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Photo Focus: Live Art LV Pinup Model Edition Photos of Heather Hermann

View shots of Heather Hermann in two costumes at http://www.flickr.com/photos/missfrankietease/sets/72157633777886227/
or on the @liveartlv facebook at https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.193364570819104.1073741831.163229143832647&type=1. Live Art LV (as a monthly event) has been cancelled as of June 4, 2013, due to lack of interest. That means June 8 session will not be taking place due to lack of RSVP's. Thank You for your interest.

Heather Hermann by LPM

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Tidbits and Teasers: Nightclubs, Film Fests, Vegas Shows for Memorial Day Weekend 2013

Photo by Frankie Tease 

Wed. 5/22/13
A Hangover Film Series Marathon ending with the brand new Hangover Part III is commencing at 10pm, 12:30am, 2:45am at Planet Hollywood's Showroom. This event is in a 1400 seat showroom (very plush seating) inside Planet Hollywood. Good luck with the invite. I got mine.

Thurs. 5/23
Spike & Mike's Sick and Twisted Film Festival is showing at Hard Rock Hotel. general seating. Get ready to throw your popcorn again at this annual event that constantly outdoes its own illness and infatuation with the cartoon obscenenity. Vinyl at Hardrock 11pm, $15.

Fri. 5/24
The legendary and career inspiring Bill Cosby does one show only at Treasure Island Friday, 8pm. The seats are $52.75 - $87.95, and ages 16+ are allowed.  More info via 702 894-7722.

Thurs. - Sun. 5/30-6/1
Andrew Dice Clay is showing you he's 'still got it' at the Vinyl at Hard Rock Hotel on Paradise. This is one of of America's favorite comedians who is not afraid to use vulgarity. He's the only person with a lifetime ban from MTV. $54, Vinyl at Hard Rock Hotel. check website for times. 

Fri. 5/24
Hakkasan is a brand newly opened multi-room club inside the MGM Grand Hotel. It's been touted at NYC's most popular nightclub transplanted to Vegas. Their electronic music line-up can't be beat starting Thursday with Laidback Luke, Friday Tiesto (now their long-term star DJ), Saturday Calvin Harris, and Sunday deadmau5 unhooked & Steve Aoki. The nightclub is spelled with two k's all a's, fyi. Search Hakkasan at MGM for times, tickets and restrictions.

Are you going to use Memorial Day Weekend 2013 to catch some pool time? Vegas has all kinds. View our extensive pool, day club, eruopean pool, and wet 'n' wild article at http://www.frankietease.com/2013/05/las-vegas-memorial-day-2013-wet-n-wild.html.

Want to make a topless show or burlesque show? See our comprehensive list here http://www.frankietease.com/2012/12/making-sense-of-las-vegas-burlesque-and.html

Photo by Frankie Tease

Don't drink and drive this Memorial Day Weekend. Take it easy, let's remember those who've given their lives for our safety. 

Please send additions or corrections to Frankie Tease.

Friday, May 17, 2013

Las Vegas Memorial Day 2013 Wet 'n' Wild, Day Clubs, European Pools (list)

Photos of remodeled Tropicana by Frankie Tease

Last year we did a Pool Getaway article for Labor Day which made it into my ebook (See more about our Vegas ebooks, see Pool Getaways). This year I thought I'd get a list of topless and adult pools, as well as traditional resort pools for your decision making pleasure. The European Pool surge has continued and there are more topless option pools than ever before in Vegas. Go ahead, no one you know is here, and photos aren't allowed in topless areas, so get your strapless tan at the following pools (current May 2013).

