Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Planet Hollywood Welcomes "Loberace" a CeeLo Green Vegas Show

CeeLo Green Presents LOBERACE

The new Planet Hollywood headliner show Loberace is the brainchild of famed American singer CeeLo Green (born Thomas DeCarlo Callaway May 30, 1974). The new show is a tribute to American pianist Liberace. On March 27, the Las Vegas Strip was halted briefly for the arrival of CeeLo on a truck with a burning piano. Twitter was aflutter with photos of eye-witnesses to the madness, as he arrived and cemented his hand prints in clay, flanked by the Jubilee Dancers from nearby Bally's Hotel.

Loberace features CeeLo Green as the ringmaster who'll take fans through decades of music covers, including Prince and the Rolling Stones, as well as his own original music. Let's face it, CeeLo has had a few hits like "F*%ck You" and "Crazy", the latter which was produced by his duo Gnarls Barkley. He is most recently known for his role on NBC's "The Voice", and he's also famous for working on Santana's "Supernatural" album (with Lauryn Hill), in addition to his work with Atlanta Hip Hop group the Goodie Mob. In this new show created just for Las Vegas, flamboyancy is promised, as is great vocal talent, while the rest is unknown.

How will the 1400 capacity Planet Hollywood Showroom be shared? "Peepshow"  is still running (in year five) and currently starring Coco Austin (Ice-T Loves Coco) where reality TV show star Holly Madison previously starred. Peepshow is now offering early time slots (dark Wednesdays) at 8, 9:30, and 10pm, and tickets begin at $66.

The newest PH show Loberace will play four nights a week Wed. - Fri. at 11pm and Sat. at the stroke of midnight. Tickets start at $54.00.  Get group tix for ten or more via, or order single tickets at 1-866-574-3851. Now showing.

CeeLo green greeting local journalist Robin Leach

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Photo Focus: Valentines Eve on Fremont Street Vegas 2013

Valentines Eve 2013 Vegas Fremont St. Downtown

This double date was spotted livin' it up on Fremont Street Eve of 2013. Looks like the roarin' 20's was their agreed upon theme, and a fun night was had. Careful, one of the ladies had a faux machine gun in the era's style.

D hotel dancer posing

Beautiful D Hotel outside bar dancer poses for us on Fremont Street 2013.

cocktails sign

Cocktails anyone? This gorgeous neon sits atop the edge of the Commonwealth. It's near the El Cortez on Fremont Street and has a beautiful top floor patio for sipping their offered upscale cocktails.

Monday, February 18, 2013

Tidbits and Teasers: Pin Up Sinclair, Dice at Vinyl, Rev Horton Heat at LVCS

Pin Up Springs into Stratosphere
The newest show addition to the Las Vegas strip is called Pin Up. The cast and crew are star studded, and so are the producers. Stratosphere Entertainment Director Matt Mascali says the new lighting for the show was delayed in shipping and has happily pushed the opening date from Feb. 25 to Mar. 2, 2013. "We owe it to our performers to make sure every component matches the massive talent on stage" he stated. Who's involved in the creation of the show? Co-Producer and Best Strip Headliner Frankie Moreno, Trumpeter and the show's music composer Dave Perrico (six piece live backing band), choreographer Lacey Schwimmer of DWTS and SYTYCD. The show will also feature many singers and backing dancers who've been in rehearsal for months at the Stratosphere Showroom, where it will be housed.
The show is said to be inspired by classic pin up calendars and stars Claire Sinclair who was Miss October 2010 in Playboy Magazine, and also 2011 Playboy Playmate of the Year. Adding to her arsenal, she has previously been coached in vintage moves by the legendary Tempest Storm, and has been the Bettie Page Clothing spokesperson for several years, including TV appearances. Sinclair made waves in Vegas previously by starring in the (now closed) Crazy Horse Paris Show 2010 and 2011 at MGM. Pin Up is highly anticipated and will surely garner respect from all types of pin up lovers in Vegas and beyond. You can't miss partnering that with a live swingin' beat.

Dice Does Vinyl at Hard Rock Stent
Andrew Dice Clay moves from the Riviera Hotel limited engagement and begins a residency at Hard Rock Hotel's Vinyl venue. A rock venue he will fit into right, he has said "The Hard Rock Hotel has always presented the biggest and best names in music…and I am thrilled to now call this historic property home". This summer, Clay will be co-starring alongside Cate Blanchett and Alec Baldwin in Woody Allen's forth-coming feature “Blue Jasmine.” And to this day, Clay remains the only performer banned for life from MTV. For more than 35 years, Clay has sold out hundreds of arenas across the country, totaling more than 12 million tickets. Upcoming Vinyl dates: March 14, 15, 16, 17, 28, 29, 30 and 31 - April 11, 12, 13 and 14 - May 9, 10, 11, 12, 23, 24, 25, and 26 - and Show time is 9 p.m. Tickets start at $54. via or charge-by-phone at (800)745-3000. 

