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Rockit Broadcast Oct 21, 2013 - National - US - Burlesque, Comedy, Music, Culture, News

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Rockit Broadcast Oct. 21, 2013
Voice Narration: Frankie Tease
Writing: Frankie Tease
Production: Frankie Tease
Music: Factal Planet "Your Sparkling Rubber Soul"

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Burlesque @cabnewburlesque aka Cabaret New Burlesque debut a new one year run show in France. Checkout Melody Sweets played a sold-out show in NYC debuting her debut album "Burlesque in the Black. Many burlesque stars were featured in Detroit Michigan this weekend for the Theater Bizarre, including Kalani Kokonuts and Roxi D'Lite. Tempest Storm and her film crew successfully raised 40,000 on their kickstarter. Follow Tempest Storm on her Twitter at @realtempest. Comedy Katt Williams plays the Joint at Hard Rock Hotel Nov. 8, and 9. The Katt is back. Ian Karmel moves from Portland Oregon (and his column Portland as Fuck) to LA where he is part of Chelsey Lately seen recently naked on a wrecking ball for a shoot. In that group, there is also Richard Bain, and Ron Funches who've recently defected from Portland to L.A. Keep track of these funny people. Music Moonlight Howlers are busy as heck. They have a new guitar player, and have original music featured in an upcoming film with Director Tom Ingram (of Viva Las Vegas Rockabilly Weekender). If you're in the AZ area, catch their weekend of celebration and a new album release in Flagstaff Nov 7,8, then in Phoenix AZ Nov.9. They're unique blend of psychobilly and rockabilly stand out. They will also play at Viva Las Vegas 17 this year in Vegas, as well as over 60 bands. Tom Ingram has been busy planning a new rockabilly music fest entitled Rockabilly Rockout held Oct. in Vegas. Culture Twitter became a public IPO this week amidst strong skepticism that social media are not good investments, while the government shut down finally ended. Vegas laughs as both observations towers (aka ferris wheels) have the kabash put on them, one for budgetary reasons, that's the Skyvue, and one for construction concerns being built by Caesars Entertainment. Ah, Vegas.