European Style Topless Pools (in no particular order)

Moorea Beach Club at Mandalay Bay
Bare Pool at the Mirage
Sapphire Pool at Sapphire Strip Club *new*
Liquid Pool Lounge at Aria
Azure Pool at the Palazzo
Garden of the Gods Oasis at Caesars Palace
Venus at Caesars Palace
Daydream Pool at M Resorts
Naked Pool at Artisan
Tao Beach at the Venetian
The Voo at Rio 
Encore Pool at Wynn Las Vegas
The Hideout at Golden Nugget

Photo of Rehab at Hard Rock Hotel by Frankie Tease

Most pools in Vegas are geared toward adults, but not all are adults only. Here is a mix of leisure and party pools for your decision making this Memorial Day weekend and summer, which are adult and all ages, some have special attractions like the Golden Nugget Shark Pool, and the wave pool at Mandalay Bay, as well as volleyball at Monte Carlo and Stratosphere, to name a few amenities. Some offer poolside gambling, and most offer cocktails and food menus. Check the hotel website for full listings and updates on entrance fees (usually free if you are a hotel guest, reduced for locals) and special events like dj and live music concerts, swimsuit contests, and volleyball  tournaments.

DJ, Day Club, Party and Leisure Pools (in no particular order)

Pool at Monte Carlo 
Wet Republic Ultra Pool at MGM
Palazzo Pool at the Venetian
Nirvana Pool at Hard Rock
Paradise Beach at Hard Rock
Breathe at Hard Rock see HRH pool map 
Orleans Pool at the Orleans
Go Pool at Flamingo 
The Tank at Golden Nugget 
Fortuna Pool at Caesars Palace
Jupiter Pool at Caesars Palace
Neptune Pool at Caesars Palace
Temple Pool at Caesars Palace
Level 8 Pool at Stratosphere
Pleasure Pools at Planet Hollywood
Boulevard Pool at Cosmopolitan
Palms Pool at the Palms

A special mention should be made of the brand new Wet 'n' Wild opening Memorial Day 2013 located near Red Rock Mountains in Las Vegas. Locals and visitors alike will be spending their time at the multi-pool multi-slide with wave pool Wet 'n' Wild. Many locals remember when there used to be one of these on the strip, and many are glad it's much more regional and off-strip and will take the whole family. Be one of the first to test out the attractions at this water haven grand opening Memorial Day weekend! 

Visit the site at http://www.wetnwildlasvegas.com/ 
for details and event passes, as well as seasonal passes. 

Please write Frankie Tease with corrections or additions to this list.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Photo Focus: Pinups for Patriots Calendar Casting Event at Pinup Pointe Gallery - First Friday May, 2013

This first friday was pretty special for the troops and for a few lucky Las Vegas pinup models. Organizer Darby Fox (pictured right) facilitated a casting call for the 2014 calendar and a few judges (including two military men) helped figure out (pun intended) who should be in the calendar.  Host Pinup Pointe Gallery which specializes in showgirl and pinup art from local, national and international artists got pretty packed with fans and onlookers throughout the night. The national organization has several branches. Many of the entrants who were involved in the competition were actually enlisted military or belong to military families. This isn't just a rouse, it's the real deal. Patriots serving overseas and all over the world have their spirits lifted by these beautiful girls. To buy the calendar or get involved and find out more about the orginization, please visit http://www.pinupsforpatriots.com/

As their mission states, it's not just a calendar, it's a community. The wholesome and alluring pinup is timeless, as are these ladies who were chosen (pictured). Find out about pinup model, and extrordinary woman Darby Fox on her facebook page at: https://www.facebook.com/darby.fox.79. Check out the Pinup Pointe Gallery which is a new addition to Downtown Las Vegas as of March 2013 at http://pinuppointe.com, and 4 E. Charleston.

or view below.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Part Two: For Ms. Redd the Viva Las Vegas 16 Burlesque Competition is Personal

Ms. Redd Pinup Model by Holly West

Back in March, I wrote part one of this story about Ms. Redd entering the Viva Las Vegas 16 Burlesque Competition. It's her second time, and the first time she was one of the runners up. Read Part One of the story HERE. I wanted to get behind what the preparation was for entering the competition, bring it to light, and also to see what her experience was going on the big beautiful Orleans Hotel Showroom stage. Ms. Redd has had an impressive career as a published print pinup model, and this is the continuation of her first few years as a burlesque performer. With a body like that, it's gotta be hard to go wrong. And she looks good in any light, I've seen her in stage and daylight. She's a stunner. We met for coffee to follow up during April, and finally guys, here is the story as it came to be during Viva Las Vegas Rockabilly Weekender 16.

