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Photo Focus: Viva Las Vegas 16 Rockabilly Weekender Saturday Car Show and Tattoo Contest

Viva Las Vegas Car Show moved into a larger outdoor area at the same Orleans Hotel lot this year. People were flocking to the show all day and night, with headliner Little Richard among many other talents. The show ran 9am - 8pm.

Ladies in front of amazing lowered car


Sailor Jerry Tattoo Contest

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Photo Focus: Viva Las Vegas 16 Rockabilly Weekend Friday Day

Viva Las Vegas takes over its corner of Vegas via the Orleans Hotel each year, this is its 16th. Friday, thing were getting pretty good under way. Here are the photos from Friday. Share and enjoy. Check back for full stories from the year's Viva, on this website [].

Day Two of Viva Las Vegas 16 Begins

The Viva Fashion Show Was Spectacular

"Vintage Gal" Clothing at Fashion Show

Va Va Voom 

Mondo Dorame  and Jennifer Keith
with two friends in the middle.
Mondo is co-founder of Royal Crown
Revue and Keith is a Guest Singer. The
Band is appearing at Cannery Row in Vegas
Sat. 3/30 during Viva Las Vegas Weekend.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Live Art LV: Pinup Model Edition Inaugural Event Sat. (1pm-3pm) April 13 - Las Vegas


LIVE ART LV: Pinup Model Edition

$15 AGE 18+ RATED PG

OR RSVP BY CALLING 702 372-2004
Tix available by will-call until 12 hrs prior to event.

Bring your own camera or drawing materials. No paints or  charcoals are allowed. RSVP is preferred by phone or  advanced tickets sales, but showing up is okay too. This event is rated PG and 18+ with supervision are allowed. Space is limited. 

Set up Sat. 12-1:00pm (BYO supplies)
Apr. 13's session is featuring models
1-2pm: Lou Lou Roxy
2-3pm: Ms. Redd 

follow @liveartlv on Twitter
follow @pinuppointe on Twitter

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Photo Focus: Jennifer Keith Sings at Cosmopolitan Las Vegas

Photo by Frankie Tease

Jennifer Keith has all the sass you long for in a Jazz Singer with all the modern style you hope for in a woman, and by modern I mean mid-century.
Go see the Jennifer Keith Quintet at the Chandelier Bar at Cosmopolitan when you are in Vegas next. Visit for calendar dates. View our interview with the band with more photos at

Monday, March 18, 2013

For Ms. Redd, the Viva Las Vegas Rockabilly Weekender Burlesque Competition is Personal

Ms. Redd (LV) by Holly West, (LA)

Ms. Redd has a vintage look and style that hearkens to Ann Margaret and Liz Taylor, in that she's classy, yet smoldering. She has a name for herself in print pinup magazines mostly by her alias Ms. Redd. We met up at a class being given in Las Vegas by Jo Weldon January 2013, though I'd followed her on various social media sites and youtube for at least a year. I wondered and asked her if I could follow her as an artist and subject in a two part interview leading into her entrance as a contestant into Viva Las Vegas 16's Burlesque Competition (the winner to be crowned Miss Viva Las Vegas 2013), and do a follow-up interview on how it all comes out as well as attempt to cover her experience the Saturday Night in March coming up on the 30th. (Note: you need four-day pass tickets to see this contest so if you don't have them quickly visit and secure that, then return here to read this article). When I asked Ms. Redd for the interview, I had no idea that her experience with entering this contest was so personal, but it is and I'll let her tell you why.

FT: Where were you born and raised? 
MR: I was born in Fort Walton Beach, Florida. Spent some of those summers in the Bronx, moved to LA at 13 and then came to Vegas 12 years ago.

FT: When did you first become a model, and in what capacity? 
MR: I've modeled since I was very young. I've always had a love for pinups...I would steal my father's Playboys and always loved not only the women in the magazines but the Pinup paintings from Olivia.

FT: Who was your first pin-up inspiration? 
MR: Bettie Page.

FT: What is your most well-received/famous published model photos or sessions to date? 
MR: I've been in several pinup, car, hair and other magazines. I have been blessed in that regard.

