Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Photo Focus: Pinup Star Claire Sinclair with Claire

Pinup the show is alive and launched at the Stratosphere. This is Claire Sinclair with a poster of herself on the red carpet at the 4/29/13 event. Look for our feature show review and red carpet photos soon on this site.

Saturday, April 27, 2013

24 hr.Vegas Strip Club Opens Day Club "Sapphire Pool", Cinco De Mayo Wknd. 2013

The largest topless strip club in the world just got larger, and it decided to go outside to expand. The club was 70,000 feet before and boasts topless dancers, and an all male review for the ladies in a separate showroom. It even has a comedy and variety show. Several stages, 400 entertainers and open 24 hours, many could ask how that could be improved. Enter the great outdoors. The $8 million day club is pretty swanky. The cabanas are lush and plenty. Comfort? Yes. Completely separate but visible VIP? Yes. On-site grill, tons of shower fountains and also lovely water falls mixed with a full bar and amazing service will obviously be one of the hottest new and lasting clubs in Las Vegas. The 800 capacity pool area will be a go-to spot, especially after the launch they have planned.

What sets it apart? Dancers are not necessarily doing lap dances, but they will be making new friends and lounging at the pool in their off times says Shai Cohen one of the organizers. Toplessly. Yes it's true this is a topless pool, but you must wear pasties. Some were available at the amenities booth. Look at the opening weekend activities Sapphire Pool and Day Club lined up for its official launch weekend.

Thursday May 2, 2013 is the Dance Appreciation Party. Free food and cocktails for all attending 1-5pm. DJ Scotty Boy, DJ Cassanova, vendors.

Friday May 3, 2013 is the DJ competition to become the $100,000 resident at Sapphire Pool and Day Club. Featuring: DJ Amie Rose (Playboy Playmate),  and Coleen Shannon (Playboy Playmate). Brande Roderick (Baywatch), Angelica  Bridges (Baywatch), Amber Smith (Sports Illustrated), Simon Rex (MTV) will host the competition run by DJ Hollywood.

Saturday May 4, 2013
Baywatch continues with Pamela Anderson added to the mix. But add in Adrian Grenier (Entourage), Coco (Ice-T Loves Coco, Peepshow), and Crystal Hefner (wife to Hugh) and stir as the mega-star outdoor launch party weekend series of events continues.

Sunday May 5, 2013 look out North Korea, Dennis Rodman belongs to Sapphire for a day. You know this will be explosive. DJ Vic Latino and DJ George Acosta will keep you jumpin' while FHM, Maxim, Baywatch gals Brande Roderick and Anglica Bridges take care of the on-hand beauty.

All days include poolside go-go dancers, sexy and sumptuous Sapphire entertainers. There were some really hot guys hanging out when I went. I wondered if they were part of the male revue.

3025 S. Industrial Rd. Las Vegas, NV. Sapphire Las Vegas has become 100,000 sq. ft. with the addition of the pool. It is open 24/7 to 21+ guests. 702 303 3430 for limo, reservations, or information. http://sapphirelasvegas.com, http://sapphirepoollv.com



Article and Photo by Frankie Tease

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Rehab Celebrates its 10 year Anniversary with "Sublime with Rome" at Pool Party, Las Vegas

Eric Wilson (bass), Josh Freese (drums), 
Rome Ramirez (vocals/guitar) now make up 
Sublime with Rome. On red carpet for Rehab 10.

The DJ music rang out as cheering bikini and beach-attire-wearing fans gathered for the Sublime with Rome performance Sunday Apr. 21, 2013. Sublime with Rome set the tone for a summer experience with all the references to Long Beach anyone could fit into a musical set. Original founding member Eric Wilson (bass) is the only one left of the power trio, but the band plays music of deceased Bradley Nowell (1996) with new members Josh Freese (drums since '12) and front man Rome Ramirez (vocals/guitar, since '09). The music of Sublime is kept alive and in tact, as anthem-like songs ring out during their performance and at least 1000 people sing every word. It's what they grew up on around Cali. 