FT: So thanks for meeting me to do the follow up for our interest story about your entering the Viva Las Vegas 16 Burlesque Competition. First I apologize, but the vouchers were given out so early that I wasn't able to get into the show, aka it was sold out. I attempted to reach Tom to get in, but unsuccessfully. Did you have other press and friends that also couldn't get in?
MR: Yes, two other press and several friends. A few of my friends showed up right at noon, but they were too late.

FT: How was it at the competition and has was backstage?
MR: It was great I shared a room with the Baron who performed after we all did, and Missy Lisa. Let's see who else? Redbone (Foxy Tann), and Jeez Loueez. It was a lot of fun and everyone was nice. We were all laughin' and jokin'. We were all helping each other get ready. I would assume that other competitions have been very catty, I've never experienced that. But then again, the only competitions I've ever done have been for Viva. I'm not really the competition type.

FT: Where were you in the line-up?
MR: I was second. It was good because I really just wanted to get out on stage and perform. It was my second Viva. It was good. I was excited. I knew my act was completely different. It's very theatrical and dramatic, and a little dark. It's not classic at all. I know the Viva crowd likes. I did it for selfish reasons. The name of the routine is "Wolfy". I just wanted to put "Wolfy" up on that big stage with the wonderful lighting & sound at the Orleans and bring something a little different. I performed to "Small Town Witch" by the Sneaker Pimps.

FT: So you enjoyed being on that stage again?
MR: Yeah. You completely forget how big it is, and in the middle of the routine you're like "oh, shit" I still have to keep going. You realize half-way through it that you are running through your routine. You go out there and you don't, it doesn't seem that big and then you realize I haven't even gone over and seen these people yet. You try to involve the whole crowd. Sometimes you're just running from side to side. It's a great stage. They have great lighting people, great audio people, you're spoiled. Very much so. You don't realize how big that stage really is. You almost have to run through your routine to get from side to side. You try & involve the whole crowd and pray that it doesn't look like you are running from side to side the whole time. It's a wonderful stage to be on, with a great lighting & audio people and stage crew...you are just spoiled there.

FT: So tell me about the judging system this year, was it based upon crowd noise?
MR: This year they changed it. It was half audience participation. They brought the applause-o-meter like before. They also had a few judges judging. It turns out that the applause-o-meter and the judging read the exact same. I came in third, 2nd runner up. 

FT: Congratulations on placing among the eight contestants. What was the highlight for your of performing in the competition?
MR: It's just always so interesting to be on that stage and to be with that crowd. I think the interesting thing for me was to bring something different, that wasn't the typical thing that you would see at Viva, it not being classic. Don't get me wrong, I love classic burlesque and even have a couple of classic routines. 

FT: Is Little Red Riding Hood a part of the "Wolfy" routine? 
MR: I loved Tex Avery, growing up, and loved the cartoons, so part of it, yes, is a little bit of Little Red Riding Hood But, the essence of it is the hunted becomes the huntress, and so how does that work? It's more like a possessed witch huntress, not Little Red Riding Hood. I picked a wolf, and I thought well, I didn't at first want a red cape, but I'm Ms. Redd, so I just went with it. It's not a Little Red Riding Hood
act. It's more about the hunted becomes the huntress, and how does that look?

FT: So that covers Saturday night. Then Friday you were a part of the Secrets in Lace fashion show presentation. How and when did you get involved with them as a model?
MR: Three Vivas ago, 13, they contacted me and asked me if I'd like to come and model during the fashion show. It was going to be Angie Pontani, Kitten DeVille, Catherine D'Lish, there were a lot of great burlesque performers involved. Then there was Kay O'Hara the famous pinup model, and Gina Loren, who is the catalogue model for Secrets in Lace. It was all of them and then me. I thought "what the hell am I doing here with all of these women?". It was a great experience. Angie put the whole thing together and we just had a great time. 
Then, that year Secrets in Lace also sponsors the New Orleans Burlesque Festival. Dan Whitsett the owner, asked me if I'd like to do, not exactly a fashion show, but we wore the lingerie and walked around, and told everyone what we were wearing. 

