Thursday, December 20, 2012

Happy Holidays From Frankie Tease Magazine

Well it's that time of year again, and we'll be taking a break all week until Jan. 2. (check more about that on the calendar via this website). That's only a break from new articles this week. Meanwhile, behind the scenes we'll be like little elves gathering amazing material and getting ready to publish. In example Dec. 28 this mag. has the honor of interviewing the Reverend Horton Heat and attending the show for review at the Hard Rock Hotel. He's been a musical hero of mine personally, and I've seen him live so many times I can barely count (perhaps 15?). One of the amazing things about the Rev is that he has been on tour in so many cities for almost 20 years. If you want to get one of your questions asked of him, please send music or showbiz related questions to missfrankietease [at] gmail for consdieration before Dec. 27. If it's good, we'll include it in the interview and mention you to him as well. 

The other thing we'll be busy with is putting the finishing touches on the features that will be included in The Best of Frankie Tease Magazine Vol.2, which we plan to release in eBook form during January 2013. What a way to start the new year. If you want to see my notes from the Frankie Files on what it's like living in Vegas and my first year in retrospect, check this post I made on my performer blog HERE It's been an amazing year, and I have everyone who's participated in interviews, invited us to review their show, and the fine people of Las Vegas to thank for that. We truly hope you and yours are comfortable, relaxed, and happy for the holidays, and that you ring in the new year with safety (no drunk driving people!) and with great frivolity! 

Happy New Year! Have a glass of bubbly on me, I meant for me. And smoke em' if you got em!

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Tidbits and Teasers: Minaj Goes Pure for NYE, Cee Lo's "Loberace", Fremont live Bands NYE

Minaj Rings in New Year at Ceaser's Pure Nighclub
The Trinidadian-born Nicki Minaj has announced she'll appear and host the NYE event at Pure Nightclub 2013. Pure is located inside Ceaser's Palace on the Vegas Strip. Minaj has made a name for herself in entertainment for bold brazen and sexy music. The evening is priced at $110 according to, which states that Minaj will throw a "boistrous party with showgoers, and ring in the New Year". Sounds like a great time to me.

Fremont Street Experience Rings in New Year with Live Music
The Fremont Street Experience is everyone's favorite place to rock out, and this New Year celebration is no exception. Live entertainment begins on three stages starting at 6pm. Bands playing under the largest L.E.D. light canopy in the world include: Zowie Bowie, Quiet Riot (c'mon Feel the noise!), Queensryche, Jizzy Pearl, and Arena, to name a few. Want to lead up to the big night? Catch Tributepalooza shows with tribute bands and headliners Fri., Sat., and Sun., leading up to the Monday Show (free). New Year's Eve is the only time there is a required admission of $40 on Fremont Street, and the festivities will lasts from 6pm - 3am. Buy Tickets. Get $10 off with Nevada I.D., 21+ only. You can also ride the world-famous Zipline as shown in the photo.

Cee Lo is coming to Planet Hollywood
Starting Feb. 27, 2013 the Strip will become home to "Crazy" hit song singer, wild out of the box creator, previous "The Voice" judge Cee Lo Green. "Loberace" is the show, and it's described as a "spectacle more than a show" via the Planet Hollywood website. The showroom will house the review with sexy showgirls, cover-songs and originals as selected by Conductor, Ringmaster and Singer Cee Lo Green. The show is listed through April so far. Cee Lo had to have gotten bored sitting among the stodgy TV hosts of the Voice. 

Article and Downtown Vegas Fremont Street Experience photo by Frankie Tease

Monday, December 17, 2012

Photo Monday: "I'll have the Gondola and Ice Rink Holiday Combo Please"

Gay Gondola Holiday

The Holidays aren't the same as anywhere else in Vegas. A casino with a fake ice rink (it's polymer) and a year-round gondola ride in the theme of Venice, Italy, can be experienced at "Winter in Venice". In its second year, see the related festivities through Jan. 6, 2013 at the Venetian. Concerts, light shows and parades are easy to take in with the mild Nevada weather (there is no snow storm here). Other holiday festivities in Vegas are happening at the Hard Rock Hotel, the Bellagio, the Cosmopolitan, and the Stratosphere, to name a few. The lights, the lights, the lights...

