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Tidbits and Teasers: Bikini Contest Wrap, Snoop D-Oh Double G, Labordizzle - Hard Rock Hotel Las Vegas

Hard Rock Hotel Las Vegas Bikini Contest 
Grand Master Flash. Photo by Joey Ungerer

Hard Rock Bikini Contest Final Announced
HRH Vegas has been going all out this Summer for its ten year anniversary celebration. A parade of celebrities were involved in the multi-part contest including Zowie Bowie's Chris Phillips, Jennifer Farley (Bravo, Real Housewives of Miami) and the one and only Grand Master Flash, a legend of hip hop (and many other famous titles) was the mega-celebrity DJ in the house.

First Place Winner: Stevie Lynn
Photo by Joey Ungerer

Let's see what the winner of the Bikini Contest takes home as quoted by HRH. "The overall winner brought home $25,000 in cash, received representation by a top modeling agency and an entry fee for the Miss USA State Pageant; the runner-up received $10,000 in cash; the three finalists were given $5,000 in cash; the top five received a custom bikini designed by a famed Brazilian designer; and the fourth through 10th place girls received $2,000 in cash. The winners also received Reliquary Water Sanctuary, Spa & Salon packages and were offered an official spot on the REHAB Bikini Team 2014. Overall, a total of $120,000 of cash and prizes were given out to the REHAB Bikini Invitational 2013 finalists". That's some heavy cheese. Congratulations to winner Stevie Lynn who took first place.

View complete album of bikini event photos by Bill Ungerer on our FLICKR.

Snoop Dog aka Snoop Lion Labors on Labor Day Weekend at Hard Rock Vegas (longest headline ever).
The sizzling all-summer-ten-year-anniversary-celebration won't stop as Snoop Lion sets up to entertain at the Hard Rock Hotel Las Vegas with the Soundwaves Concert Series. The official hashtags are #ldw2013 and #soundwaves among others, in case you will be playing along on Twitter. One thing is always for sure, Snoop by any name, knows how to throw a party in Vegas, and Vegas shows up for him when he does it. Ain't nothing like a hard rock par-tay. Aug. 30-Sept.1. It's on all weekend. MTV, BET, 213, LBC are just some bits of his resume' and D-Oh Double G promises reggae and hip hop.  

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Photo Focus: Kalani Kokonuts, Feather Fans

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The LVFF Screened "Raze" the Movie with Zoe Bell, July 20, 2013 - Tidbits and Teasers

Actor Zoe Bell pictured on Raze film poster.

The Sixth Annual Las Vegas Film Festival was held at the LVH (Las Vegas Hotel) last weekend from July 18-21, 2013. The LVFF included film screenings, an award ceremony, panel discussions, mixers, and after parties, among many other events. The star-studded red carpet was busy all weekend. One such celebrity that our magazine has interviewed at length is Tonya Kay. Kay was in town from L.A. on Saturday for the 6pm showing of Raze by Director Josh C. Waller. The female heavy film includes A-List stunt woman who are trapped in a bunker after being kidnapped. Tonya Kay (Alex) is featured fighting in a hand-to-hand combat scene to the death with stellar stunt woman Zoe Bell (Sabrina). Bell is a favorite of Quentin Tarantino, a New Zealander, and a revered female stunt woman. I'm sad to not have seen the screening, but look forward to other chances. The premise of the story isn't too new, but the fact that's it's all women fighting is, and the cast can't be beat. Raze premiered at TriBeCa 2013 and sold North American Rights to IFC Midnight. 

Zoe Bell with Tonya Kay on set at Raze. Photo courtesy of 
Tonya Kay

I asked Tonya Kay what it was like working with such a stellar stunt actor in Zoe Bell. Here is what she came up with. "Fighting Zoe Bell in Raze was an exhaustingly amazing experience. Zoe is Quentin Tarantino's' favored stunt woman. Zoe is an athlete with amazing grace disguised as violence. Our fight was a 13 hour dance of bruises and battle - I find it beautiful how stunt fighting looks like aggression but on set, it is us carefully protecting each other by knowing the exact boundaries of each others' bodies. Spoiler: the prop master had to make vegan dirt for our fight scene out of respect for my dietary choices".