FT: That means you had tech rehearsals all day Friday and Saturday this year, because the fashions show was Friday and the Burlesque Competition was Saturday night.
MR: Yes. 

FT: What can we look forward to from you now? 
MR: It was a learning experience for me. You learn what does and doesn't work. I look to what I can improve on. I talked to Kalani Kokonuts and she said her best routine is one she's been doing ten plus years. No matter how much you practice, once you step out there it's a totally different experience. You're feeding off the crowd and how they react to you.

FT: So how is performing burlesque different than being a published pinup model for the last seven years? Are you presenting the same person?
MR: Usually you're interacting with the crowd and you're going off of that. When you're posing with a camera, you're interacting with the photographer, but you're also interacting with, maybe you're selling a product, and how should that look? So, sometimes as a pinup model you're not always representing you. You're representing a product and wanting to help sell that. Obviously there are some pinup photos where I'm representing myself. Ones where you're getting paid to sell something. But with burlesque, you get to see the heart and soul. You're paying to see my heart on stage. Everyone can do the same stocking, glove or same reveal. But you're looking at the body and soul, and heart of someone. You can have the perfect face, perfect body, but you have to have heart and soul. I'm not a professionally trained dancer, so what you're seeing is my heart and soul out there. My background is I was a gymnast for years.

Check out more about Ms. Redd a Las Vegas resident, model, and burlesque performer at http://msredd.com/ See part one of this interview here: Ms. Redd Part One Interview..

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Photo Focus: "Hipster Hater" at First Friday May 3, 2013

This Las Vegas local and tattoo artist is serious about his hipster hating. I just laughed at his t-shirt, and snapped a pic. When I did so, he began to tell me that he rarely makes it downtown anymore because it's becoming overrun with hipsters. Wow really? I didn't know that. This guy had a pretty strong opinion about it though. Now you know. Mr. Moore is a senior tattoo artist and LV local. 4.3.13.

Photo by Frankie Tease

Monday, May 6, 2013

Veteran Vegas Comic Diaz Mackie Launches "Bad Decisions" Tour, and Won't Tell His Porn Name

Diaz Mackie at Sapphire Comedy Hour Vegas 
now on "Bad Decisions" Tour - Photo by Frankie Tease

A little over a year ago I saw a couple sets from Diaz Mackie and saw how much he was versatile with every audience. He had been in Vegas working hard for over seven years. Recently he came back to do a week, and I caught up with him at the Sapphire Comedy Hour at Sapphire Strip Club on Industrial. The room was pretty great, and his set was hilarious. I caught some video, photos, and later caught some patio time with this now very national headlining touring comedian. One of the questions is "what is Diaz Mackie's porn name"? Need I say more?

FT: How do you keep your material original, fresh?
DM:They come from me. I come off of my own experiences and exaggerate it. I take something from every day and make notes.

FT:Do you write a lot down?
DM:I don't. I take mental notes.

FT:You don't write your ideas down? Do you have a photographic memory?
MD:I do. Yeah. I can write things down for other people, but when I'm writing for me, I'm too analytical. If it's the first punch line that I come up with, I'll scrap it and start making it too complicated. Whereas if it's the first punch line for someone else, if I think it's funny, I'll just go ahead and send them that.

FT:Do you start with the punchline when writing material?
DM:No, I start with the premise, always. In my head the way it plays out... usually when I have an idea I see a sketch in my head. I take that idea and make a joke. 

FT:So, it's a little story-like then?
DM:That can vary depending upon the amount of time I have for my set. Sometimes I set up punches and really quick jokes, and sometimes I'll put stories in. 

FT:What's the longest time you ever did on stage for one set?
DM:Two hours and 15 minutes. In Michigan.

