Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Photo Focus: Viva Las Vegas 16 Rockabilly Weekender Sunday: Satin Dollz, Dance Contest, VIP Classic Cars

The Sunday portion of Viva Las Vegas commenced with those who could still walk and operate all of their bodily functions. Miles of walking, drinks, mingling with old friends, seeing more shows than you could in a month, were taking their toll on members attending VLV16 by Sunday. But the coveted dance contest hadn't yet taken place, the Satin Dollz weekend closing show, nor had I taken pictures of the VIP cars which had the coveted spots as you enter the Orleans Hotel. Here it all is. Not all really, just a sampling by photo and video. Full reviews of VLV16 are forthcoming on this website and our ebook series. Check out the other two books with Viva interviews and reviews at , ebooks that is. 

The classic car VIP section had many styles of oldies represented. 

The last show in the Orleans Showroom to take place had a great attendence, and after seeing the show, I now know why. It was the surprise of the weekend for me.
SATIN DOLLZ with Phat Cat Swinger

Tap dance, ballet, jazz, vintage swing, Satin Dollz had it all!

Miss Wolff's Jive Contest is always popular, as it was this year again. A couple from NYC doing some classic Rockabilly Swing took first place.

Video of Couple Number One Doing their Victory Dance