The occasion was the 10 year anniversary of Las Vegas's most naughty pool party, Rehab, and the best and first ever dayclub. Lasting durability is due to fanciful beach atmosphere bars, pools, and cabanas, the classic Hard Rock swanky vibe, and super high-level DJ and musical performances for special occasions. One can get in with a room key to most events, but there are packages and entry fee for the big events like this one. VIP and grammy award winning artist Sean Paul apparently made an appearance on the grand opening 10th, to chill.

Sublime with Rome are putting out the raw sound that everyone fell in love with still, don't worry. If you go to a Sublime with Rome show, you're going to get a lot of traditional Sublime. Watching the way they riled the crowd let me know they've still got it, and the sound was great. The power short set included the following tracks (Lover's Rock was crossed out and replaced by Doin' Time right before the show):

Date Rape
April 29
Wrong Way
Doin' Time
What I Got

The band's epic star hit parade set gave way to a DJ and we'll never know if the crowd wanted an encore, as the agenda rolled on. Rehab was an amazing venue, sound and setting for crowd and crew. The cabana stage allows patrons to view the band in a 360 degree view, for further immersion. It's safe to say that Rehab and Hard Rock Hotel know how to throw a party, but you knew that.

The band had a large posse of men and women (lots from Cali) for their processions from the red carpet to their private cabana. A running path allowed servers to keep the full bar stocked, and the rock star's needs met. A huge tray of delectable food was served to the 50 or more friends and crew of the band, while cell phone pictures were posed for, pre-show. Ramirez posed for a camera to announce they'd be touring all summer, various dates. While very scantily-clad concert bunnies mingled with the band. During the set, right around "What I Got", I noticed it smelled a lot like Long Beach in Las Vegas.


Monday, April 22, 2013

Photo Focus: Sublime with Rome, Hard Rock Hotel, Rehab 10 Yr. Anniversary, Las Vegas

Eric Wilson (L-bass Original Sublime member), Josh Freese (C-drums since '12), Rome Rameriz (R-vocals and guitar since '09).

Sublime with Rome fans got a treat for Rehab's 10 year anniversary at Hard Rock Hotel Las Vegas. Full event coverage will follow on this site, stay tuned. Photo by Frankie Tease.


Friday, April 19, 2013

Sapphire Comedy Hour - Surprise: A Strip Club with Good Entertainment

I was invited by the headliner to interview him at a new to me comedy show in Vegas. I understood this, it was a comedy show at a strip club. Being an ex-stripper, I liked the idea right away. Little did I know it was star-studded with variety acts and comedians. Awesome. I walked through the strip club. Not just any, it's the largest strip club in the world which also features male strippers. Topless dancers were working to my left as I was escorted by the concierge to the showroom separate from the main floor. The showroom was huge. This is the room that houses the male review at 10pm, but preceding it was the comedy show which is a weekly Friday 8:00pm show. 

A local comedian Ricky Byrne (Host of Mood Comedy Dinner Show at the Artisan Hotel Las Vegas) was the feature of the show and started things off with some urban humor. I guessed he was Puerto Rican, and definitely too good looking to be a comedian, yet also funny. He gave way to variety act Seth Grable (Wolf Theater, Clarion Hotel), who did a fun, and mesmerising contact juggling and magic act. Then a comedian from L.A. who was very Jim Carrey (doing lots of funny physical comedy) took the stage, Danny Grozdich (Host of the Gradual Report on YouTube) told a story about "how good could a $1 blow job be?"

Beautiful and prominent Las Vegas Burlesque Star Kalani Kokonuts was next and she seduced the audience with her rockabilly act and an amazing body (Miss Exotic World 2009, 5 time Playboy Centerfold) KK also fills in for Angel Porrino in "Absinthe" the show, lucky audience. She's got one of those bodies that is very Sports Illustrated and exotic at the same time. Not a bad way to spend an evening.