DM:I was never lit. I didn't know I was up there for two hours until I said "I should probably let you guys go, I've been up here at least an hour" and someone else said "two hours". It didn't even feel like two hours. I've watched the DVD since then.  It's watchable. It doesn't even feel like two hours.

FT:How has it been travelling since I met you, all over the nation? What are some of the highlights?
DM:2012 ended great just being out in L.A. I got to tape some TV shows. I was on "Guys with Kids", a really cool experience. I got to hang out with Anthony Anderson and Tempestt Bledsoe. They treated me like I was one of the cast. I was one "Go On" with Matthew Perry. He was super nice. "House of Lies" Kristen Bell was really nice, we shared a scene together. I'm S.A.G. eligible. As soon as I decide to pay my $3500. I was on Bill Bellamy's Got Jokes (I think five years ago now). So, because I spoke on there, and it was nationally televised I'm eligible for S.A.G. But, I'll always be a stage performer.

FT:So what about highlights of your touring? Is it fair to ask you what your favorites are?
DM:Honestly, it's not. Because I've basically enjoyed every city I've been in. Chicago, Milwaukee was a blast, Daytona, Primm (NV state line). I enjoy meeting different people, and I make sure to go out with the locals and experience something local. And the relationship with fans. That way when I come back they want to come see me. 

FT:You've been travelling for how long? 
DM:I've actually been travelling for about four years? 

FT:So you call L.A. home now. When will we see you in Vegas and how often?
DM:Usually every two months, whenever they decide to bring me out.

FT:What's your current go-to topic?
DM:Relationships, getting older. I perform in front of people that are older, so I like to build a rapport with them as well. 

FT:What's coming up for 2013?
DM:I'm getting ready to kick off the Diaz Mackie Bad Decisions Tour. I have Tony Valee who's featuring for me and Bob Keen out of Chicago, that kicks off the 25th of April and we'll start in  Chicago and we'll hit Kansas City MO, Omaha and Lincoln, NE, Denver, CO, Albq. NM, Scottsdale, AZ, Vegas NV at Bally's, and back to L.A. I'm headlining that tour.

FT:What's the worst bad decision you've ever made?
DM:I've made so many bad decisions, it's hard to pinpoint one. Probably some of the relationships I've gotten myself into. I've gotten myself into some toxic relationships. Someone who's insecure. Dating an entertainer can be strenuous. It takes someone really trusting and self-confident. They get caught up in the perception of what you're selling, and the reality of what you're living and that you know. 

FT:So Mackie, what's the deal? I recently saw a search that lead to our online mag, and the words were "what is Diaz Mackie's porn name". I kid you not. Did you do porn? 
DM:I did. I was in Irvine, CA. headlining a show. I came out to smoke a cigarette and a lady recognized me from TV, I assumed. She was like "No, I thought you had done porn. I thought that was you but I didn't want to say anything".
When I first started doing comedy in Vegas, I was full-time comedy. I was broke and homeless. With my pride that I had, I didn't want to ask to sleep on people's couch without being able to give them money to sleep on the couch. So I never told anyone I was homeless. No one knew until I had found a place to stay. I started hosting a show and a porn star would come to my show on a regular basis. I had hit on her and she told me she had a boyfriend, but that I was attractive. Later on a couple months later, she said "If you really want to fuck me, I'm looking for some talent". Being homeless in the Vegas summer, I declined it at first, but... I wanted to fuck her, but I grew up in church. I worried about what my Mom would think. I called my Mom and told her about the proposition. I was thinking she'd have sympathy and send me money. My mom was like "as long as I don't have to send you money". I was like "Oooo". 
I called her up and told her I would do it. Her producers told me that I was very professional. They asked me if I wanted to do more and I said yes, but not that genre. They asked me if I wanted to do foot fetish, tranny. So I did BBW, because I didn't think any of my friends would find it. I found out that lots of my friends have fat girl fetishes. So people have seen it. My mom and ex-wife called me on it.

FT:What is your name?
DM:I'll never give a name until they start paying me more money for it.
Now it's difficult for me to watch porn, I critique. Silly stuff you learn. This is the first interview I've talked about that in.

