pass notes to friends about articles. Most importantly, if you are going to turn a friend or family member on to great new artists by sending the eBook as a gift, you can do it in a click. They in turn, will receive the email to access their eBook delivery. Some services like Amazon even allow you to loan the eBook to a friend for a week, (like real live books).

To those who have read Vol. 1, Thank you and I sincerely hope you enjoy the effort we are putting in to the series Volume 2 (we is me and my helpers). Collect all the books, with a click. They are going to remain affordable at a great under $10 value of $3.99. The effort to show you around fabulous Las Vegas in my second year here will be noticeable  Including: Interviews, Reviews, News, Photos, Burlesque, Comedy, Culture, and Music. Frankie Tease Magazine and the Best of Frankie Tease Magazine eBook series are here to..."Stimulate your Inner Vegas." 
The information and eBook content isn't just for those in Las Vegas, nor just for those who visit Las Vegas. The languages the eBook is available in and the events and artists covered are international and for world-wide readers.

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Tidbits and Teasers: Faux Ice Rink at The Venetian, The Cosmo Gets Iced, Hangover III on Fremont St.

The Venetian's Faux Ice Rink is Back
The second year of Winter in Venice is getting under way this week at the Venetian. Enjoy ice skating, gondola rides, and live outdoor and indoor free events as well as glowing L.E.D spectacularness during the most wonderful time of the year. What's unique is that the skate rink atop the water in front of the Italian-themed resort is actually recycled polymer (no ice was created in the making of this rink). The rubber-like surface is treated with oil to remain slick for skating. I saw the rehearsal for the skate shows which will be offered free twice per night Nov. 18 - Jan. 6, 2012. Skate rentals will be available for willing participants.

Real Ice Skating Rink at the Cosmopolitan
Looks like the Cosmopolitan is getting in on the skate rink action this year, only with real ice in place of their Boulevard Pool. The Cosmo starts their festivities Nov. 30 post Thanksgiving Day, through Jan. 20, well past the New Year. Children over age two with supervision are allowed. Could the Venetian inspire more pools turned ice next year too? I hope so. This is the first year with two places to ice skate in Vegas. 

Fremont Hangs with Hangover III Film
The Hangover III filming was all the chatter over Twitter and other media this week as the Downtown Fremont Street area was shut down from Tuesday Nov. 13 at 6pm to Wed. at 6am. Look for scenes in the upcoming film to feature Downtown. Let's face it, what happens in Vegas doesn't stay in Vegas when it comes the the Blockbuster Hangover film series. 

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Las Vegas Has Art? An Interview with Demecina Gray of the Las Vegas CAC

Photo transfer and mixed media on wood 
by Todd Duane Miller - "Tips Appreicated"
now showing through Dec. 1 at Las Vegas CAC

A November 2012 Saturday in Las Vegas was a beautiful time for me to start exploring the Arts District in my new town. I have known about several walks and events and of course, the famous First Friday event which is in the Old Vegas and Fremont Street area. There seem to be many points of origin for the art scene in Vegas, but are there really? I got lucky in stumbling on one of the oldest institutions in the art community here, and also lucky in speaking with and meeting a very informative Gallery Assistant one Demecina Gray of the Las Vegas Contemporary Arts Center Downtown. The Downtown area has really grown recently, and so has the arts community. Gray stopped to answer a newbies questions of the Vegas art terrain, and to give me the best tips for where and when to see resident or visiting artists. But wouldn't you know it? I interrupted her lunch and reading of Juxtaposition Mag.

FT: I've yet to attend First Friday here in Vegas. How would you describe it?
DG: The Vegas First Friday has a street fair element to it. They've turned it into a street-fair from about Casino Center and between Charleston and Colorado or so. They've also moved it out to 3rd street as well. It's a huge area. People set up tables. You have a large artist element, where artists come to sell their work. But a) it's a little bit harder because it's a young crowd, and b) it's not necessarily artists who've been able to get their work into galleries. It's a different quality of work. Street fair vs. gallery. What we end up getting when we open our doors is we end up getting people that will stop by, and actually look, but I mainly get people just walking through. I've had exhibitions where I've had to close the doors early because it's fragile, and its an installation - things that are delicate, and people may not be aware and will walk right into it and things like that. I mainly get people walking through. 