FT: What is your favorite city to travel to for work or holiday? 
MR: I love to travel, so for work....any amazing city with a spectacular stage to perform on. For Holiday, I actually love to just sit on a beach and explore.

FT: What grabbed your attention about burlesque, and who inspired you to get involved? 
MR: When I was in the 5th grade, there was a talent show for my school. I was a gymnast at the time and thought it would be fun to do a routine for the show. I audition and got a spot in the show. A few days before, I decided that I wanted to do something different than just do my regular gymnastics routine. I decided that I wanted to add some dancing to it. I already had my song "GET IT ON" by the Power Station and I borrowed my dad's taupe rain coat and his hat. I wore my leotard and leg warmers underneath. The song started, and I began to dance. I had my hair tucked up underneath the hat. I pulled the hat off and swung my long hair around. I then proceeded to take off the rain coat, playing with the belt and unbuttoning it. I even took off my legwarmers. At the end, I stood only in my leotard and on the ground in the splits. I got off the stage and was whisked quickly into the Principal's office. I was told that I was never allowed to do a talent show again. I started crying. I didn't think what I had done was wrong and was so confused by everything. They told me I was too risque, I had to look that word up in the dictionary later as I had no idea what they meant. To me, I just went up there and danced around and did what I what I did in my living room. I was crushed. To be honest, from then on anything girly I shut down and refused to do. 

Viva Las Vegas Burlesque Competition 2010 Interrupted
MR: On May 15, 2009, I performed for the first time. It was for Lily Burana's book release party ("I Love A Man In Uniform") and a benefit for Operation Bombshell. I even got introduced onstage by Diablo Cody. I did it so that I could show my friend what should be done in a Burlesque type bar, I didn't realize that the bug would bite me hard. Then, my Stepfather Frank got sick and was put in the hospital. On April 1, 2010, I was preparing for a model signing to do out at the car show at Viva Las Vegas. I stopped by the hospital to see my stepdad. He was sick but was quickly recovering. Frank and I had a very close relationship. I considered him my dad also.
I had printed up several different pinup photographs. It was just he and I sitting there going through all my photos. He then proceeded to tell me that he wanted me to pursue doing burlesque, that there is nothing wrong with it. That everything I had ever done was always done in taste and class...I shouldn't worry about what other people thought of me for it or that I loved it.

I had been telling him about the competition at Viva for burlesque...and he said to me, "you should do it!" I gave him a big hug and he promised to talk my mom off the ceiling when I would tell her I was going to do burlesque. The next morning, I went back to the hospital to visit him really quick before I was off to Viva, he passed away in front of me. It was very unexpected and sudden. I still remember everything. Losing a loved one, let alone a parent can be a very traumatic experience. Instead of participating in Viva, I was now consoling my Mother, who lost her soul mate and planning a funeral. Shock is not even a word to describe what I went into. 
In Recovery
MR: I contacted Victoria Vengeance. I spent the next six months, going to LA and working with her every day I had off here in Vegas. I did privates with Catherine D'Lish, Satan's Angel and had Lucy Fur to teach me tassels. I studied Jo Boobs's Handbook on Burlesque, every YouTube I could of certain favorites of mine, saw shows, attended Burlesque Hall of Fame. I did everything and anything I could to absorb burlesque, and to not feel the pain of losing my Frank. When applications were available to enter into the Miss Viva Las Vegas competition for 2011 (that would be a deadline of enterting by Dec.31, 2010), I entered. I got accepted and now had to back it all up. 

Entering Viva Las Vegas 2011 with the help of Catherine D'lish
MR: I have always loved Tex Avery cartoons and especially the ones of his "RED" and how sometimes she was the damsel in distress. I thought it would be a great idea to tie myself to a train track and kill the damsel in distress and be the real Red. I asked Huy Vu to make me my set, Catherine D'lish my costume and Victoria to help me with everything and anything in between. I worked my rear end off. There were days I would get off work at 5am at the nightclub, drive straight to LA, work 12 hours minimum, sleep, work another 12 hours minimum, sleep, drive straight back to Vegas and work another shift at the nightclub. My days definitely blended to say the least. On the big day of the competition, I was nervous. As this was the biggest show, and technically the third time I had performed at all in front of an audience. 