Reverend Horton Heat at LVCS March
This March 28, 29, 30 you may relish knowing that you have choices to compliment the annual rockabilly party at Orleans, and they are downtown Las Vegas (#dtlv). The long standing Las Vegas Country Saloon has had a bit of booking make-over and seems to be in the game over the last few months bigger than ever. This year they offer Be Bop a Lula which includes tons of bands on three stages with headliner Reverend Horton Heat at the top of the Saturday  night bill, March 29. Gotta catch the Rev. when in town, who remains one of the hottest rockabilly/psychobilly acts in the nation (in their 25th year), continually touring his trio from Dallas, Texas, with their unique live sound (he plays here in Vegas then in Georgia a couples days later). Sidenotes: The Rev's on a new label called Victory Records. Check out my extensive interview and show review with Reverend Horton Heat including tons of conversation about his song writing and humor, in the forthcoming eBook Best of Frankie Tease Magazine Vol. 2 via Nook, iTunes, or Amazon.

photo by Frankie Tease

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Rock and Roll and Soul Reappear in Vintage Trouble - A Vegas Show Review

photos and article by Frankie Tease

The band are four. The band are powerful. The band are merciless in demanding you participate with them in celebrating great music. The show was Feb. 9, 2013 at Vinyl at Hard Rock Hotel Las Vegas, and was one of several shows they did that weekend. For the one I attended, they opened for Band of Skulls, but I would not have known they were the opener were it not billed so. They owned this room and owned this stage. And the fact that the music is written by all members of the band shows its sustainability.

During their stent at Hard Rock they opened for legendary UK Rock Gods the Who, which presented the Quadraphenia album in its entirety. Not bad. They've toured England and back, and are an L.A. based band who have been creating "trouble makers" (as their fans are known) for over two years. They've released one studio album entitled "The Bomb Shelter Sessions" featuring 14 original rock and soul songs. The band conjures Cream, AC/DC, Wolfmother, and other American 60's music combined at times with spiritual ballads, traditional rock and roll and blues. 

Each of the band members play a supporting role in the entire sound, though singer Ty Taylor anchors it with his absolutely astounding vocal range, and soulful sound. He has one of those gorgeous facial structures meant to sing and when he open his mouth, glory be, you might feel as though you've come to Jesus. Heart-stopping arpeggio displays happen mid or at end of song letting you know this ain't his first rodeo. 

What stands out during the live performance is Taylor's no-mercy approach to his audience. He wants you to dance, hold his hand while he croons, clap, throw your hands in the air, and move out the way because he's coming into the crowd to rile things up to the highest energy level possible. This guy isn't just filling space, he's there to touch the show goer directly. Taylor seems to understand what we want as audience members, to be handled. Not only can he rise to the challenge but he can fuck the shit out of his audience. The effect is that you come away completely satisfied, like never before. 

He is graced with the soul and dance moves of James Brown, the octave range of Al Green, the unabashed sex aura of Prince, the stylish footwork and surprises of Jackie Wilson, and the amazing voice of Lenny Kravits and of his own self, Ty Taylor. He is preaching between numbers, saying things that mean something, saying uplifting words about the "dark times" we are living in, and telling people to shake their negative energy out with him. He's making it happen without one second of half-assed shit we see so much in performers today. This guy's got soul, he's got it all.

Nalle Colt is extremely tantalizing with smoking hot rhythm and lead guitar and lending back-up vocals. I felt some Credence Clear Water, heavy blues of Led Zeplin and his crazy flipper fingers tearing up and down the neck. His licks stand alone and compliment the deep rich psychedelic sound produced by just four men who make up the quartet. The Gibson electric guitar he's workin', along with vintage amps are just what the doctor ordered to create a Jimi Hendrix style purple haze back-drop for Ty's amazing vocals and soulful or rocking tracks. He's never inattentive to the crowd - flirting, kneeling, coming down and rising back up to dance - while playing. He never stops.

Rick Barrio Dill not only sets the electric bass on fire throughout the entire set while hip thrusting to the deep beat, but he's got moves goin' all over that stage. Singing back-up and doing that vintage bass thing, he really lights up stage left with his presence, leaving no beat untouched. His boyish smile mixed with his passionate ferver let you know he's engaged, and is helping create the unique sound that these guys have. 