Pretty soon it was time for our previous Vegas resident, now L.A. and nationally touring comedian, Diaz Mackie (Showtime, NBC). Mackie laid in with a midget joke right away, and told everyone that he got his lisp from a bad cocaine night. Mackie brought this funny as hard as anyone can and had the crowd busting up. He even made the incoming droves of females and bachelorette parties cackle with a range of humor from toilet jokes, to parenting, to jokes about how technology can ruin relationships. His national tour is coming and is called the "Bad Decisions" tour.

The Sapphire Comedy Hour has been going weekly for six months (wow! I didn't know that) and is produced by long-time Vegas Magician "Lefty" aka Douglas Leferovich (Creative Director, Featured Performer, Magic Consultant) and Brett Feinstein (Director, President Vegas Hot Spots), as well as comedy expert Philip Peredo (President TickleMe Entertainment). It's no surprise they can get heavy-hitting acts coming through with a producer team like this one. I heard Feinstein will be celebrating his birthday at the new Sapphire Pool soon, make sure to get in on that, and buy the man a drink. I also need to mention hilarious Host Sean Carlin (5 Time College Entertainer of the Year), who filled in the cracks with his antics and was smashing.

In addition the room has a great stage, sound system and a catwalk coming from the stage making it a fun venue. I saw lots of couples there, and the women weren't intimidated by a lot of naked women in the room. It was very couple-friendly (females strippers do walk the comedians out, but are clothed). I can't even tell you how comfortable the chairs are, you can melt right into them. I also thought the service was super prompt and top-notch, all good factors for a long successful show. The line-up is new each week with major headliners and feature acts combined with local talent. It just can't be beat. 

The Sapphire Comedy Hour is held each Friday at 8:00pm, at the largest strip club in the world,  3025 Industrial Rd., Las Vegas, 89109. Please check  http://www.sapphirelasvegas.com/ for rates, reservations and bottle service info. See you at the next show. 
Headliner at this show DIAZ MACKIE

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Tidbits and Teasers - Big Swing Week in Little Vegas - Dance Your Nights Away

Kyle Kettner has kept people swingin' with  
live bands at the House of Blues Vegas for 8 mos.

Thursday - Sunday, It's JKQ Time Again (uptown)
Catch the Jennifer Keith Quintet and the standards of yesteryear sung in a retro modern Chandelier Bar. Have a cosmo at the Cosmopolitan and dance to some music featuring member of Royal Crown Revue, or listen in the lounge booths and wonder at the swing kids of Vegas who'll be present dancing. Attire not required. The event is free to attend and ample parking will lead you into the hotel's lobby (stunning artwork throughout) where you can meander to the Chandelier Bar to swing your cares away. jenniferkeith.com. Make sure to help me welcome the band back from their stent in Europe correctly. (free)

Mark Brunton (L) has kept people dancing on Friday nights with 
lessons and juke music for 8 years at Aruba Hotel Downtown Vegas

Friday Night (downtown)
Come celebrate a massive achievement with the Eight year anniversary of Swing at the Aruba. Instructors will give you moves at 7pm, while dance music starts at 8pm. It's a free entry fee (to be verified), and you can guarantee a showing of dancers for this one. The charming and talented Mark Brunton is your host for the evening. http://arubalasvegas.com/las-vegas-club/ (free)

Saturday Night Stomp (downtown)
The Stomp is sure to keep your feet shuffling and employs a 'Rat Pack' theme. Dressing up is part of the game at this night, and it is said to be very well attended. When I chatted with some of the other event organizers they insisted this weekends' Stomp was going to be huge. The event is organized by Shannon Sheldon. While I can't offer you much more info I do plan to attend to learn more. Please visit their Facebook. This is a monthly event.
911 E. Ogden St. https://www.facebook.com/SaturdayNightStomp for greater details. (6?)