FT: I can only imagine you having to say "Why are you touching the art?"
DG: And people are touching and saying "What's this?" I have to be worried about our insurance and things like that. It's a lot of fun down here for people and Emergency Arts on Fremont Street street has a large following too. But Preview Thursday is sort of the civilized version of First Friday. It's much more of a gallery walk. It's a little hard for the galleries on First Friday. It's been going about ten years. Our art scene is a very new scene. We're a very new city. I'm from Chicago and we just had our 300th anniversary. But Vegas, um, the amount of population has only began to surge for the last few decades.

FT: I like downtown because real people live and work here in addition to the tourists passing through.
DG: I was just talking with an aestheticism when I was in California. When I told her I lived in Vegas she said "It must be convenient with everything right on the strip. I said "Honey I don't go to the Strip" [laughs].

So what was the Las Vegas Contemporary Arts Center before it was a Center?
DG: The Art Center was a collective. Next year will be our 24th anniversary and it was basically started by people in the community, and was a collective of artists.

24 years? So this is the backbone of the art scene.
DG: Yeah, we focus on bringing in up-and-coming artists, new artists, and experimental works. We just had our off-the-strip New Genre Festival. It was the third time putting it together. It focused on a day of video work, and then a day of performance art. We had local and international artists. We had an artist originally from UK but who now lives in Poland. He came into town for this screening. It's interesting because I've seen a larger influx of tourists leaving The Strip and coming and trying to see the real Vegas. We're existing next to the spectacle of the Strip so it's kind of a fun different entity.

FT: You mentioned you were leaving Las Vegas? Where to and why? 
DG: I'm going to grad school back in Chicago majoring in Art History. I've applied at UIC for Museum Curation.

We need people to keep our art right, and preserve its history.
DG: Not everyone can be a painter not everyone can be an artist. You have so many different facets of the art world that everyone can exist. The underlying connector is that love for art.

What will you miss about Vegas?
DG: I'm leaving in 2013, so I still have a while, but I think I will miss the overall size of the arts community and a lot of the people in the art community. We have a lot of great artists who I feel are on the verge of making the break-through, breaking through that ceiling.

What genre, Contemporary?
DG: Yeah. I've seen a lot of mixed media, contemporary, video art, but mainly that sculpture and installation work. I'm very excited to see where a lot of the artists in the community will end up.

The Las Vegas Contemporary Art Center is located inside the Arts Factory building in the Arts District in Las Vegas (Charleston & Main). Their address is 107 E. Charleston Blvd., Ste. 120, Las Vegas, NV, 89104, (702) 382-3886. I found out the Burlesque Hall of Fame Museum Interim Director Dustin Wax also sits on the board of the CAC, a curious fact.

Todd Duane Miller's work "Tips Appreciated" are photography transfers and mixed media on wood of Fremont street performers who have become landmarks for locals and tourists alike. The entire set must be seen to be appreciated. There is also an Elivs and a Micheal Jackson image in this collection to name a famous two.

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Tidbits and Teasers: Evlis Has Left the Building, Legends Leaves Harrah's, Taylor Exits Zowie Bowie

Elvis Has Left the Building
That's right folks, "Viva Elvis" the flop of Cirque De Soleil has left the building. Did anyone notice? Probably not as the glitz and glam of the new spectacular $22 Billion budget show "Zarkana" has taken it's place at Aria. Viva Elvis' last performance ran Aug. 31, while Zarkana openened at Aria last weekend. I guess flying Elvis's isn't what audiences were after. Looks like it's good that Cirque is sticking with what it knows best: fantasy-world acrobats and circus.

Legends Leaves Harrah's
The "Legends" show enjoyed a record-breaking four years at Harrah's and has announced this will be the end of its run. Though the Legends show is a franchise that may show up elsewhere the last date played at Harrah's for the show will be Dec. 30, 2012. Catch impersonators of everyone who's anyone on the Legends stage, with live-music and vivacious singer-impersonators. From Nov. 23 you will see impersonator acts as scheduled including: Adele, The Blues Brothers™, Whitney Houston, Barry White, Justin Timberlake, Michael Jackson and Elvis, performing at 7 and 9:30 p.m. nightly except Saturdays. Nov. 24- Dec.30 beings the Legends Holiday Tribute for its final Harrah's appearence. 