Friday, December 14, 2012

The Vegas "I Do's" are Done for 12.12.12, But Not Forgotten

Weddings seemed to be the biggest (perhaps only) way people were embracing the last in a series of what has become several auspicious repeating dates of the Millenium. There was 10/10/10, then 11/11/11, and now finally 12/12/12 had arrived. At the South end of the Las Vegas Strip is the Little Church of the West, at the North end is the Clark County Marriage Bureau (Division of Clerks). I spoke with both offices one before and one after the last big repeating date in most of our lifetimes. Not before I toured the Strip's "Wedding District" to see what it had in store for visiting nuptial holders. This is what these wedding professionals revealed about how Las Vegas treated the calendar event. 

12/11/12 A Phone Chat with Little Church of the West
Julie of "Little Church of the West" was busy but able to field my call on 12/11/12 the day before the large festivities. "This is as large a date as 11/11/11 probably because this is the last date available." Julie told me. "There is no 13/13/13. Over 100 weddings are booked and a few slots are left. The most popular package (we don't do themes) has been the "Marry Me" package. When asked if she was working the other repeating dates she said "Yes. They were all really busy like 12/12/12. It's fun, it's busy, it's a great day. The only one we'll have next year is 11/12/13."

12/12/12 Weddings in Progress All Over the Strip
At the South end of the Strip across from the Little Church of the West is the world famous Las Vegas Sign (near McCarran Airport). I went to capture the slideshow photos for this article. I saw five brides or more in under 30 minutes at the sign. One was just becoming a bride. As I approached, an Elvis Impersonator said "Promise me one thing, you won't step on each other's blue suede shoes. And now, by the power invested in me by the state of Nevada, I pronounce you Man and Wife." He then turned on his portable speaker and sang out an Elvis favorite. The newlyweds danced as other just-married couples came at dusk and took pictures with the Las Vegas Sign in View, the famous Strip Skyline behind them. The in-progress Observation Wheel by Skyvue was off to the right as cars whizzed by and honked at the newlyweds in black and white. It's all happening - every day here in Vegas - but today saw a lot more wedding numbers than usual.

The North end of the Strip past Sahara holds many vintage and famous Wedding Chapels. The "Wedding District" usually does at least 200 weddings a day, but will do many more than this for a special date like 12/12/12. One such chapel is the themed wedding chapel called Viva Las Vegas (pictured). Themed weddings with Elvis, Sinatra and other greats who are also ordained Ministers are the specialty of this large Chapel near to the world famous Pawn Stars shop.

12/13/12 Some Day-After Facts
I spoke with Stephanie Joseph of the Clark County Marriage Bureau (Division of Clerks) next. My burning question was of course how many wedding licences were issues for 12/12/12 ? The answer wasn't as straight-forward as I thought. "431 marriage licenses were issued on 12/12/12." Joseph Said. "They now have one year to use them. In fact some of the people who got married today may have gotten their license a year in advance. If you want the number of people wed on 12/12/12 you have to ask the Clark County Recorder's Office. They will know by 12/24/12. The civil weddings that took place were 39 on 12/12/12 this year. But you can get the total number of weddings in Clark County including Las Vegas by 12/24/12. "

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Story and photos by Frankie Tease

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Tidbits and Teasers: Cowboy Up to the NFR, 12.12.12, Blue Man Wants Locals

Vegas Cowboys Up 'til Dec. 15
Dec. 6-15 the town goes a little bit country as the Wrangler National Finals Rodeo steps up to Thomas and Mack Cenvention Center. Danger and all, these bullies ride bulls for the fastest time. Judged on other skills there is no telling what could happen during a live competition of this nature. MGM, Fremont Street, Monte Carlo, Ceaser's Palace, and many other hotels get in on the action for the ten-day annual festivity. There is even a Miss National Rodeo Contest. But if if it's about the shopping for you, the Cowboy Christmas Gift Show [Las Vegas Convention Center North Hall] is a free and open to the public area to get those family gifts you haven't handled yet. It's over 300,000 sq. ft. should offer just about everything possible for your shopping needs, depending upon your budget. It also carries official Wrangler NFR merchandise, a sure hit for fans. It's open 10am-5pm Dec. 6-15. Check details at