Tuesday at House of Blues Mandalay Bay (uptown)
Let's keep the weekend rolling into Tuesday with Sailor Jerry Swinging Tuesdays at the House of Blues which continues it's weekly run with an L.A. band called Joe Finkle and the 7/10 Splits. Featuring members who've played with swingin' Brian Sezter this rockabilly band is sure to set dancers feet on fire. Swingin' Tuesdays is weekly 9-12 featuring live bands of the genre. Kyle Kettner is your Dean Martin-style host for the evening. He puts the event together, he dances, and he sings. Thank goodness for Kyle in Vegas. Wow, look out because it's almost time to dance at the Aruba again on Friday! About Klye, http://retrorhythmdance.com (Free) 

This below event at Artifice has been cancelled.
Swing Dance Tuesdays (starts weekly May, 7pm) (downtown)
In May, find Frankie Tease Magazine presenting Swing Dance Tuesdays. It's going to be early so we can all join Kyle later at the House of Blues! Get your night started early with 7-8pm beginning Swing Dance Lessons, and 8-9:30 continuous dancing. I'll be playing from my 500 record swing collection, so no repeats. The venue is new to swing dancers at Artifice Bar downtown. That's 1025 First st. at Charleston and LV Blvd. $10, or $5 with industry password (21+). The May password is genekellyrules, and pre pay via https://ticketcake.com/event/swing-dance-tuesdays/las-vegas/2013-05-07, or bring cashola. More at http://www.frankietease.com/p/swing-dance-tuesdays-each-week-at.html. Tuesdays is one of those nights that dancers can get their fill in Vegas if they want to. Tell a friend. ($5-$10)

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Downtown Podcast and Ticketcake.com Founders and Leaders Interview

Downtown Podcast: Emmy Winning Broadcaster 
L-Dave Courvoisier with Host R-Dylan Jorgensen, 
Photo by Vegas LPM

A couple weeks ago I was a guest on the Downtown Podcast [downtownpodcast.tv]. The podcast focuses on local Vegas Tech news, things afoot in the area specific to Downtown Las Vegas, and a variety of guests for good measure. As a weekly, I was impressed to learn that it was 100% volunteer effort by those in charge at TicketCake.com. I have been watching the changes to Downtown Vegas since I arrived end 2011, and I was shocked how it accelerated in 2012 as so many businesses started to move into the area. They even showed signs of local sustainable culture like walkability, bike lanes, community organizing, a massive First Friday arts event (not new but becoming huge). I just had to speak to the crew to get some info for my readers on what all this Vegas Tech stuff is about, and how it has started a cultural revolution. Remember, this is happening in an area considered by tourists as "not the Vegas strip" but coveted by locals as the original "Old Vegas". The interview turned into a group effort with the three co-founders of TicketCake.com Jacqueline Jensen (co-founder and COO), Dylan Jorgensen (co-founder and CTO), and Joe Henriod (co-founder and CEO). Let's see what they were thinking when they moved to Vegas from the start-up's city of Salt Lake, and what they have to do with the CEO of Zappos Tony Hsieh.

How and when did you fund TicketCake.com and what was your inpiration to move from Utah to Vegas?
JJ: Our team came to visit the #VegasTech scene in February 2012 and moved the company to downtown Las Vegas three months later. In July 2012, we officially closed our seed round with the VegasTechFund, which is a $50M arm of the Downtown Project.  TicketCake.com was the 7th company funded by the VegasTechFund, which now has over 20 funded companies in the portfolio.
DJ: We were inspired by what was happening in the #VegasTech scene from the moment we arrived to downtown Las Vegas. The enthusiasm and concentration of like-minded people really surprised us in a place like Las Vegas. Salt Lake City was a good place to start the company in January 2011, but downtown Las Vegas was the best place to grow TicketCake.com.

Why did you launch the Downtown Podcast, and why is it successful?
DJ: The Downtown Podcast was created to help curate all the local news and events, as well as get to know some of the remarkable visitors coming into downtown Las Vegas to see the Downtown Project firsthand. It's a weekly video podcast where we document a citywide revitalization project unlike any other.  The success of the Downtown Podcast comes from the passion of the volunteers involved. Each week, community members step up to provide talent, organization, and even video equipment to make the episodes entertaining and valuable. I've joked with some in the community that because this is an all-volunteer passion project, the end result is much better than it would be if it were a just a paid job.