Taylor Leaves Zowie Bowie Previously engaged Marley Taylor and Chris Phillips came to Vegas 2006 and have been busy ever since. They have had long runs at many venues including Summerlin's Red Rock Casino. After her marriage to the hip-hop power cover bands' bassist in July, Taylor will make her last appearance as one half of the successful duet this Saturday. Zowie Bowie will live on with friends and Vegas Strip singers making appearances at already scheduled shows with the bands' creator and half of the power-duo Chris Phillips.

This column is by Frankie Tease for Frankie Tease Magazine each Monday at

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New Vegas Comedy Show at LVH "Comedy After Dark" Stays Strong in Third Month with Host Anthony Padilla

photo courtesy of

What's it take for a local professional comedian to get a gig in the town of Las Vegas? It takes talent and hard work. Spending over a year opening for Louie Anderson at his own club, this stand-up gent finally has his own gig. Anthony Padilla headlines the new show (a few months old) called Comedy After Dark Thursday through Sunday at the Shimmer Lounge at LVH, just off-strip. Now he gets to make fun of the times he spent with Louie Anderson, and to bring his compadres and travelling mega-comedians from all over the country. Though he introduces other guests this doesn't diminish the talent he brings including his famous biting wit and story-telling.

Padilla has previously appeared on The CW Network, A&E, The History Channel, and Lifetime to name a few. Now, he has his own headliner show and also does a radio show weekly with Scott Prichard on Vegas Video Network (a show about sports betting). Padilla knows a thing or two about sports after enjoying a baseball career. A serious injury ended his baseball career and sent him right to comedy.

The Comedy After Dark show is presented by Bonkerz Comedy Productions which hales from Orlando, Florida, coming to Vegas with banks of success after acquiring 24 locations nation-wide. Bonkerz has remained star-studded featuring  recognizable names from Showtime, Comedy Central, MTV, Fox and America's Funniest People.

Just changing from the Hilton franchise to the LVH (and bought-out from previous ownership) the LVH still offers many dinner choices to go with your show, including the famous Japanese focused culinary delight: Benihana, among many others. You might even run into the ghost of Elvis at the LVH. Just before he was to start a contract performing at this hotel, he left the earth. They say he lingers, trying to complete his last show. 

Comedy After Dark plays Thurs.-Sun., 10pm (21+) $39.95, the Shimmer Cabaret at LVH,, (800 )222-5361 for tickets. 

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"Sin City Rules" Reality TV Show Brings Real Mob Daughter into Spotlight

The Vegas mob that settled in the early days of Sin City, left offspring and widows who remain today. But this isn't old Vegas, nor is it the 1950's- what mob? Well, the mob isn't exactly running Vegas as it once did, but some women are making their mark on the city where they were raised, and they mean business. Widow and Mother Wendy Mazaros, has had most of 2012 to campaign her tell-all book "Vegas Rag Doll" with the help of her daughter Amy. But, coming more into the limelight this December is Amy C. Hanley herself, the daughter of a mob boss. She has a lot in the works, including launching her own couture  and a starring appearance in the new reality-based Vegas TV show entitled: "Sin City Rules". For this conversation, we focused on the making of the reality show and how she was cast. Here's what she had to say when we chatted the morning of election day in Las Vegas, Nevada, 2012.