The 2011 Viva Las Vegas Burlesque Competition Performance
MR: I was to go on half way through the show as they had to close the curtains to get my prop in place. The host Scott was doing his skit while it was set up. He had an 8 minute after 5 minutes...I walked out to my tracks and hung from my wrists in preparation to start. After five minutes of hanging there, I couldn't feel my feet and his skit was going on longer than I thought it was suppose to. I started to get down, so I could get some blood to circulate back into my legs when I started to hear him announce me. I jumped back up there. My legs were shaky but I mustered up every bit of myself and performed my heart out for the audience. When it was time to twirl my tassels, I could see my Mom in the audience and I walked right up to the end of the stage and did it in front of her. She jumped up and yelled "That's my baby girl!!!" When I was done, I cried. It didn't matter to me whether or not I won or came in last, it meant the world to me just to be able to get up on that stage and do what I had discussed with my stepdad. I felt him all around me that day. I ended up Runner Up. Miss Viva Las Vegas 2011 was Inga Ingenue (she is amazing). I made some great friends from that competition. I still keep in touch with most of the girls from that show, and some have become my favorite people in the world. So, that is how I got started and what drives me.

FT: What is your favorite burlesque routine that you perform? 
MR: The one I am doing at the moment I am performing.

FT: Where has been the most exciting place for you to perform burlesque?
MR: Viva obviously has my heart as it was the place to drive me. I loved performing at Bimbo's in San Francisco and love the House of Blues in New Orleans.

FT: Do you think the vintage Viva audience is different from others? 
MR: Yes I do. I believe they want to see your heart out there, along with some bump and grind.

Ms. Redd can be found online at Cheer her on at Viva Las Vegas 16 Saturday Night in the Showroom. Must have 4 day pass and over 21 yr. old voucher to attend. More on this at Read the follow up story on what Ms. Redd's experience was like entering Viva Las Vegas 16 Rockabilly Weekender Burlesque Competition in 2013 at during 2013. Story by Frankie Tease, photo by Holly West of Ms. Redd. Ms. Redd will appear April 13, 2013 at LIVE ART LV an event we'll be sponsoring. More on that at


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Ten Things: A Countdown to Viva Las Vegas 16 Rockabilly Weekender Mar. 28-31 (2013)

Hula Girl at Viva Las Vegas 
2012 by Cherry Club Inc

I wanted to write a few must do must see notes to readers in preparation to this year's Viva Las Vegas Rockabilly Weekender event, which spills out into the city of Las Vegas from its host Orleans Hotel (at Tropicana and Arville near the Strip) each Easter Weekend for 15 years, (this is the 16th). Downtown Las Vegas is where old Vegas still lives, and if you leave the hotel (Orleans is South Strip area), Downtown should be at the top of your must see list. But, here is my Ten Things Countdown for VLV 16. 

10- Ladies, get a Hawaiian Wrap. They are easy to wear with or without strapped bra, and you can combine them with leggings or shorts or bathing suit. Here is something you can dress up or down. It's one of the things you'll never regret packing while attending any vintage themed event. I haven't. Guys, get a hat, any hat, straw recommended.

9- Start doing walking regimen to warm up for being in Vegas. You walk more here to get to your destination than most places. The Orleans hotel will house the festivities at Viva Las Vegas 16 this year again, and it's somewhat easy to navigate. Yet, the car show alone will be one hell of a standing, and walking day (going from 9am to 7pm) and then more shows on for that night 'til very late. Ladies, wear wedgies or platforms. This keeps you from sliding to the ball of your foot and wearing your dogs out too soon. Si Cranstoun is inside the ballroom at 12:30, he's a smash hit with dancers and all the way from UK. You gotta catch this act. I got the exclusive interview last year of his first U.S. gig, and am very proud of it. Think: Jackie Wilson come to life.

8- Pack a sweater. Vegas weather can turn inside out in a day, and since you are coming in Spring, make sure to pack a sweater with a hood, or a sweater and a hat. If it gets windy here, you'll want it - trust me.

