Friday, April 19, 2013

Sapphire Comedy Hour - Surprise: A Strip Club with Good Entertainment

I was invited by the headliner to interview him at a new to me comedy show in Vegas. I understood this, it was a comedy show at a strip club. Being an ex-stripper, I liked the idea right away. Little did I know it was star-studded with variety acts and comedians. Awesome. I walked through the strip club. Not just any, it's the largest strip club in the world which also features male strippers. Topless dancers were working to my left as I was escorted by the concierge to the showroom separate from the main floor. The showroom was huge. This is the room that houses the male review at 10pm, but preceding it was the comedy show which is a weekly Friday 8:00pm show. 

A local comedian Ricky Byrne (Host of Mood Comedy Dinner Show at the Artisan Hotel Las Vegas) was the feature of the show and started things off with some urban humor. I guessed he was Puerto Rican, and definitely too good looking to be a comedian, yet also funny. He gave way to variety act Seth Grable (Wolf Theater, Clarion Hotel), who did a fun, and mesmerising contact juggling and magic act. Then a comedian from L.A. who was very Jim Carrey (doing lots of funny physical comedy) took the stage, Danny Grozdich (Host of the Gradual Report on YouTube) told a story about "how good could a $1 blow job be?"

Beautiful and prominent Las Vegas Burlesque Star Kalani Kokonuts was next and she seduced the audience with her rockabilly act and an amazing body (Miss Exotic World 2009, 5 time Playboy Centerfold) KK also fills in for Angel Porrino in "Absinthe" the show, lucky audience. She's got one of those bodies that is very Sports Illustrated and exotic at the same time. Not a bad way to spend an evening.

Pretty soon it was time for our previous Vegas resident, now L.A. and nationally touring comedian, Diaz Mackie (Showtime, NBC). Mackie laid in with a midget joke right away, and told everyone that he got his lisp from a bad cocaine night. Mackie brought this funny as hard as anyone can and had the crowd busting up. He even made the incoming droves of females and bachelorette parties cackle with a range of humor from toilet jokes, to parenting, to jokes about how technology can ruin relationships. His national tour is coming and is called the "Bad Decisions" tour.

The Sapphire Comedy Hour has been going weekly for six months (wow! I didn't know that) and is produced by long-time Vegas Magician "Lefty" aka Douglas Leferovich (Creative Director, Featured Performer, Magic Consultant) and Brett Feinstein (Director, President Vegas Hot Spots), as well as comedy expert Philip Peredo (President TickleMe Entertainment). It's no surprise they can get heavy-hitting acts coming through with a producer team like this one. I heard Feinstein will be celebrating his birthday at the new Sapphire Pool soon, make sure to get in on that, and buy the man a drink. I also need to mention hilarious Host Sean Carlin (5 Time College Entertainer of the Year), who filled in the cracks with his antics and was smashing.

In addition the room has a great stage, sound system and a catwalk coming from the stage making it a fun venue. I saw lots of couples there, and the women weren't intimidated by a lot of naked women in the room. It was very couple-friendly (females strippers do walk the comedians out, but are clothed). I can't even tell you how comfortable the chairs are, you can melt right into them. I also thought the service was super prompt and top-notch, all good factors for a long successful show. The line-up is new each week with major headliners and feature acts combined with local talent. It just can't be beat. 

The Sapphire Comedy Hour is held each Friday at 8:00pm, at the largest strip club in the world,  3025 Industrial Rd., Las Vegas, 89109. Please check for rates, reservations and bottle service info. See you at the next show. 
Headliner at this show DIAZ MACKIE