Handle-bar mustache wearing Rhythmist Richard Danielson dance-drums his way into all the audiences hearts. He's not your ordinary drummer, he's Richard. He's got an unexplainable style that involves a ton of bass drum with no shortage of hi-hat and crash ride cymbols. This all creates a unique rock sound that lets you know he's there but seamlessly compliments the rock opera they put out.

In tracks we got "Nancy Lee" which the band just performed on their late night talk show circuit including Conan and David Letterman. This is a song the band wrote about the story of how his mother and father met. Showcasing his wide range, he can get down and climb way up in octave to the point of stunning. During the song we see the antics which Taylor has become known for as he whirls in a circle mid-stage holding the mic stand upside down as he does so. Next "Total Strangers" was a song introduced as a story about how sometimes if you need to spice up a relationship you can pretend you don't know one another. 

"You Better Believe It" is a rich sing-along that Taylor told us was written about an ex-girlfriend who's name he left out thanks to the coaxing of Nalle Colt during the writing process. Good call Nalle. "Run Baby Run" is a straight southern sounding rock tune and fast enough paced to get your heart going and the crowd dancing in place and in circles, as well as clapping along. Then came a ballad called "Nobody Told Me" about the weight of the world, masterfully delivered slowing things down just long enough to let us think. They played several other songs from their debut album, and a few features from their upcoming album. 

Taylor said in closing "We love playing large arenas, that's a kid's dream. But playing smaller venues like this is an adult dream. You can't smell the titty sweat in an arena" as everyone laughed. The band finalized the set with "Strike Your Light" ...right on me. A super funky rock song with driving treble guitar riffs that are so catchy you find yourself shocked when it's over. The band jumped (literally) off stage to do a meet-and greet for their fans outside the venue. People crowded the receiving line to get albums they just bought signed, arms signed (I did) t-shirts signed, and to shake hands with the men. I met "trouble makers" who'd driven from California and one from Washington state who said she goes to as many shows as possible. The band has a devoted and growing following. The second album is coming and the band's momentum is really gaining strides. I can't recommend them highly enough. Go to the show and buy the album, keep this rocking outfit around. Vintage Trouble have a lot of style in dress-code and even more in music. 

Video Photos and article by Frankie Tease



DEC. 7, 2012 

(from 2010 - credits on film)


(from 2010 - credits on film)


Sunday, February 10, 2013

Photo Focus: Vintage Trouble at Hard Rock

Vintage Trouble

Richard Danielson (drums)
Nalle Colt (guitar)
Rick Barrio Dill (electric bass)
Ty Taylor (vocals)

The band rocked the crowd so hard at Vinyl at Hardrock 2/9/13.
They will open for the Who's Quadrophenia concert at Hard Rock Sun. 2/10/13.

Look for my upcoming show review on this website.
The band signed my arm in silver, never wash.

Vintage Trouble sigs.

Photos by Frankie Tease

Read the full show review I wrote for the 2/9/13 Vegas Vinyl at Hard Rock Show at

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Tidbits and Teasers: Rosanne Barr Residency, Bill's Gambling Closure, Fremont Country Club DTVL

Rosanne Barr Now at Tropicana
Rosanne Barr comes to the Laugh Factory at Tropicana creating a new schedule for Celebrity Magician Murray who'll be moved to the 5pm slot check for his new schedule. Barr is famous for her TV shows, and will now be holding the dinner slot at the newly renovated Hotel's comedy club. Visiting headliner shows will remain at 8 and 10pm at Vegas Laugh Factory. It is indeed getting busier for the club since its 2012 open.

Bill's Gambling Hall Closes for Improvement
Bill's Gambling Hall has been closed for renovation to be reopened in 2014 (Bill's is across from Bally's, Bellagio, and Ceaser's at Flamingo). It is slated to be a 'lifestyle boutique' hotel with a 65,000 foot rooftop pool being installed and Drai Management overseeing the new day and night clubs. As a Ceaser's property, patrons are being referred to cross the street for their entertainment and hotel stay needs in Vegas. Good Luck Bill's.

Fremont Country Club Softly Opens
The FCC is set to open in March 2013, and press were invited to view the soft open a couple days ago. Louis Prima Jr. played a set, and is said to be a possible mainstay act. The large space is only one of many new venues being renovated and opened downtown, and I would recommend this website to stay abreast on the changes on the original Vegas at Warning: keeping up with downtown could be a full-time job.