Vegas Wedding Chapels and Hotels Gear up for 12.12.12
There are sequential dates (11.12.13), there are reverse dates, and there is the crescendo of the year, the grand daddy of them all 12.12.12, the repeating date. Chapels and marriage liscenses are heavily booked for this, said to be as popular as 10.10.10, and 11.11.11, some chapels will be doing as many as 100 weddings in one day Wednesday for the occasion. Repeating dates have proven popular during the Millenium. Check out the upcoming article this Friday at Frankie Tease Magazine about "what happened in Vegas 12.12.12." It'll only happen once in our lifetime.

New Blue Man Show Gives Locals a Break
Celebrate the new home that Blue Man Group built in the luxurious and fun Monte Carlo Resort on the Las Vegas Strip. Only a few months ago the Blue Man Group parachuted through the air to land on the property where it now offers the almost nightly wild music and dance performances that they are known for. I haven't seen the new show yet, but at a two-for-one through Jan. 27, 2013 for Nevada residents, it sounds like a pretty good time. Nothing like a Blue Man, indeed I could need a Blue Man.

Monday, December 10, 2012

Photo Focus: D Hotel and Fremont Street Las Vegas

downtown collage dec 2012

Downtown continues its revitalization with hotel name changes and make-overs led by previous mayor Oscar Goodman and CEO of Zappos Tony Hsieh (who are encouraging others to invest in Downtown). The D Hotel and outside bar shown here on Fremont Street are recent newbies taking the place of Fitzgerald's Casino (previously and no longer an Irish-themed property). Dancers shown are atop the bar at the opposite end of Fremont Street West at the Golden Gate, which claims to be the first hotel in Vegas (themed after the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, CA.). Many other developments, small bars, and hotels are renovating and bringing in new jobs and more downtown tourism to compete with the Las Vegas Strip. Fremont holds free outdoor concerts, parades and festivities and is often a preferred destination for locals above the Strip. Weekends are always busy, but street vendors and performers are out seven days a week at this artsy mecca. You can also drink on the street a popular activity for many. The walk-up Fremont street bars sit below the canopied and largest L.E.D. light show in the world, which airs musical light shows several times per night on the hour, free. Kids are allowed in the area, but a caution should go out, there is adult entertainment allowed right on Fremont street, and they may get a real eye-full. After all, it is Las Vegas- the city of sin- right? The street also serves as a gallery of some of the most well-crafted beautiful neon vintage signs for the city of Vegas as pictured. If you want to follow the happenings of Downtown Vegas on Twitter, just use #dtlv.

Article and photos by Frankie Tease

Map of Downtown Las Vegas by

Map of Las Vegas Strip Casinos are somewhat accurate to 2012 on this map.

Friday, December 7, 2012

Making Sense of Las Vegas Burlesque and Topless Shows (with a list)