What's it like living in the Ogden Building Downtown Vegas, and how long have you been a resident?
JH: The Ogden in downtown Las Vegas is a great place to live and work. The Ticket Cake team moved into The Ogden in May 2012. Being part of the downtown community is very important to our team, so living in the middle of all the action was a must.

What advice do you have for young developers and entrepreneurs that are up and coming nationally and in Vegas?
JJ: Our team encourages entrepreneurs, doers, and like-minded people to come visit downtown Las Vegas to see what's happening here. The #VegasTech community is unlike any other in the world, and the idea of viewing the city as an incubator is intriguing to many people in the tech and startup world. There is so much to be learned from the values the community in downtown Las Vegas holds that you can take with you to your neck of the woods.
DJ: For tech people already living in downtown Las Vegas, our team would encourage you to take advantage of the serendipitous collisions that happen each day here. Are you attending tech meet-ups? Are you getting out of your comfort zone daily? What are you contributing to the community here? If you aren't meeting new people and opening your mind to new ideas, you aren't doing it right.

What are you currently most excited about that's developing in Las Vegas?
JH: Because we are passionate working with event organizers, it's exciting to see more events happening in downtown Las Vegas. The Life Is Beautiful festival is sure to be a success, and we cannot wait to help in any way we can. We are meeting with new organizers nearly every week to talk about helping them plan their dream events - from fitness events downtown to film festivals. It's an exciting time to be downtown.

What do you hope the Downtown Vegas area will be in one year?
DJ: As long as growth continues at the rate it is now, downtown will be a great place one year, three years, and even 10 years from now. We are always excited to hear announcements from the VegasTechFund about new companies that are moving to downtown Las Vegas. When Zappos moves to downtown Las Vegas (Sept./Oct.2013), we think small business and tech growth will happen at an even more accelerated pace, which helps the ecosystem greatly.

You went to SXSW this year as #vegastech. How did it go, why did you go, and what was the result?
JH: The #VegasTech presence at SxSW was phenomenal. It was remarkable to see the community come together and achieve something great. Ticket Cake was one of the first startups on board with the plan to go to SxSW, and our goal was to simply tell others about our team, our product, and our community. 
JJ:  Vegas was definitely put on the map at SxSW thanks to efforts from entrepreneurs, organizers, and startups who attended from downtown Las Vegas. There was also an amazing amount of support online from supporters back home, which fueled the efforts on the ground in Austin.  It was our team's first time visiting Austin, and we had a great time!

Look for more from the crew at their weekly podcast via downtownpodcast.tv. You can even attend the show's taping or sponsor the show, do inquire. Visit their business website and buy or sell tickets from anywhere with ease at ticketcake.com

Watch the Downtown Podcast Episode 17 

Sunday, April 7, 2013

The Lounge Sound of Jennifer Keith Quintet Revives Vegas Tradition at Cosmopolitan (Monthly)

Jennifer Keith Photo and Article by Frankie Tease

Dominating the air waves in late 40's and early 50's you'd have found Patsy Cline, Peggy Lee, Wanda Jackson, and Keely Smith. Cut to present modern-day and I'll show you that the latter has special meaning in this particular story. The story starts in early 90's when a band began to permeate Hollywood bandstands, its name was Royal Crown Revue. Impeccable originals and new takes on oldies took the power-packed band around the world, and they have never stopped. The co-creator of that band is Mando Dorame, and he's the founder and tenor sax player for the Jennifer Keith Quintet. Jennifer Keith is a Los Angeles based singer who's been making waves in Vegas. Her great grandfather put the K in RKO, so her family is familiar with the entertainment business, and more, she's Hollywood royalty. But the talent is where people are raving about Keith, and rightly so.

