Monday, November 18, 2013

Rockit Broadcast Nov. 18, 2013 - National - US - Burlesque, Comedy, Music, Culture News


Rockit Broadcast Nov. 18, 2013
Voice Narration: Frankie Tease
Writing: Frankie Tease
Production: Frankie Tease
Music: Jennifer Keith Quintet and
End Loop Moonlight Holwers

Hey welcome to the Rockit Broadcast for Nov. 1i, 2013, I'm Frankie Tease. In Burlesque- Several American stars of stage and screen performed for "Peepshow at Paradiso Tanzbar" in Munich Germany. Names included: Vegas's Kalani Kokonuts, New York's Stormy Leather, Lou Lou D'Vil, Dirty Martini, and Armitage Shanks for a few mentions. It's actual German title is Peep Show Fünf Jahre Paradiso Tanzbar which is also the name of its facebook page. Good luck with that, the photos are worth the search. The extravagant competition is set as mentioned in our previous broadcast to judge who's the best in Burlesque (nationally). They have a site and its The date is set for the Burlympics as Sept. 7&8, 2014, at Club Fais Do Do, a burlesque stronghold in LA. In Vegas the David Saxe Productions Group just put together Zombie Burlesque, a new show. This guy is a real pro at bringing his shows value, including live orchestras, amazing dancers and choreography, and bedazzling show sets. I guess it made an impression on him that his mother was one of the original Vegas showgirls. He also offers "Vegas the Show", about the founding of the city, filled with showgirls and plumed head dresses. In ComedyJR DeGuzman (Feature Comedian), Scandal (magician) - Chris Randall, Mike Reynolds (Headlining Comedian), Buttercup Delight (burlesque) all make up the Sapphire Comedy Hour in Vegas. See for more - and remember sapphire has two p's. In Hawaii, the always hilarious and politically and religiously edgy Bill Maher will be in Honolulu New Year's Eve. Gabriel Iglesias (of Long Beach!) will be performing at the Tempe Arizona Improv. Tickets are really going fast and start at $40 for the Dec. 27 show. "Fluffy" is his nickname, and he's known for his food humor, latino humor, and today's culture humor. Fluffy is fun to follow on Twitter too @fluffyguy[+Gabriel Iglesias]. I learned from the Colbert Report what a "trucker bomb" is this week. It's a plastic bottle that has been urinated into which is tossed from a moving truck to the side of the road. Thanks Colbert. And lastly in comedy, Legendary Comedian Bill Cosby has announced his first stand-up special in decades - to be aired November 23rd. Filmed in July according to USA Today, the special entitled "Far From Finished" will air Nov. 24th on Comedy Central. Seek that out.  Music- One of the best well-balanced musical soundtracks I've head in a while came in a Netflix streaming British film called "The Heavy". I highly recommend it, for a fun action film. The City of Las Vegas now has a performing arts center, have you heard? It's called the Smith Center (in it's 2nd or 3rd year of existence) and one of its recent engagements caught some national attention. The Las Vegas Dance Theater Fall Concert Series involved the Alvin Ailey Group and music from composers alive in 1910, such as Igor Stravinsky. Las Vegas is trying to compete and show that it's actually got world-class entertainment. It's not just with Cirque De Soleil on the Strip. The Smith Center is located in old Vegas, in Downtown. Culture- The only official Bettie Page Film documentary that involved Bettie herself is in United States wide release all through the end of the year. See for the theater times and dates near you, and don't miss the wide screen expereience of the film you also can own on DVD. That's Blythe Stephens and Mareva Minerbi are two featured classical dancers who perform “Blue-Green,” as a part of Kennedy Theatre’s “Look Back: Move Forward” production at UH-Manoa (Hawaii). There are still Nov. 22, Nov. 23 and 24th dates available. The cost is $5-$25 and more info is at as well as at the University of Hawaii at Monoa.

This week's featured music is by the Jennifer Keith Quintet entitled "Sentimental Journey", and is arranged by Tenor Saxiphonist Mando Dorame. More can be learned about them at and remember Keith is spelled k-E-I-t-h.

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