Miss Banbury Cross of England at BHOF 2012 by Cory Royer

What's Happening with Burlesque in Las Vegas?
The term "Las Vegas Burlesque" is one I recently heard used by a Producer to describe the brand that has become the norm for the art form on the Vegas Strip. This particular brand is more like the Victoria's Secret models than anything you may have seen in the 40's. There aren't always tributes to vintage characters, they might not even be stripping. Also, you may not always have the advantage of clarity about the shows from teaser ads. I'll try to help. While we can all be glad that it isn't amateur night on the strip and that you are guaranteed a high profile star with a hard body, some say it doesn't make sense to use the word Burlesque in a lot of cases to describe shows here on the Strip. It's a bit confusing, let's be frank. 
A Genre Struggling with Who it Is
Ever since the film "Burlesque" came out which brought Cher, Christina Aguilera, and Allen Cumming to the big screen in 2010, the film has furthered the confusion on just what this genre wants to be now. The film was rated PG, and two major retro stars who are still living felt it was a plagiarism of their own story coming to Hollywood back in the day. No lawsuits ensued, but also I was personally confused - though I haven't seen the film - on why Burlesque was being sold as PG. Wouldn't that be Vaudeville? No, not really because there was zero throwback element to the Vaudeville or variety format.
Burlesque Fusion?
I believe there is an audience somewhere for everything, and Vegas seems to have found the audience for Burlesque Fusion, which I think is was it should be called most times. You may wonder why there aren't any Abbott and Costello tributes or knife throwing acts, I do. The fact is that a variety show which offers a little bit of strip tease in the mix is much more a tribute to the original form of Burlesque popularized in the American 1940's. It's clear that Burlesque has been controversial since it came to our shores from Great Britain and remains so today. Some say it put the Opera out of business, just as TV killed Vaudeville in the nifty fifties. 
Industry Infighting
The controversy  recently here in Vegas continues as rumors of lawsuits run rampant on the strip that anyone using the word Burlesque in a show title or using elements similar to the 2010 film, were being engaged in a lawsuit. I am not able to report on which show producers were sued, nor what the outcome was. 
The Annual Burlesque Hall of Fame Weekend also had a legal issue in 2011 as excerpted here: "...Apcar and Littell have called the event the Sassy Lassy Burlesque and the Sassy Lassy Showcase thereby wrongfully incorporating marks owned by the Burlesque Hall of Fame..." []. Sadly Dixie Evans nor Tempest Storm were present at the 2012 Burlesque Hall of Fame Weekender which I attended as press, or I would have asked them for an update. 
Amateur Community vs. Professional Entertainer
There is a contrast between the amateur "community" shows (check out Live Burlesque in Las Vegas), and the high production value shows that casinos and hotels are putting on the Vegas Strip. There are several independent off-strip shows, but most popular are those by Cha Cha Velour, who's earned a place as an anchor for travelling performers and local community talent, as well as instruction. Even she still maintains a full-time unrelated job placing this in the hobby category. Local shows are in very short supply here in Vegas, to my surprise my first year here. People in the Burlesque Community and online chats across the country (and I've heard it here in Vegas) often snub their nose at higher level productions with no tribute or vintage element saying it's not "Real Burlesque". Many instructors nationally have also been quoted as saying "anyone can do Burlesque." While professional actors, dancers, and acrobats might not be too excited about the Amateur Night that has become a new standard for Burlesque as recently instructed Burlesque School Graduates across the country work out their not-so-tone body images on stage. Vegas only has one actual burlesque-dedicated school (run by Cha Cha Velour) which often presents classes from travelling stars, an obvious ace of spades.
Classic Burlseque
It's ironic to me that shows which are not being billed as Burlesque on the Las Vegas Strip seem even more about paying tribute to classic burlesque. Shows such as "Absinthe" featuring spectacular New York and international artists with a modern style throwback to the turn-of-the-century make you feel as though you are transported back in time where there are daring tricks with no nets, racy raucous humor and fleshy sexy views. It's almost become a drawback to have the word Burlesque in a show's name as it comes with the accompanying confusion for show goers who just want to see a great production and get their money's worth. There are some great topless productions here, and some great suggestive non-nude shows too. Some also may use the word Cabaret.

Frankie's Vegas Burlesque and Topless Show List 2012
In an effort to help readers and show-goers find what they want (really really want), here is my list of what and where to see Burlesque or Burlesque-like shows here in Las Vegas. There is also a note of where to take a few classes if that's one of your desires. Good luck out there fans, it's a desert jungle. 

High Production Value Topless Classic Shows
Absinthe (Caesars Palace)
Crazy Horse Paris (MGM) CLOSED
Jubilee (Bally's) has a non-topless show Saturdays
Viva Las Vegas Rockabilly Weekend (Orleans)
Annual Burlesque Hall of Fame Weekender (Orleans)

Contemporary Topless Shows
Peepshow (Planet Hollywood)
Crazy Girls (Riviera)
Fantasy (Luxor)
Bite (Plaza-Downtown)
X Burlesque (Flamingo)
Zumanity (New York New York)
Raack N' Roll (was Hooters reopened now the D Las Vegas)