7- Make time to sight-see (even if 2 hrs. during the day) some important Las Vegas points. Suggestions: Frankie's Tiki Room, it's open 24 hrs.(at Charleston Shadow Ln. & MLK near Stratosphere North Strip area) Do get a commemorative tiki mug, best ever. Do go see either Frankie Moreno Live, or Pinup shows at the Stratosphere (If you haven't four day passes to Viva). Tropicana Hotel is where the Elvis / Ann Margaret classic "Viva Las Vegas" was filmed. It's on Tropicana and Las Vegas Blvd. (South Strip area). LVCS - is on Fremont Street and it is a venue inside Hennessy's upstairs, which offers a lot of rockabilly and 50's rock and roll year round. Reverend Horton Heat is appearing at LVCS Fri., while Royal Crown Revue will be at Cannery Row Sat. night (another if you don't have four day passes to Viva). Burlesque Hall of Fame Museum  is inside the Emergency Arts Building across from the El Cortez (a nationally registered historic building). Those are downtown Las Vegas. A car is best - cab fare will run you about $20 bux from the strip to downtown, and that's one way. Do see the new international pinup gallery at Charleston and Main St. downtown. It's called Pinup Pointe, and it's fantastic. It's dedicated to Pinup and Showgirl art only.

6- Bring water and a beverage supply for your room and backpacks. I believe outside food and drink isn't allowed to Viva Las Vegas, but a gallon of water in your room would probably never be noticed. It will be noticed by you if you don't do it, when the vending machine runs out of bottled water. Very important. BYO water.

5- Pack flats. Pack bathing suit stuff. The pool and Jacuzzi area is really fun all four days at Viva. Sunday is almost all about relaxing by the pool, and usually has a really long line. Get there early.

4- Do drag yourself up to get a voucher for burlesque showcases, (obtain at indoor box office noon friday with 21+ I.D.) the burlesque competition (obtain sat. at indoor box office and then at 1pm attend the vintage fashion show (amazing!). Don't worry you can take another break between 2pm and 6pm if  you're exhausted. (4 day pass required).

3- Do leave room in your luggage for the stuff you will buy. There is vending at the Saturday car show to boggle the mind. So much good vintage inspired work in one place. Cars, art, clothing, accessories, records, cd's, luggage. You're going to buy something so leave space for it. Pinup Models will also be on hand at various clothing companies. 

2- Do bring sharpies because you will see rockabilly rock n' roll stars strewn about watching other stars at this weekender. You can get tons of autographs, like having them write on the beautiful Viva program.

1- Do attend with the four day pass. As someone who's come to town and only done the car show, you are missing a TON of amazing stuff inside like Burlesque Bingo, and 65+ bands, who aren't including Little Richard and then Dick Dale both headlining the car show Saturday. Tickets are sold out for four-day passes online, while four-day and single Saturday tix are still available at  retail locations listed at (at time of publish 3.14.13). Retailers such as the Orleans and some vintage shops in your hood might still have tix. Do say hello if we meet. Also get my first book with tons of event reviews from VLV15 (2012) at Here are a couple borrowed maps of Downtown Las Vegas, and the Las Vegas Strip.

Related links:

Viva Las Vegas Rockabilly Weekender Home Site

Article by Frankie Tease at 

Buy "Best of Frankie Tease Magazine" eBook Series at

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Vegas Showgirl Artist Karen Jaikowski Hangs at Pinup Pointe Gallery (Grand Opening)

Artist Karen Jaikowski 
Photo by Tony Bertussi

A beautiful balmy spring night lead into the grand opening of the brand new Pinup Pointe Gallery and it was surrounded by Downtown Las Vegas March First Friday attendees. Several artists adorn the walls of the new gallery focusing only on showgirl and pinup. From local and around the globe hung many translations of what a pinup is today. They all had one thing in common: the tease. Pinup photographer Michael Malak was showing a large body of work, from his noir themed Sinister Shadow series to his WWII inspired retro photos from the Wings of Angels series. Featured among Malak's retro inspired work was new star of the Las Vegas strip, Claire Sinclair. Sinclair was also on-hand to sign autographs and mingle just a day before the grand opening of her new show Pin Up at the Stratosphere. A base relief process from Belgium called Artglaz and many artists from other destinations around the world co-mingled with one original figure study by Olivia de Berardinis []. While Gallery Owner Brent Mizel pointed out many galleries around the world show work featuring pinup art, only a handful are actually dedicated to pinup and showgirl art full-time like this one. I should be so lucky to be in Vegas where one of a few galleries in the world feature only pinup art. 

