Monday, October 28, 2013

Rockit Broadcast Oct. 28, 2013 - National - US - Burlesque, Comedy, Music, Culture News

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Rockit Broadcast Oct. 28, 2013
Voice Narration: Frankie Tease
Writing: Frankie Tease
Production: Frankie Tease
Music: Imp "Fran's Party"

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ROCKIT BROADCAST is a feature of Frankie Tease Magazine, written and voiced by Frankie Tease, now weekly.

Minnie Tonka hosts Trixie Little and the Evil Hate Monkey on her Key West Tour. The Lalas went to New Mexico for a show and Tonya Kay of LA took her sparkly vintage bathtub prop for her tribute act to famed 50's 60's burlesque performer Lily St. Cyr. I hear they never even saw it comin'! Donna Hood of LA (who works in the Lalas Troupe) and was Dita Von Teese's ballet sidekick in "Strip Strip Hooray!" opens her own show entitled Tease If You Please. She's packing a pretty hefty cast of pro dancers and entertainers too. Visit for details. Comedy- PJ McGuire headlines the Sapphire Comedy Hour in Vegas, Pete Holmes launches a new TV show after Conan on TBS, while comedians are starting to get their sets ready to apply to the Bridgetown Comedy Fest held every April in Portland Oregon. Russel Peters debuts his new stand up routine via streaming on Netflix. What's fun about this guy is his international appeal and how much he goes into the audience. Music-Frankie Moreno who appeared on Dancing with the Stars and is a Vegas headliner launched his own champagne and is back in the studio making new music. Check out, and definitely go to his high octane live Vegas show. Muse live at the Colosseum in Rome is hitting movie theaters for a high-powered live concert experience. I'm all over that, almost two hours of Bellamy won't be enough though. Culture- Halloween has already been celebrated by a lot of party people last weekend, but the official date is this Thursday and the kids are pulling out their power ranger and Franke Stein costumes, while 2013 sees tons of adults going for Miley Cirus, Great Gatsby, and Breaking Bad look-alikes. Got some burning news about burlesque, comedy, music, or culture? Got a slick back-track for us to feature on the broadcast? Tip us off by email at rockitbroadcast[at] I'm Frankie Tease, see you next time on the Rockit Broadcast.