Monday, February 4, 2013

Best of Frankie Tease Magazine Vol. 2 eBook


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The Best of Frankie Tease Magazine Vol. 2 is a mix of tantalizing entertainment stories, resort and travel news, photos and exclusive interviews with visiting or resident Las Vegas performers, from July-Dec. of 2012. It's due to hit iTunes iBookstore, Amazon Kindle, and Barnes and Noble Nook eBook stores mid February for download at an amazing $3.99.

Whether you are a local Las Vegan, a tourist, or are just a fan of burlesque, comedy, Vegas culture, and music, you will enjoy the informative, timely, yet timeless articles written by Frankie Tease (, Candy Pitch, Vegas Seven, Guardian Express LV, Frankie Tease Magazine, Las Vegas). Entertainment stories, show reviews, and photos are staggered among in-depth interviews with Reverend Horton Heat (David Letterman, Late Night with Conan O' Brien, King of the Hill, Texas), Tonya Kay (The Lalas, House, Green Girl, Los Angeles), Frankie Moreno (Dancing with the Stars, Stratosphere Las Vegas), Murray Sawchuck (Magic Castle, America's Got Talent, Celebracadabra, Laugh Factory Tropicana Las Vegas), Penny Pibbets (Absinthe Las Vegas), Perle Noire (Strip Strip Hooray!, Burlesque Hall of Fame, New Orleans), Amy C. Hanley (Sin City Rules Las Vegas), Brandon "Gooch" Hahn (Laugh Factory, 92.3 KOMP Las Vegas), Jo Weldon (NY School of Burlesque, Burlesque Hall of Fame, New York), Cha Cha Velour and Tiffany Carter (Las Vegas Burlesque Classes, Live Burlesque in Las Vegas), and Eric Sandoval (Chubby Surf, Shark Tank, Yard Crashers, California). 

The content-rich text and informative links will be transformative. With words and photos by Frankie Tease and contributing photos by featured artists' photographers, the collection in itself is a vacation getaway. The eBook is meant to inform the Vegas tourist, aspiring performer, or average reader, giving insight into places only an embedded columnist and photojournalist could take you. Some of the loftiest talents and destinations in the U.S. and world make up the 31 multi-page articles and interviews, approximately 98 pages and 50 beautiful hi-resolution quality photos. After you read Vol. 2, you'll be pining to catch up with the stars featured in Vol. 1 of this series (also just $3.99).

Other stories and columns included are: Jac Bowie (Australia), 12-12-12 Weddings, Rita Rudner (Venetian Las Vegas), Vegas on CBS, Viva Las Vegas 16 Rockabilly Weekender (Orleans Hotel Las Vegas), Si Cranstoun Album Review (England), Surf the Musical (Planet Hollywood Las Vegas), Blue Man Group (Monte Carlo Las Vegas), Tropicana Resort Makeover, Las Vegas Art (Contemporary Art Center Downtown), Las Vegas Comic Expo (Riviera Las Vegas), The Frankie Files, Tidbits and Teasers: The Neon Museum, Skyvue Observation Wheel, Vinyl at Hard Rock, Wet & Wild, Burlesque Hall of Fame Eminent Domain, also Labor Day Pool Getaways, Burlesque and Topless Show List of 2012, Photo Finish: Winter in Venice (Venetian Las Vegas), 3 Pool Guys (Golden Nugget Las Vegas), Melody Sweets (Absinthe at Ceaser's Palace Las Vegas), and Downtown Fremont Street LV. Enjoy this word and photo circus to stimulate your Inner Vegas.

Originally from Long Beach, CA, Frankie Tease (, Candy Pitch, Vegas Seven, Guardian Express LV, Frankie Tease Magazine, Tease Time, Hangover Helper, Pastie Parade) is now a columnist and photojournalist in Las Vegas since 9/11/11. She has been a writer since her college days in Pasadena, CA, in the 90's and started covering stage, comedy, and burlesque, in Portland, Oregon, in 2009 as an entertainment writer with her "How to Burlesque" column on Kelly Dinardo's blog. Frankie has  now published her first two ebooks The Best of Frankie Tease Magazine Vol. 1: Jan.-June 2012 and Vol.2: July-Dec. 2012, full of exclusive interviews, articles, photos, and events from the international city of Las Vegas. Her unique stage experience in performance, dance instruction, stage production, and radio allows her to get poignant interviews with spectacular stars who travel through or are resident headliners in Las Vegas. Enjoy her word and photo circus to stimulate your Inner Vegas.


author location: Las Vegas, Nevada
e-release dates: February / March 2013
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