FT: You're an amazing fascinating character. You have played the role as second fiddle being the daughter of a woman married to the mob, what's that like?
AH: It's a unique story. My mother is considered a mob doll. The reason for that is she married a reputed Mob Boss of Vegas from 1936-1979 - which is when he passed. The father who raised me was also OC connected. And when I say OC, I don't mean Orange County [laughs].
FT: That's been very sensationalized. I admire your Mother taking what must have been a difficult and painful experience and turning into something like the book "Vegas Mob Doll" Has it been well received?
AH: Yes my mother's book has been well-received. She's done a lot of the marketing on her own. She actually started before the book was even written, which was a huge benefit. Obviously I've helped her along the way myself. After her book is when I ended up getting cast for the show.
FT: So the new show for TLC is called "Sin City Rules"?
AH: Yes originally the title was "Vegas High Rollers" and after they did some testing and ran it through, they came back with Sin City Rules. It's got two meanings. One, Vegas rules - obviously. The second one is we live by our own rules.
FT: Is it a shift for you to in the spotlight and to be the star?
AH: It has been a shift. I'm not a big reality TV watcher, in fact I don't even have cable TV in my home. When they approached me with the show and everything started to happen, I didn't really realize all I was getting myself into. I have to say, when it's all said and done, it's been a really great experience. I did get to work with a lot of other good women. Obviously with any show when you put six very strong women around you, we're definitely going to have a little bit of drama.
FT: They just call that good TV.
AH: They call it great TV. We're scheduled to premier Dec. 9, 2012. They're using this show to re-brand. Right now TLC is in that mode, you know more family oriented type of approach. They want to get a little bit of a piece of what the mob is. That's why they hired Evolution who produced Bravo's Housewives of Beverly Hills and Orange County. They did the casting for our show, and the production of it. You guys are going to see when it comes out, it's going to have a lot of feel of the housewives show, but -here's the great part- all of us women are not dependent upon our husbands.
FT: So that's why it's not called Housewives.
AH: That's exactly why it's not called Housewives. To be fair the only two who are single on the show are myself and Alicia Jacobs. Alicia is going through a divorce. Lana, Lori, Jenna, and Kimberly are married and they have that extra help in there when it comes to income. But we've all made our way in this industry having our own businesses. It definitely makes us a bit more unique than the housewives shows.
I was married for 13 years. I was a housewife, but I was actually the bread-winner in my house. My mother was married to Tom Hanley. Me myself, I was married to [removed at the request of x-husband] someone I met when I was 21 years old, who was totally different than what I grew up in. I grew up in a male dominated mentality, kind of culture. I grew up in the mob, in it and around the lifestyle. [This entire paragraph was removed at the telephone request of her x-husband].
FT: With your upbringing and seeing women dependent upon men, one thing you have done is to be your own bread winner. But after all of that are you now a feminist as a result of what you went through?
AH: I don't think I'm a feminist. I'd say more of a classification for me is I just think I'm a control freak [laughs]. I have been growing up in a lifestyle where women are dependent upon men. I saw my Mother dependent upon men. I saw the roller coaster ride she went through and everything that she dealt with. I think for me it was more of a "I don't ever want to go through that". That's really what it came down to. I was more of a realist. Let's deal with reality and not live in this fairy tale land.
FT: There probably aren't that many of you are there?
AH: You'd be amazed. There's a lot of us out there but there's a lot of us that don't talk. You are raised a certain way in this culture. Keep your mouth shut, don't come out. You deal with it. I grew up in a lifestyle, I'll tell ya' Frankie, I was taught at a very young age that showing any sign of emotion was weakness. I was basically raised to shut down my emotions. I sometimes have more of a male mentality about stuff like that, than I do a female mentality. That's why when I get involved in business, I do very very well. Sometimes men don't see it coming, which is to my advantage. When they see me they think "Oh, she's a woman, she's over-emotional, we can rattle her cage." That's not the case with me. I'll be honest I have issues in personal relationships because of shutting down my emotions and kind of dealing with it like a man would.

  • The TLC cable reality TV show "Sin City Rules" is set to air Dec. 9, 2012. 
  • Look for an extensive multi-part editorial and pictoral about Hanley's clothing lines which are launching Jan./Feb. 2012 in "The Best of Frankie Tease Magazine Vol.2".  
  • Check local listings for appearances Amy C. Hanley will be making in Vegas during Winter of 2012.

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Mob Doll Enterprises brand new logo.
"I wanted to make sure she was sexy, and still had some power to her. That's why I added the red in, red is the definition of power." said Amy C. Hanley of her new logo.