Where can we keep in touch with you?
Look me up on  Facebook at Diaz Mackie, Diazmackielive on facebook pages, and @diazmackie on twitter. My favorite is Facebook. Although nothing beats a good retweet on twitter, it's like a pat on the back. Favorites are like "I thought this was funny, but I'm not going to tell my boss".

Find out more about the comedian at diazmackie.com.

See full "Bad Decisions" national tour info at http://yesiamshow.biz/BadDecisionsTour.

Video of Diaz Mackie live at 
Sapphire Comedy Hour Apr. 2013

Article, photos and video by Frankie Tease

Friday, May 3, 2013

Viva Las Vegas 16, 2013 Video Recap. Photos by Frankie Tease

Viva was great this year, just as always. Here is our video compilation of  photos the mag caught. Backing music for this video slideshow is provided with permission by The Moonlight Howlers of Arizona who are featured on the Viva Las Vegas 15 compilation CD, and played Viva 2012. All their music is original and amazing. This video includes Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, and the Vintage Fashion Show, Car Show, Satin Dollz, Vicky Tafoya, Eddie Nichols, Sailor Jerry Tattoo contest, vintage vendor ballroom room, Miss Wolffe's Jive Dance Contest, and of course, the pool party. Find out more about what happened at Viva Las Vegas 16 in our upcoming articles. Find out more about the show Tom Ingram puts together each year at vivalasvegas.net. Check out the new Viva Las Vegas app for apple or android now.

Or, watch on YouTube at http://youtu.be/wx-EmxJn2eo and give us a like.

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Sexy, Sultry, Playmate Claire Sinclair is the Jewel of Pinup at Stratosphere Las Vegas

The long awaited Pinup Red Carpet event finally came. Two months into working it out the show buzz had been going strong about what type of late night Vegas show this was going to be. First, the show's star Claire Sinclair is perhaps the youngest on the Las Vegas Strip. Though Sinclair has been featured in a suggestive show (Crazy Horse Paris, MGM) this is the first time she's a resident star. With this, she has accomplished going from Print Media to carrying the weight of a Vegas show, all before reaching 22. Delightfully, Sinclair acts as the host of a retro romp through a virtual year of Calendar Girls using the maelstrom of talent in the six piece backing band featuring Trumpeter and Music Director David Perrico, as well as a spectacular singer Anne Martinez. The cast is filled out by four dancers, one lead male, six band members, one singer, and star Claire Sinclair. That's a "lucky 13" cast members.

The show creators Drew DiCostanzo and Frankie Moreno (the latter of which is no longer involved, nor is Lacey Schwimmer as choreographer) have created an amazing musical trip through the 40's-60's, with wonderful song selections. The show uses Frankie Moreno's mega-hit "Tangerine Honey" early on and moves on to a mostly vintage song set. The 75 minute show includes titles (in order): In the Mood, Dr. Feelgood, 13 Men, Come Fly with Me, I'm Only Happy When it Rains, Sing Sing Sing, You've Gotta Have Heart, Sleepwalk, Misirlou, Fujiyama Mama, Salt Peanuts, I Put a Spell on You, Jump Jive and Wail, Caravan, Calendar Girl into a medley of Girls Girls Girls, and Teenage Dreams (to name most all the music played). If you're a fan of the era, you'll be in heaven with only a couple departures in modern songs.

Band, Singer Ann Martinez and female dancers of Pinup

Solo Male Dancer Ryan Kelsey of Pinup

A couple of "why?" questions did come up for me. Why would you include a pole routine in a pinup vintage-era driven show? (Though, I adored the outstanding performance). The second was why did they choose zero nudity? But that also was overcome by talent, and by the second routine I was hooked. Perhaps Claire has done her exposing and is ready to be taken more seriously? Perhaps we shouldn't assume she'll be topless in her career. I'll tell you that after viewing the show, there are many more upskirt shots, than any bosom reveals. You're going to see more 'swing dance panty' than you ever bargained for. If you're in the front row you might abandon any lust for toplessness altogether and find new love in legs with ornate garters and fanny panties.