One artist showing was local showgirl favorite Karen Jaikowski. Her work caught my attention a couple months ago on a mention, and her focus being Vegas Showgirls, what's not to like? Her depiction of the detailed costumes, and whimsical moods was imaginative and etherial. I finally got to see over ten pieces in person at the grand opening of the gallery. Jaikowski is a showgirl enthusiast of many years and artist over twenty. Knowing the city of showgirls is one of her inspirations, but there is much more to her than just feathers. Here is what I gathered in a quick interview at the new Pinup Pointe Gallery Friday Mar. 1, 2013.

FT: What is the medium you work in?
KJ: Acrylic and I also do oil painting, but acrylic has the quality now, and the techniques you do with oil work with acrylic now.

FT: You have many different styles. 
KJ: It's just my mind. I won't want to be categorized in a certain style or anything. I'm like "boom boom boom". 

FT: This large piece is so high-graphic almost Nagelesque. 
KJ: I love Nagel, since I was a little kid. When I was in high school, my teachers wanted me to do Nagelesque kind of stuff, and they were paying me. So my teachers were basically funding my art thing.

FT: Tell us about the inspiration for the green showgirl with the Eiffel Tower behind it.
KJ: It's a Paris inspiration. Someone talked to me about having a show in Paris, and they said "what do you think about having cancan type of stuff?" 

FT: This one is 3-D, lots of crystal looking accouterments.
KJ: I wanted to do something different.

FT: What is the price range of your work? 
KJ: $300-$2-3000 (U.S. Dollars). This one I think it's called "Showtime", some of the people from "Mystere" (the Cirque De Soleil show in Vegas), and they were actually looking at the costume and thinking about it for their show. So I was kind of excited about that.

FT: So you're almost doing costume design?
KJ: If they like it, yeah. The more the merrier.

FT: What is the inspiration for your work and how long have you been in Vegas.
KJ: I've been in Vegas for about 20 years now. I came to Vegas on my 21st birthday and I told my dad (because he brought me here for my birthday), I told him "I'm going to move here". I'm originally from California. I told him I'm going to move here and get a job." Since I was a little girl I've been painting showgirls, feathers and everything. I do commissions. I still do commissions, and the neat thing is for people that don't do dance, if they want to be portrayed as a showgirl or a burlesque dancer, I'll put feathers in front of them. Everybody wants to do something, and maybe they want a painting of it. I've met so many people who love the genre.

FT: Some ballroom dance costumes (I have background in it) remind me of showgirl costumes. 
KJ: I love ballroom, the twirling. I love how they sometimes have feathers just at the bottom of the skirts. I know some of the people who do costume design in the industry. These people have to work their butts off putting feathers on costumes, touching and redoing every single night. I know the industry and I also know some of the dancers and how hard they work and how much they practice. It's not like they have two shows, they have several shows a week, and they have to come in early to practice. I also know the burlesque dancers and I love the whole genre.

FT: Is it safe to say there were more showgirls in Vegas 20 years ago then there are now?
KJ: Oh yeah. We used to have the Folies Bergere at the Tropicana (opened 1959 closed 2009). There are people that come to town from the mid-west still wanting to see that show.

FT: Are you also showing at a gallery across the street from here? 
KJ: There is a little less there because I brought several pieces to this grand opening, but yes I'm at Joseph Watson Collective, 107 E. Charleston Blvd. #115. [Karen points to one of the highly colorful close-up paintings on exhibit] That is Julie. I'm working on another one - a commission from a dancer in Jubilee.