Watch the film trailer below, and visit the film's website for more info on screenings at
Keep in touch with Tonya Kay at
Read the in-depth intnerview with Tonya Kay in "Best of Frankie Tease Magazine Vol.2" via iTunes, Amazon, or Nook ebook outlets. Click Here to View

Written by Frankie Tease

Check out the Best of Frankie Tease Magazine Vol. 2 with
Tonya Kay's in-depth interview, just click the pic.

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Old and New Vegas Vibe, Unscripted, Uncensored - Sapphire Comedy Hour Has it All

Video of Mon Dre performing at 
Sapphire Comedy Hour by Frankie Tease.

I finally found a show as raunchy and classy as I like it, and it's at the world's largest strip club, Sapphire Las Vegas. The club is well-known in town, for topless entertainment and great bottle and V.I.P. service. It also just opened a topless (pastied) pool and dayclub which is very fun. But even more new, they have been rolling out a show in the state-of-the art (wicked comfortable) Sapphire Showroom a few feet from the main entrance. I attended the Media Night for Sapphire Comedy Hour, hosted by the Producer/Director of the show Brett Feinstein (son of the owner). Feinstein's associates are Decade-Long Las Vegan, Douglas “Lefty” Leferovich  who is creative director, magic consultant, and featured entertainer, while Philip Peredo, head of Tickle Me Entertainment, books the majority of the comedians and brings up the third slot in this pyramid of power.

Peredo, Feinstein, Leferovich run Sapphire Comedy Hour.
Photo by Frankie Tease

The Media Night Friday July 12, 2013, saw red carpet visits by many Vegas celebrities including Tim Molyneux (Bite), Bizarro (Magic Castle), Ben Stone (London Palladium), Anthony Cools (Paris Hotel), Robert Nash (Raak N' Roll), Jasmine Trias (Amercian Idol), Amy Hanley (Mob Doll, Sin City Rules), Jarret and Raja (AGT), Hard Nox (Vegas Rap Artists), and many more. Of course friend of the show, and fellow performer to Lefty, Murray Sawchuck made an appearance and was placed in V.I.P. seating along with his wife Chloe Louise Crawford (See below photos of red carpet). 

The 300 seat showroom was full of media representatives and friends. With an introduction and thank you by Feinstein, and a duet pole performance by Sarafein and Charisma, the show kicked off with a bang. The two used three poles, then both used one pole at the same time, creating stunning patterns of strength and symmetry. This performance was to remind us we were in a strip club, I think. Mission accomplished.

Charisma and Sarafein pole routine opened Sapphire
Comedy Hour Media Night. Photo by Frankie Tease.

Crazy, Potty-Mouthed Sean Carlin then took his role as host and proceeded to unfurl the next performers in the star-studded lineup. The wow factor came out again with Chris Scandal Randall, who did things with floss and his throat that people will be talking about for a long time. He let the audience know he's a native of Las Vegas, and that yes "people do live here". He warmed it up in there quick getting all kinds of reactions from the crowd, and calling on audience participation. There'd be a lot of that before the night was over. Scandal is a must-see act.

Angie Krum was introduced as running the longest, ongoing comedy open-mic night in Vegas, of all time. She was digging deep and getting the laughs as she proceeded to say everything a woman's not supposed to say. Lookin' good, she told us about dates gone awry in Vegas, beard-burn on her ass, and not being able to remember guy's names. Krum is like a south-west edition of Lisa Lampanelli with a well-developed voice. Next, Mon Dre who wears the clothing style and swagger of the Artist known as "Prince", showed us birds, batons, balls, and a cat, in his world-class (Siegfried and Roy recognized) act (during which doves "didn't" cry). Multiple applauses and gasps were heard during the music-accompanied transition of tricks. It will nag at me how he did those. Mon Dre is the first magic act I've seen using animals, and the animals looked happy to have a job. I've seen this act twice, and I still don't get it. First birds, then a cat?