The show's worth? Yes you'll definitely get your money's worth in the lovely booth-clad renovated showroom as it does justice to the music it covers and there is literally never a dull moment. Even between numbers when our hostess Sinclair comes out to chat, she keeps it brief and very cute.

The mechanics also made a play for the audience's hearts. Machine noises that play a lead-in to the Rosie the Riveter tribute were fun. The riveters were working on "Claire Air" a super cute part of the imaginary show world of Pinup. One dancer even did ballet theatrics on a luggage cart to play the theme out. And there were magic tricks. Sinclair was a projection and voila, she's live and in person, not a flat screen. Once, Sinclair is shocked when reading in bed, as a pillow continues to snuggle up to her as it comes to life. The finale' of this routine was a shake of the bed sheet to reveal two other girls under the covers fading into a pillow fight. How'd they do that? We could see under the bed, and it was a mystery.

The producers, including Chris Townsend, sure got their money's worth in the band too. The most underrated performer has got to be the drummer who held everything together between numbers and even played drumsticks on the stage and some hapless patron's drinks in the front row. He playfully tinkled, while Sarah Short tap danced and each rhythmist tried to be victorious, but both won. The decision to make every single note played in the show live is an extremely exciting element.  It harkened back to a time in music union days when recorded music would have never been allowed in a show production. Oh how times have changed, as the majority of shows in U.S. and on the strip use non-live backing tracks. Great job on this decision guys.

Including the audience is a wonderful part of the experience. Dancers were performing in the crowd often to start numbers, and also Sinclair descending from stage to interact with patrons was a crowd pleaser. In addition, other fun tricks were included like interactive screen shots of performers mixed with live performers, which left us, the audience, wondering where they were coming from. The many movable props, a portable pole and additional staging also made the stage unrecognizable from its earlier show-friend in the same room, Frankie Moreno Live (in its second year).

Sinclair goes into the audience to give a patron a gift.

The show was filled with deep talent. All types of dance shoes were needed (and an array of beautiful shoes were used for each scene) such as tap, ballet, jazz, swing, and even some adagio. The success is that it doesn't look borrowed for the show, the performers owned it and flaunted it, as they well should. Many dazzling formation routines were highlights of the show for me, but particularly December. There may not be a weak link in the production of Pinup - it knows where its going and it seems to have figured out how to get there, including the many wardrobe choices and changes. If you make a good soup, you start with top-notch ingredients, which this show has very much done, including the premise.

Sinclair is spectacular at being a figurehead, and wears a myriad of sexy outfits, educates you about her trip down fame lane, and doesn't try to be a trained dancer, when she's not. It's cool. Realy cool. The stellar dance team features only one male Ryan Kelsey, who is the right man for this job. He transforms himself with many looks and feels for the show, which really works. There were many broadway elements in his theatrics and more swing dance aerials than I've ever seen in one night, and I've been into swing dance shows and instructed for 15 years. That's a lot of aerials. At one point a dancer flew into the air sideways and he caught her mid-splits. The hits just kept on coming with that guy. This is the level of dance you long to see in many shows here on the strip, but never do.

Pinup is a high production value show that is cheeky while sexy, but never crosses into tawdry, not even a little. Any age over 21 would have a great time at this show, if only partly to encounter the beauty and happy girl aura of Claire Sinclair. She's a doll, a delight, a princess, a cute little 'girl next door' type that just happened to have been Miss October and Playboy Playmate of the Year for Heff. With the current oversaturation of so-so burlesque here in Vegas and throughout the nation, I believe the sexy and suggestive non-nude approach to this show will be just the reveal you are looking for, and you'll be toe-tapping the night away at Pinup. Bring a group or a date, either will work. 

Stratosphere Theater, TH-MON 10:30pm, $49.99 general, $59.99 VIP. (702) 380-7777. http://www.stratospherehotel.com/Casino/Nightlife/Shows/PIN-UP . Hotel Guests receive two for one show tickets.

I'll cherish this tweet from the Pinup Star sent to me about this review:

Red Carpet Event Video