FT: So what is your process, are you working from photo reference?
KJ: Sometimes I do reference shots myself, and sometimes it's totally from my head like this lady Tzarina. That was totally made up in my mind. I'll be driving to work and have an idea, and start sketching it out. A couple people asked me if that was a model and I said nope. 

FT: What is your day job?
KJ: I'm an animator during the day.

"Tzarina" was Jaikowski's largest piece showing. 
Photo by Frankie Tease

Permalink to Flickr Photo set of Karen Jaikowski showing at the Grand Opening of Pinup Pointe Gallery in Las Vegas. Mar. 1, 2013.

Playboy and Pinup Star Claire Sinclair
with Showgirl Artist Karen Jaikowski
at Pinup Pointe Gallery Grand Opening
Friday March 1, 2013, Las Vegas
Photo by Frankie Tease

Later I spoke to Gallery Owner Brent Mizel to congratulate him on a successful opening, and chat about the concept of a gallery dedicated to pinup art, and his involvement in downtown Las Vegas's art scene.
I have been involved in the Las Vegas Arts District for several years, know many of the gallery owners there, previously volunteered at the Arts Factory, currently am on the membership committee for CAC, and have given tours for the last few years at the Neon Museum/Boneyard.

Why Pinup Pointe?
Primarily, it evokes a sense of old nostalgia that pairs perfectly with hearkening back to the classic, classy side of pinup that some modern day artists are bringing forward. However, it is also the French derivation of the word and is specifically used as a technique in ballet. Many of the very early showgirl productions here were French imports and featured strictly trained dancers. We evolved our own version over time here and the Vegas showgirl was quickly a distinct image unto itself. Ultimately, the spelling hit the mark on everything I was trying to achieve with the theme.

What is the concept?
The concept itself was bred from my own love for classic pinup and Las Vegas showgirls. I got curious last year and started looking for galleries that are dedicated solely to the genre and was shocked that I didn't run across much of anything that was truly dedicated here in the US. Most people have some attraction to the pinup genre because it is timeless and the classic showgirl has developed as the Las Vegas version of a pinup. So, I decided to create a retail gallery space where the public could have access to a wide variety of modern day artists that still are trying to evoke what pinup once was.

Pin Up Girls for Pinup Pointe Gallery 
Opening by Frankie Tease

Pinup Pointe Gallery is at 4 E. Charleston, in Las Vegas, NV. at Main St., Downtown. It showcases showgirl and pinup art exclusively, and from around the world. Visit the gallery online at Visit Artist Karen Jaikowski online at .

Photos and story by Frankie Tease 
except lead-in photo by Tony Bertussi

Saturday, March 9, 2013

After Hours Jam with Frankie Moreno - Live at Golden Nugget Las Vegas - Video and Photos

A late night jam session "like old times" with the boys was announced online via Twitter by Frankie and Tony Moreno on Friday March 8, 2013. Singer at Gold Rush Lounge at the Golden Nugget downtown Harry Shahoian introduced the Stratosphere star who sat at the piano in front of a beautiful vintage michrophone. He powered through a sexy rendition of "Stray Cat Strut", seguing into "Fever" to treat standard lovers in the crowd to some classics. Moreno and crew were set to take a break and go another round by 1am.

Video and photos by Frankie Tease.

Photos include Frankie Moreno (piano/vocals), 
Tony Moreno (bass), Harry Shahoian, Pat Thrall (guitar).

Read the full show review and interview with Frankie Moreno from the Stratosphere in the ebook "The Best of Frankie Tease Magazine Vol. 2"
more info on that HERE.

Friday, March 8, 2013

Tidbits and Teasers: Jennifer Keith at Chandelier, Gooch at Laugh Factory, Royal Crown Revue at Cannery

"Gooch" hosts a comedy show at 
Laugh Factory this month.