Time for a Millennial Comedian Steven Briggs (note the non 'ph' spelling of Steven).  Briggs started in and right away was heckled by a drunk man in the front row. I mean, really drunk. You always see the depth of a comedian in how he handles a heckler. To my surprise he brought the guy onstage and drew a dick on his forehead. The man was happy it happened, he didn't have much to say after he took his seat. He was seen later having washed his face free of the artwork. So college. Briggs then proceeded to demonstrate his beatbox talent, which was as strong as his funny bone. He had everyone thinking "what will he do next?"

Steven Briggs beatboxing dub-step. All he needs is one mic.

The only other person in the show weekly besides Host Sean Carlin then took the stage to show off her burlesque talents and features. Her traditional heavily-rhinestoned pinup couture and feather-topped hat, turned into a feather-fan-dance as she eloquently used the t-shape stage with long gates, visiting every inch. Pieces dropped to the floor as Kokonuts shown in blue light slowly revealing her assets, and looking like a 1940's magazine cover, show poster, or imagined other-worldly beauty. Her acts are ever-changing and always a good time, I've seen her about five times now I believe. We'll soon be doing a long-overdue interview with the long-time Vegas performer and burlesque star.

Kalani Kokonuts on stage during Sapphire Comedy 
Hour Media Night. Photo by Frankie Tease.

Wheels Parise (Wheels Pah-reez-ee) was our headliner who was escorted to stage by several strippers. He was wheezing and eased right into being out of shape, food habits and fat people. He moved on to Asians, and Italians (he's from NY), and went right back to the 1000 pound guy being so in-shape at 700 pounds. "What do you say to him? You've really trimmed down?" They say a professional demands laughter from you every fifteen seconds, this one did. People were chuckling and gut-laughing as he used his 'guido' accent like a weapon. "They'll cook you anything at a Chinese restaurant won't they? I like to challenge them and go in and say 'do you have Fruit Loops?"

Wheels Parise live at Sapphire Comedy Hour Media Night

By far my favorite adult variety and comedy show currently in Vegas, the Sapphire Comedy Hour has entertained me personally three times, during its run into the official Media Night 7/12/13, and I didn't have to walk past a bank of slot machines to get there. It's easy to park and safe, I love this venue (right behind Circus Circus on Industrial). 

Sean Carlin – Host, five-time College Entertainer of the Year.

Chris Scandal Randall – Sleight of Hand Magician, The Masters of Illusion TV show, Performed at the Magic Castle in Hollywood, CA. Featured in Magic Magazine, Genii, MUM.

Angie Krum – Feature, ABC and Showtime, FX.

Kalani Kokonuts – 'The Showgirl of Burlesque', Miss Exotic World 2009, and five-time Playboy Centerfold and Cover Girl. Seen on red carpet wearing her own clothing line.

Mon DreMagician, has performed at the Magic Castle in Hollywood, CA and The World’s Greatest Magic Show in Las Vegas. Winner of the Siegfried and Roy Bronze Lion’s Head, First Place in the Grand Prix Magiques De Monte Carlo. Mon Dre is pictured next to dancer India of Sapphire.

Steven Briggs – ESPN, The Social Network. Steven is pictured first next to the heckler he handled with ease. Steven Briggs on Twitter

Wheels Parise - Rollin' with Dice and Wheels Podcast (with Andrew Dice Clay)

The Sapphire Comedy Hour is held each Friday and Saturday (dark some Saturdays for fight nights) at 8pm, at Sapphire Gentlemen’s Club, 3025 Industrial Road, Las Vegas and is a 21+ venue. Tickets are $40 at the door, while free transportation is available to the club, and presale tickets and V.I.P. tickets are available via This Link.