Dorame met Keith, now his fiance, in the Los Angeles area. The romance bloomed and Mando and Jennifer Keith formed a side project. The side project has grown over five years into what it is now "The Jennifer Keith Quintet". With two members of Royal Crown Revue in tow, the band has been seducing audiences with sultry sophistication for about a year at the Cosmopolitan in Vegas's Chandelier Bar. Parties, dates, singles, gamblers, all come for different reasons and encounter her classic but unique sound. Keith makes it work by singing standars, sporting the pinup look of the day, the attire, and the very sophisticated vocal stylings to accompany her top level collection of jazz musicians. She posesses all the sass you'd expect in a jazz singer, but more class than any I've ever encountered. But wait 'til you hear the entire story that Keith and Dorame had to tell me over drinks at the Chandelier bar one mad March night in Vegas.

Keith gets out on her break from the two and half hour performance 
at the Chandelier to mingle. This time, with a large bachelorette party.

FT: Where and when did you two meet?
MD: I met Jennifer in Long Beach,CA. and we started working at the Madison which is a supper club in the Pine Area District. I met her there and I thought she had a great look and personality. She was a singer and I was really interested in the way she was singing and the whole vibe that she had.

FT: When you started working together did Keith sit in with Royal Crown Revue?
MD: No that came later. I knew her for a year and we got close, and we realized we had this great love for music. We're very into the same kind of stuff. We got together and wanted to build this band up of something we like doing. We said "let's just go out and play the stuff we love with no pressure". We didn't even think of much, just playin' together. We started off playing at this little place called the Tam O' Shanter for like fifty bucks, at a sandwich shop. We did that for like a year with Mark Cally on guitar as well, and then we pretty much moved to the Queen Mary.
JK: During the same time, our first year of playing together, I'd go see him with Royal Crown Revue. He'd occasionally ask me to get up and sing a tune, and I was too shy. But Eddie (Nichols) the lead singer was really encouraging. He was like "c'mon get up here". So, he'd twist my arm and I'd get up and sing one song. Then one song eventually lead to two songs, and then a while would go down the road - a year or so - and I would sing like four songs. Eventually four or five years ago they just decided to add me as a permanent guest vocalist. Every time they play, I get to sing with them. I went on tour with them, I've been to Australia, Egypt, Europe, and all during that time we were working on a quartet which became a quintet. The whole while we kept working on our side project. We do what we love. I love all the lovely song birds of the 50's. I love Patty Page, Keely Smith, June Christy, Peggy Lee, Connie Francis.

FT: So Mando how then did you connect this project with the Cosmopolitan here in Vegas?
MD: It was really ironic. We were feeling like we had run our course at the Queen Mary. We parted ways there, and literally the same day we got a call from our agent asking us would we think about coming here. And, it was kind of brand new at the time. It was only a year old. They weren't doing much in the Chandelier Room, they were trying things out. So we tried it out, and the Monday we were checking out we got a call for multiple engagements here. It was that fast. We've been here ever since.
It's a pretty simple formula for us. We pick great songs. A lot of us have been playing for so many years. There's Royal Crown Revue members in the band, and there's musicians that have rich jazz backgrounds. We feel like it's come to like a really great marriage between everybody, and everyone can add their input and can make it something different.
There's a lot of bands that do covers songs and a lot of bands that do retro. We just try to do it differently, we try to do it with class and dignity. Mainly classy. She's not gettin' up there and being sleezy, she's got the right amount of edge. The material is good and we try to spin 'em our own way. There's a lot of Royal Crown Revue flavor in there I guess, we can't hide that.
JK: We feel lucky to keep this music alive in a world of DJ's, which is essentially where we are now, it's a world of techno and DJ's. The fact that the newest casino - the new now next casino (this is what's hot) - the fact that they're keeping this music alive is both amusing to me and I'm grateful for it.

FT: How do you like playing this venue?
MD: We've always had this interest in lounge entertainment and we think it's obviously a lost thing here in Vegas anymore. It's been very cool to be able to embrace such a great lounge to do this with. The Louis Primas the Keely Smiths, Sam Butera, there were so many great lounge acts back then.