Non-Nude Sexy Shows
iCandy Burlesque (Planet Hollywood)
Pussy Cat Dolls Burlesque Saloon (Planet Hollywood) CLOSED
Pin-Up (Stratosphere)

Neo and Amateur Burlesque
Live Burlesque in Las Vegas by Cha Cha Velour (Boomer's Bar)
Various Local Shows (

Instrumental Burlesque Revival Characters in Vegas
Dixie Evans (Marylin Monroe of Burlesque, Chairman Emeritus BHOF)
Tempest Storm (Legendary Performer worked with Bettie Page)
Tiffany Carter (Teacher at Cha Cha Velour's Studio, Legendary Performer)
Dustin Wax (Interim BHOF Museum Director)
Laura Herbert (BHOF President)
Luke Littel (Who was one partner sued by BHOF '11)
Cha Cha Velour (Las Vegas Burlesque Classes, Live Burlesque in Las Vegas)

Stripping Instruction
Las Vegas Burlesque Classes (Cha Cha Velour's Studio)
Stripper 101 (Planet Hollywood)

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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Tidbits and Teasers: The Palms' Strip Comedy Improv, House of Blues ZZ Top, Stratosphere Pin-Ups are Coming

Legendary Rock Entertainers: ZZ Top play Vegas
Dec. 5 and Dec. 7, you can see the enduring rockin' blues band who made "Cheap Sunglasses" and a "Sharp Dressed Man" famous at the House of Blues at Mandalay Bay. Celebrating the House of Blues 20th anniversary couldn't be more festive with the humorous and deeply blues rooted guitar driven trio. Forming first in 1969, they have stood the test of time with their never-changing line-up. If it aint broke don't fix it. They even have a 2012 album release entitled "Futura".

New Pin-Up Show prepares for the Stratosphere 
The new "Pin-Up" show at Stratosphere will feature original music from the headliner Frankie Moreno, dancers and live singers. The star has already been cast and she's now in town living at the Strat, with her cat (according to their Vegas Video Network live broadcast). The star is none other than Playboy Playmate 2011 Clair Sinclair (who's also the Betty Page Clothing spokeswoman). The singer has been cast but mums still the world on who that is. The dancers are being auditioned and a full announcement is set to come out in December. The show is produced by successful one year headliner Frankie Moreno and will have a retro 40's "Bob Hope Special" kind of feel Moreno told me during a chat. Look for more about this exciting production soon. With all the success of the Moreno show, is it any wonder he's branching out in production? Why not stay all night for the double feature?!

Anthony Cools presents Strip Comedy at the Palms
Uncensored and Undressed Comedy
Billed as the newest "down and dirty show" on the Las Vegas Strip, and presented by long-time Vegas headliner Anthony Cools, this wild time is focused on Improv Comedy. Two teams of Improv Actors will begin the show in a battle of wits where almost anything goes. As the audience you can get involved by giving teams topic suggestions and also helping decide which team wins each round.  Kopy Kopatich who's the host and show creator has created a cast that has endured ten years together, and has traversed the country. They're first show was at the UNLV dorms. They've come along way baby! The show started at the Palms Lounge in November and is in full swing. Shows Wed.-Sun. at 8pm, 21+ $39.95.

Monday, December 3, 2012

Photo Monday: Gilles Marini of Dancing with the Stars Fame Appeared at Vegas Venetian

Gilles Marini Winter in Venice 2012
Gilles Marini poses for Frankie Tease Magazine at the kick-off of Winter in Venice at the Vegas Venetian. Marini appeared with his wife and children. His daughter took to the Venetian's skate rink for some fun, and his family posed outdoors on the Winter Queen's podium for the holiday festivities and posed with fans for photos. Gilles is famous for his part on ABC's "Dancing with the Stars" where he won 2nd place in 2009. He also played a role of Dante in "Sex and the City", as well as many other prominent television series. Winter in Venice goes through Jan.6, 2013 at the Vegas Venetian with free festivities outdoors, and related shows at the theaters. See a full detail of the making of "Winter in Venice" in "Best of Frankie Tease Magazine Vol.2, out Jan. 2013.