For reservations and bottle service information call (702) 869-0003 

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Photo Focus: Murray Sawchuck Show on Sapphire Comedy Hour Red Carpet

Murray Sawchuck, Chloe Crawford, Scandal, Lefty on Red Carpet of Sapphire Comedy Hour Media Night, July 12, 2013, Las Vegas - Sapphire Gentleman's Club. Photo by Frankie Tease.

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"Burlesque Assassins" Puts the Sass in Assassins, Now on DVD and Streaming

There is big news in the world of International Burlesque. In 2012 the comedic thriller Burlesque Assassins was released to theaters by Writer and Director Jonathan Joffe. I had the pleasure to interview him and that extensive interview is in "Best of Frankie Tease Magazine Vol 1". The ebook is available on iTunes, Amazon, and Nook. Great news came again this month. Turns out I won't have to wait until this film is screened in Las Vegas, because it's now available to rent streaming through Distrify. No matter if you don't recognize the name, all you have to do is get your credit card ready with six bux ($6.99 for special feature edition, and full dance acts added) and click play. I did it, and here is my review.

I want to start off by saying the amount of effort put into this period piece is pretty spectacular. With funding by Telefilm of Canada, Joffe set off to direct his first full feature after years of success as a short film director, and screenplay writer. He made great decisions. One: to weave in a story that plays on World War II, something the whole world was involved in. Two: to feature actual modern burlesque stars who are recognizable to the performers, producers and audiences of international stages of burlesque today. Three: to involve jazz players from Canada who are spectacular and feature swing and big band numbers that mark the era. Ode to Johnny Summers who really shined in composing original and cover arrangements for this film. Four: to actually have a plot that sucks you in.

Joffe who is responsible for the screenplay and concept, directs the piece after spending two years doing ardent research on who's who right now in Burlesque (his research started in 2009). Joffe went to festivals in Canada and New York and stated in our interview "The film would not be possible without the support of the Calgary Film Community and the International Burlesque Community". This really shows. The sense of humor and the love of era comes through, and as is stated in the credits, all stage dance choreography is done by these professional performers themselves. One such performer being Bourbon Sue (Roxi D'lite) out of Windsor Canada, who was crowned Queen of Burlesque 2010.

Broke our topless photo rule here for Roxi D'Lite!

D'lite has a starring role as a Burlesque Assassin recruit trying to earn her place in the gang with her first kill. The 'dumb blonde brunette' type of character who can defend herself while naked is, well, delightful. D'lite has the most naked screen time and is one of those people that is so comfortable in almost nude performance that it's kind of amazing to watch. We are treated to one of her award-winning and death defying performances on the hanging hula-hoop, one which many will stop and rewind to view again, I'm sure of it.

All the girls can all kill on a dime. Props, makeup and regular stuff is all turned into clever killing tools, and many came as surprises which I won't dare spoil for you. Many of the performers use their actual stage names such as Kitten Deville, Scarlett Martini, Kelitta Maloof, Xarah Von Den Vielenregen (say that fast twice),  and Amber Ray and Vegas' own Renea La Roux.

Armitage Shanks Crellin plays Johnny Valentine the head of the Burlesque Assassins recruiting those on a mission: seduce and destroy. He knows how to pick 'em as we are transported to a club where the backdrop is continuous burlesque performances by stunning females, as they try to pick off leaders who threaten the safety of the world circa 1950's.

The film mixes the era with the resurgence of burlesque seamlessly, titillating the American and International love of that bygone era. Shanks voice is shamelessly attractive while Katerina Molotov (played by Carrie Schiffler) does a hilarious overdone German accent. The two are star-crossed assassin lovers who are longing to reunite over the many dead bodies, however many it will take. While the clone of Hitler played by Brendan Hunter cracked me up when he said "I vill voo her vith my Aryan charms", again playing on the German accent.

The writing is witty, kitschy, and funny, and we are treated to classic planes, classic cars, classic wardrobe, while the stars try to stop the imagined 4th Reich. I personally wanted to see more of Shanks in the dapper male clothing shown in the beginning of the film, but saw more of the man in a dress while his character Johnny Valentine is in disguise, my only complaint in the film. The guy has charm. 