FT: Jennifer mentioned you were friends with Sam Butera. Can you expound on that and is that where you became inspired to play sax?
MD: No actually my dad played saxophone  so that's kind of where I got it from. I was turned on to Sam Butera in Vegas. I met Sam Butera as a teenager here when he was playing with Keely Smith at the time. It pretty much changed my life.

FT: You guys are like a modern Sam Butera and Keely Smith.
MD: There's influences here for sure.
JK: When Mando and I were dating, the first time I ever saw tears in his eyes is when we went to go see Sam Butera at this little place in Pasadena. We were sitting right up front and it was called Frank and Deans (as in Frank Sinatra and Dean Martin). We're sitting at the the front table and here's Sam Butera in his 80's blowin' the roof off the place, singing, playing the sax, getting standing ovations. And I looked over at Mando and he has just little wells in his eyes.
MD: It was really special. I think that's what we try to do here with her, to bring entertainment into what we do. That's the challenge. Trying to play good music and we try to entertain people too. What is the saying "You have to entertain them all ways".

FT: I really like the unique sound set-up they have here.
MD: The music is piped throughout the entire chandelier and into the upstairs into some of the shops.
JK: We're happy to keep this music alive and grateful to the Cosmopolitan. My father used to live in Vegas for a couple year's and I remember from a local's perspective I know you guys try to stay away from the Strip. I think people that are into old Vegas and classic music that we all love, I think they don't go to the strip because they don't want to hear the DJ's and stuff but if I could just tell them that if you don't mind fighting a few crowds, you can have a little old Vegas right here on the Strip.
MD: There is a definite nod to retro here, and I think they did a fantastic job. If you're gonna come to the Strip you gotta at least check it out once.
JK: At the end of every show I like to quote one of the biggest lounge kings of all Sam Butera who was tenor saxophonist for Louis Prima. I like to close the night with his famous words which are "It's nice to be important, but it's more important to be nice". We're very comfortable here, we're coming up on a year, and it's lookin' like they're happy with us here and we'll be here for quite some time.

Partial Set List:
Is You Is or Is You Aint My Baby
Bill Bailey
Do Right
Slow Boat to China
Fools Rush In
Squeeze Me
Ci Magnifique
Good Day
Up a Lazy Rizer
Wheel of Fortune
Anything Goes
Two to Tango
Boulevard to Mexico
Honky Tonk
Two Hearts
Start of Something Big

Guitarist Mark Cally (also of RCR) told me about his Heritage guitar.
MC: Heritage are a company that branched off from Gibson 20 years ago. Gibson closed their original plant in Kalamazoo MI, and moved down to Nashville. A lot of the older original Gibson craftsman that didn't want to move their families stayed in Kalamazoo, bought the old factory, bought the old equipment and kept on making guitars, and they called themselves Heritage. I like that they keep the tradition of the original Gibson guitars alive. They're a very small American company which I really love. Everything is hand built and it's like a family. I've had Gibson's from that factory - the Kalamazoo factory - and it was more important for me to keep the guitars from the lineage of that factory than to keep the Gibson. That's why I'm playing a Heritage.

The Cosmopolitan has hired this band to play two private party dates in Europe and then fly back to their Chandelier performance Apr. 18-21, don't miss 'em. 

The Jennifer Keith Quintet is made up of Jennifer Keith on vocals, Mando Dorame on tenor sax, Mark Cally on guitar, David Miller on upright bass, and Paul Lines on drums. The Quintet is scheduled to play once a month (Thurs.-Sun.) throughout the year of 2013. The show is FREE and it is in an amazing cocktail lounge at the Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas called the Chandelier Bar. Reservations and bottle service are available. 

Parking is extremely hassle-free, and drinks are mid-range price and exceptional. There is a break-out dance floor that erupts at Keith's shows even though it's carpeted. Visit jenniferkeith.com for complete details and schedule updates. Stay tuned to this site for a full review of  Jennifer Keith's album entitled "Jenny is her Name". Available now. 