Jennifer Keith Swings in Style
The fact that Keith's Great Grandfather put the K in RKO may have a bearing on her cherishing the vocal style of Patsy Cline, and Patty Page, and she features the  hit standard "Bei Mir Bist Du Shon" at live performances and on her album. The band is masterminded by Royal Crown Revue's own Mondo Durame the sexiest saxophonist around (really). Free shows at the Cosmopolitan are a part of this five year outfit's semi-regular visits to Vegas now (and isn't Vegas so lucky), including Mar. 21, 8- 10:30pm, and Mar. 22 and 23, 9-12:30, and Mar. 24 from 8-10:30. Few pairings could be more delectable than this songstress' voice and her amazingly talented vintage standard backing band

Local Funny Radio Guy "Gooch" Hosts at Laugh Factory
Brandon "Gooch" Hahn will host two oustanding comedians at the Laugh Factory at Tropicana during March: Jimmy JJ Walker, and Carl LaBove who's the  headling act. Catch my full interview with "Gooch" in the "Best of Frankie Tease Magazine Vol.2, info here ($3.99 eBook). Laugh Factory Comedy Shows at the Vegas Tropicana are $29 or $49 VIP. Mar. 25-31, 2013 Buy tickets for his live show at . Gooch is on KOMP radio in Vegas M-F 3-7pm.

Royal Crown Revue at Cannery Row March 30, 2013
Their first huge break came as the backing band in the film "The Mask" while Jim Carrey wore a zuit suit and did swing dance, they played their 'gangster bop' music. The band has gone on to play out of region since the 1990's virtually all over the world. They are here during the Viva Las Vegas Rockabilly weekend, and play on Saturday March 30 for what appears to be a single date. Get info at this link and expect to be highly entertained by the percision, charm, and well-dressededness of Royal Crown Revue, one of my all time favorite bands. 

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Photo Focus: Frankie Moreno Set List, Signed by the Moreno Brothers 11.22.12

November 22, 2012 Moreno Show Set List 

Moreno Set List 11.22.12

On November 22, 2012 I got to interview Frankie Moreno and review his live show at the Stratosphere on the Vegas Strip. The Show has been named "best headliner" more than once and many other "bests" in its first year. Frankie Moreno told me the set list changes all the time. As you can see, most of their songs are originals, and I'll add really great stuff. I asked for a printed set list and I got it back signed by all the writers: Frankie Moreno, Ricky Moreno, and Tony Moreno. No, they're not a mob outfit, they are three brother song-writers creating beautiful melodic music and playing it in their show. Pretty nice work if you can get it. Read my full interview and show review in "Best of Frankie Tease Magazine Vol.2" eBook (click here for info).

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Yellow Checker Star Vegas Cab Strike Begins Day Two

The wind was up this spring night as hundreds of workers began day two of their strike on Yellow Checker Star Cab Company in Las Vegas, Nevada. The headquarters are situated somewhat near the strip at Decatur and Post Road. Some people (females and males) had been there for 12 hours or more striking, and greeting workers who hadn't heard about the strike with chants of "turn around" as they drove in to work. Those who went to work and didn't stand in unity with the striking workers were greeted with "shame on you". What do they want? A raise and respect. When do they want it? Now. View video and photos of my hour with the workers below.

Two different cabbies with the union speak about
why they are striking 
Direct video link

Drivers who are on strike speaking to 
Frankie on Post Ave. and Decatur
Midnight Mar. 4, 2013
video direct link

Workers dance to keep warm while winds begin
to whip and cool things down at 1am Mar. 4, 2013.

view more photos of Las Vegas worker's strike at

Photo and article by Frankie Tease for
Frankie Tease (online) Magazine based in Las Vegas.
Please send comments or corrections to

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Photo Focus: First Friday Downtown Las Vegas March 1, 2013

First Friday Painter on Main St.

First Friday is the saving grace for the art community and those looking to connect to working artists and real people in Downtown Las Vegas. Live/work spaces, green living, live music, adult beverages, as well as a kids zone are just a few things you might encounter, as thousands of people mingle in galleries and erected street exhibits along in the Arts District in Downtown Vegas. The area stretches several miles and more can be learned about that at This is one of those events that makes people who say there is 'no culture' in Vegas eat their words. Doing so has never been so tasty as at First Friday. 

Check out my slideshow of March 1, 2013 focusing on the Arts Factory building and its happenings.

Photos and article by Frankie Tease