The plot and strip tease continually build tension as the bodies and wardrobes drop. The film has talent, tasseling, and timing, not to mention thighs that kill in Koko La Douce (every man's preferred method of death I assume). Do not delay in being among the first to see what is sure to become a cult classic internationally. Frankie Tease Magazine gives this film two thumbs up. 

Official statement from the Director Jonathan Joffe, July 9, 2013:
"After more then 50 screenings in 10 countries, and after being translated into seven languages, the amazing feature film "The Burlesque Assassins" is now available on DVD and Video. This award winning film stars 2010 Queen of Burlesque Roxi D'Lite, London Cabaret Sensation Kiki Kaboom, Armitage Shanks, Koko La Duce, Kitten de Ville and a host of burlesque superstars from around the world".

To view the trailer and rent or buy the film on DVD, go to: Anyone who likes the 1940's and 50's era or likes burlesque is going to love this film.

L to R: Stage and Screen Stars: KoKo La Douce, 

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Chippendales Guest Starring Ian Ziering - Las Vegas - Through July 14, 2013

Ian Ziering - photo by Denise Truscello

It finally happened, I went to a male revue. But not just any male revue, the most recognized name in 'girls night out' in the world. Vegas is home to a cast of 12 buffed and cut male entertainers, and the show has been at the Rio since 2002. The Chippendales show travels all over the world but the difference is that in Vegas, it is not fully frontal nude (fooled me at times). And personally, I'm glad, because the fever pitch of almost 400 women was so wild that I can't imagine what might happen in a full nude show. Here the guys wear a sock (for lack of better term). But we never really knew that, because whenever they fully stripped they showed the back side, or the hyde.

Recently Jaymes and James have brought new recognition and respect to the show by being featured nationally on the reality TV gem "Amazing Race". If that weren't enough the Vegas show snagged heart throb Ian Ziering of 90210 fame (pronounced eye-an) in a limited engagement. Ziering was dazzling, charming and put the icing on the cake of male deliciousness during the Friday June 28, 2013 show I attended.

I encountered Ziering first at Stratosphere's April PinUp red carpet event and was stunned by his youthful appearance. Ziering originally was slated until June 30 as guest star, but is now extended through July 14, don't miss it. Ziering acts as host and plays the only speaking role for the night. But unlike some celebrity appearances, this star falls in and actually dances tight group choreography and also sings. What? He Sings? Yes. I sure didn't expect all that. At one point Ziering shocked me by asking our row to stand up so he could sprint - and I mean sprint - across the chairs doling out high fives and hugs to the fawning fans. 

Before the show started, huge parties of bachelorettes and birthday girls gathered in a cue, some all dressed alike as is the fashion. There were a few token men in attendance of the 350 seat state-of-theart theater inside the Rio Hotel, as well. One group stood in front of the postered wall outside the theater, and were so kind to pose for the camera. Looking cute ladies.

Bachelorette Party Pre-Show - photo by Frankie Tease

As we were seated (center three rows back) the first thing outstanding was the shrill tone of female excitement. I asked a bouncer how he handled it, and he said "we wear earplugs". No kidding. The room offers two shows a night on weekends including the guest star, and even when not offering two shows, don't worry, it's nightly. No matter when you are in attendance, you're in for a treat. Not only do the Chippendales dance their pants off, literally, they also offer a photo opp. to all (extra fee), post-show on stage. Then there's more: they come out to the "Flirt Lounge" to mingle with those still standing. It's safe to say, these guys love their jobs, or are very convincing actors.

Ian Ziering - photo by Denise Truscello

Ian struts on stage and teases us with jeans and a half zipped hoodie. He says in an excited tone "Get ready for the best night of your life" as the stage fades to black. Dramatic. The show starts accompanied by the screaming of those reduced to teens (yes I become that) with a romp through the Chipps appearances in the media. TV Video clips shown included: The Talk, Real Housewives, SNL, E News, Wendy Williams, Inside Edition, Chelsea Lately, and The Simpsons. When a countdown began at 10, 9, 8... the crowd chimed in quickly.