Story, photos and video by Frankie Tease

Photo Focus: Photo of Gallery Space Downtown to Hold Life Drawing / Photo of Models 4/13

for immediate release


LIVE ART LV: Pinup Model Edition

BUY TICKETS VIA THIS LINK ONLINE http://www.brownpapertickets.com/event/359104
OR RSVP BY CALLING 702 372-2004
Tix available by will-call until 12 hrs prior to event.
This event is rated PG and 18+ with supervision are allowed. Space is limited. Bring your own camera or drawing materials. No paints or  charcoals are allowed. RSVP is preferred by phone or  advanced tickets sales, but showing up is okay too. 
Set up 12-1:00pm (BYO supplies)
Apr. 13's session is featuring models
1-2pm: Lou Lou Roxy
2-3pm: Ms. Redd


3rd Saturday 1-3pm will be added in May at Emergency Arts, and that will be
a character and comic book model edition. $10 and all ages.
Keep in touch via the event website http://liveartlv.blogspot.com or frankietease.com

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Photo Focus: Viva Las Vegas 16 Rockabilly Weekender Sunday: Satin Dollz, Dance Contest, VIP Classic Cars

The Sunday portion of Viva Las Vegas commenced with those who could still walk and operate all of their bodily functions. Miles of walking, drinks, mingling with old friends, seeing more shows than you could in a month, were taking their toll on members attending VLV16 by Sunday. But the coveted dance contest hadn't yet taken place, the Satin Dollz weekend closing show, nor had I taken pictures of the VIP cars which had the coveted spots as you enter the Orleans Hotel. Here it all is. Not all really, just a sampling by photo and video. Full reviews of VLV16 are forthcoming on this website and our ebook series. Check out the other two books with Viva interviews and reviews at http://www.frankietease.com/p/ebooks.html , ebooks that is. 

The classic car VIP section had many styles of oldies represented. 

The last show in the Orleans Showroom to take place had a great attendence, and after seeing the show, I now know why. It was the surprise of the weekend for me.
SATIN DOLLZ with Phat Cat Swinger

Tap dance, ballet, jazz, vintage swing, Satin Dollz had it all!

Miss Wolff's Jive Contest is always popular, as it was this year again. A couple from NYC doing some classic Rockabilly Swing took first place.

Video of Couple Number One Doing their Victory Dance

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Photo Focus: Reverend Horton Heat at LVCS During Viva Las Vegas 16 3/29/13 Review, Video and Photos

The sticky floors and crowded conditions faded away from the moment the first cord was sung. Reverend Horton Heat just played here in Vegas in December, and somehow we got him again a few months later. LVCS (@lvsaloon on Twitter) was holding a Bee Bop A Lula weekend to run along side of Viva Las Vegas 16. I loved hearing Reverend Horton Heat perform "Bales of Cocain" from the early days, and the crowd sing along to almost every word. Many fans of the Viva Las Vegas Rockabilly Weekender were present. After the finale' Rev was mobbed for photos and autographs. There were many true fans there that night. The concert wrapped with a drum solo from long-time member Scott Churilla. Wow, drum juggling? I've never seen that.

Check for the ever constant tour dates at reverendhortonheat.com

Read my exclusive one hour interview with Reverend Horton Heat



Monday, April 1, 2013

Photo Focus: Viva Las Vegas 16: Si Cranstoun

After the Viva Las Vegas 16 Weekender car show greatness ended, the party continued inside. Topping his performance from last year was Si Cranstoun. Commotion arose during his set and singing of his original tune "Right Girl", a doo wop splendor. Turns out someone was proposing to his 'right girl' in the middle of the dance floor. A moment we all shared. Si packed the Ballroom at the Orleans Hotel with standing room, massive swing dancers, and people gathering to listen in the hall outside. I believe the ballroom holds about 1,000. Lots of us remember Si from 2012 when he stole our hearts with his first U.S. performance. Read my complete in-depth exclusive stateside interview from this London-based entertainer who brings Jackie Wilson to life in our ebook the Best of Frankie Tease Magazine Vol. 1. To see the full collection of Si at Viva 16 photos, click the below link.