Article by Frankie Tease of Las Vegas

Trailer for new show "Sin City Rules"

Monday, November 5, 2012

Tidbits and Teasers: Guns N Roses: Paradise City, Cirque Opens Zarkana at Aria, Aviation Nation Air Show

Guns 'N Roses at Hard Rock

G and R kicked off its "Appetite For Democracy," stent at The Joint at Hard Rock Hotel and Casino amid controversy Saturday. Last week in honor of the bands' residency during Nov., City Commissioner Beth Scow named Paradise Road "Paradise City" Road. She bit off more than she could chew when discovering the explicit scene on the poster was not exactly complimentary to women or Sin City. A revised graphic from their Appetite for Destruction album, the scene showed a woman just sexually assaulted, panties around her calves, and robots nearby all under the famous Las Vegas sign. G 'N R play through end of November. It's just art, right? (Breaking News: G N R controversial poster removed (via

Cirque De Soleil's Zarkana finds home at Aria
A visually stunning acrobatic spectacular, the massive set and expensive cast of Zarkana are now settled into their new home in Vegas at Aria. The acrobat-focused show is character driven not story driven, so that amazing stunts can be revealed, unfettered by a story-line. Hoops, fire, flips, juggling, trampolines, and more aerials than have been seen on the strip since Absinthe, this colorful beatific set is set to stun us at Aria, having just completed its preview shows this weekend.

Aviation Nation
Come-one, come-all. Hosted by Nellis Air Force Base, Nevada on Nov. 10-11, 2012, the free air spectacular is an air-show and open-house intended to celebrate and educate visitors about aviator traditions in America. It is billed as the largest free public event in Nevada.

Friday, November 2, 2012

Burlesque Producer, Author, Entrepreneur Jac Bowie is Seeing Red - A Book Preview by Frankie Tease

Jac Bowie and her children by Alexia Sinclair

There is no disputing Australia's involvement in reviving classic burlesque, and in bringing neo-burlesque to its current stage-show popularity. One prominent beauty playing a large role in this drama is Jac Bowie of Australia. I first wrote about Bowie back in 2010, focusing on her successful international burlesque talent agency, one of the only in the world. A Burlesque Personality, Mom, and Performer turned Producer and Entrepreneur, Jac Bowie has been deeply involved in the sexy side of show business since 2004 and is set to release a tell-all book entitled "Business in Heels". Bowie's first ever book is slated to publish December of 2012.

Jac Bowie has been involved in the Burelsque Hall of Fame Weekend in Vegas for many years, though she is retired from burlesque and has gone back to the mainstream arts. One of the audiences loudest responses at the BHOF Weekender 2012 was to the Stage Door Johnnies. The troupe has just recently wrapped up its Australian tour produced by Bowie, to much acclaim. You don't hear very often of a traveling boylesque troupe, or even a boylesque troupe, but trailblazer Jac Bowie's done it. Bowie has also acted as a judge for Las Vegas's Burlesque Hall of Fame Tournament of Tease in 2011, an honor reserved for only a few who decide the year's winners.

In 2004 Bowie imagined the Burlesque Ball tour, and then made it happen. The event toured Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth and Sydney, selling out major theaters becoming an annual event. To illustrate the connectivity and popularity of Bowie through social media, she personally has over 37,000 followers on Facebook, over 20,000 on Twitter and has recently joined the exclusive networking site

Bowie's lipsticks are another part of her recent burlesque success. After spending years in the make-up industry, Bowie combined her knowledge of the craft, her love of the arts, and her industrious business side and created her own line of lipsticks. Using current international burlesque stars to name each shade of red, she, herself is the signature color: Bowie Red. The line is called Red by Jac Bowie, and it's for purchase on her website. A plus to buying the lipstick is being able to say I have Immodesty Blaize on my lips, or I look great in Dirty Martini

Bowie remembers flirting with showbiz first at age six when she made her mom turn bright red singing out "Like a Virgin" in an Australian super-market. She also got in the habit of making patrons value her art pretty young: “I’d put up posters in the house and charge guests for tickets!” she stated about her parents' dinner parties. It's rare that an artist is creative and also unabashed at selling their product, but it seems that when they are, they find success as Bowie has.

Aiming to inspire others to turn their dreams into reality, Jac Bowie promises twists and turns in the book, representing her showbiz life. If you have ever been backstage, you know what a wild life it is. I can only imagine what she has seen and heard with the caliber of star she's worked with. 

Judging by the rich images she's produced, and complex shows and events Jac Bowie has created, there is little doubt the books will not only entertain, but will also be well received with readers interested in this fascinating art-form world-wide.

Business in Heels hard back edition comes out December 2012. Those smart readers not wanting to chance a sell-out of this book can pre-order at

Article by Frankie Tease

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