The Chipps appeared in a rhythm nation style pyramid formation with trench coats and crotch grabs. They danced, and Ziering started with his surprises, by singing. The screaming of ladies never stopped. A fast pace was set as the second routine rolled on. A graffiti backdrop with hip hop music and a dance duet warmed up the crowd further.

Men at work was on deck, with elaborate props and sparks flying from rafters as 'wife-beater' t-shirts were ripped and flew into the audience. I know one thing, they go through a ton of new "Fruit of Loom" T's. Next it was massive-sexy-time as a few cast members came out with paint pails and little else. The men kneeled before us and began to paint themselves with hands and their chests start to glow-in-the-dark. Wewh. Can I get an intermission there? Nope.

Ian Ziering - photo by Denise Truscello

It was time to bring a few lucky ladies on stage for what's called the "Chipp Show" with your host Ian Ziering. A spin on the dating game (shout out to Chuck Woolery), the ladies are placed on oversized hand chairs facing us. Ziering asks each of them a different question and they have to demonstrate the answer. One: What type of lap dance would you give? Two: What is your favorite sexual position? Three: What is most your creative way to put a condom on this bananna? These bachelorettes did not hold back in demonstrating their answers. They came to party. Contestant #2 actually "rode" a chipp who had laid down on the floor face up to help her demonstrate - to the audience's surprise. She ended up taking the win, and was whisked backstage for private time with Ian. That's some serious VIP treatment.

The show took a turn for the hilarious with some recorded music (as is the entire show) of "LMFAO". "I'm Sexy and I Know It" and "Party Rock" were popular as ladies sang along. Sunglasses and incredibly tight choreography were mixed with tons of audience participation moments as the songs riled the crowd even more. You never know where the Chipps will end up, so everyone was rubbernecking. They aren't shy with the sugar, either. They laid kisses, hugs, and spanks liberally to all their screaming fans, no matter what age and size we were.

Chairs came out on stage and about eight routines in we got some sexy Marooned 5 music as the Chipps treated the chairs like horses. Beautiful lighting and backdrop changes were so fast I could barely keep up. Part of the cast were in bare feet and were moving slow as clothing was shed down to little shorts. The smell of cocoa butter and cologne was present as we were treated to Ziering singing again. So fun. He wrapped up the song by saying "You're going to love this next one".

The famous dance scene by Tom Cruise (music by Bob Seger) from Risky Business "Old Time Rock N' Roll" came to life, while white button down shirts, tidy whities and white socks let our boys slip and slide through the routine. Down they came doling out kisses, hugs and lap dances for those in the front row. These guys didn't stop heating up the room during the 75 minute performance. Let's just say by this time the 'spank bank' was already full, at least for me. May I be dismissed?

About the tenth routine kicked-in with a lucky lady from the audience front and center. She sat facing us and with a towel on his hips a performer stood with his back to us. He asked her to help put on his tidy whities under the towel, which she did, and the towel dropped a little too soon. And what a reveal. He asked her to put on his big white sweats, she did. He lap-danced on her a little bit as she broke an obvious sweat. "This is what living vicariously feels like" I and a few hundred women thought.

Chippendales by Denise Truscello

Now the fun and games stopped for just a minute while it was time to get slow and low. This was my favorite routine. It was appealing to our animalistic nature. Three huge props were visible, an all-white clothing routine, it's one I'll not forget it. A bed in white was at stage right, a white couch at center, and a white motorcycle (with beautiful black Chaun Thomas) at stage left. The slow sexy beats started the guys stripping. At one point Thomas ran, flipped in the air over the motorbike landing on his feet and ripped his white-T open, tossing it to the audience (gasp). To think he's done that for seven years sometimes twice a night. They were pushing it here and went down to completely nude with a cloth over their loin. Going back to their props, they each lay prone and I felt like a dirty voyeur watching what men did alone. It was ridiculous, in a good way. The music started to speed up and they matched thrusts and they continued to do so. I just was not prepared for that. It was sexy as hell, and my jaw was still on the floor as the curtain closed.

The navy routine with regular Joes was next, progressing into boys in their dress whites. The choreography was clever including a marching parade leading into a strip tease where the whites end up on coat racks. The song "I Can Be Your Hero" had everyone's hearts melting. It was back to classy. I loved the slow glove removal and tease here, it was boylesque times ten. During this routine I stood up and screamed and got the torn wife beater of Dancer Jonny Howes (knuckle bite). Thanx Jonny.

Ziering came out to chat a little bit (thank goodness for the reprieve). He addressed a gay man in the second row, "You having fun sir?" "Love it" he said. I found out later that was Ty Russert from Memphis, TN. His favorite routine was the navy tribute. Next Ziering ripped his shirt tossing it to the screaming crowd. He was completely ripped, cut, buff and youthful. Ziering let us know a few bits of housekeeping, invited people to stay and mingle later and introduced the next routine starring Chaun Thomas called "Smooth Criminal". Cards, pool playing, dice, and jazzy drum and bass beats mixed with fedoras jumping in time. A gunshot rang out and slow motion choreography began. I was officially blown away. The Michael Jackson tune played as dancers went into high gear changing speeds. Smooth Criminals indeed.

One of the Chipps laid a fat kiss on my forehead (never wash) during the next number, by coming into the audience running through the chairs. And a very elaborate vampire routine commenced. A few audience members (three) were brought up again (this happened a lot). One was tied at curtain open to a pole, a hapless prisoner. Oh darn. Two were captive in the red-lit lair. Chippendale dancers wove in and out of the ladies and as they stripped, brought us to the finale  vampire moment, dipping the three audience members, and issuing a love bite on their necks. Fade to black.

Zipper pants were next and we couldn't wait for them to walk out of those (again). It never gets old with bodies like those. But I think the most sung-to number came along in "Save a Horse, Ride a Cowboy". The fence, the boots, the ropes, and the cowboy hats all got the Chipp treatment and we saw a lot of those cowboys by the end. They roped one of the gals from the audience and spun her through a herd of cowboys during the process. A story for her friends. There was another duet to some techno music, and the next thing we know... it was fireman time.

The guys were twerking every muscle in their bodies as they went from full fireproof gear to red speedos. Finally, Ziering made sure all the contestants  earlier brought on stage got Chippendales calendars and gift bags. Soon, the show began to wrap. I know I can't do the full production value credit here, as it is one of the smoothest and most professional I've ever seen. Bouncers are kept on their toes the entire time as ladies in heels (drunk ladies in heels) sprint toward the stage, and are brought back down stairs after participation. Nobody got hurt and everyone had fun.

Ian Ziering - photo by Denise Truscello

I caught Ian Ziering in the Flirt Lounge after the show and asked him a couple questions. I asked how long he prepared for this gig, because he looked amazing. "It's all maintenance now" stated Ziering. "It was a three month work out preparation, two times per day and dieting". What was the craziest audience moment you've had while doing the Vegas show? "One woman came up on stage and took off her dress completely. That was pretty shocking". Lucky travellers and Vegas residents can catch Ian Ziering as special guest star on weekends through July 14, 2013 at the Rio. The man is a natural, and can sing and dance. It doesn't get much better than that. Go team Sanders. I just want to know which of these guys spanked me during the photo opp. If you're reading this, I'm single and available, and give great back rubs. One can dream.

Check out the Chippendales Vegas Show at the Rio via their website Chipps play nightly 365 days a year, and Saturday shows sell out fast, so be sure to book ahead. Parties of ten may purchase tickets in bulk via Some attractions at the Rio will be free with Chipp tix, so save your stub.

Red Carpet: L-R, Jonny Howes, Jaymes Vaughan, Ian Ziering, 
James Davis, Gavin McHale - photo by Denise Truscello

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