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If You Like Funny, Whitney Streed is Peddling That in Portland and Beyond - A Written Interview

Whitney Streed by Rebel Rogue Media - Sammy Rivera

I first worked with Whitney Streed in Portland, Oregon during 2009-11. A degree holding almost 30-something transplant from Colorado Springs, CO., Streed weaves puns in and out of self-deprecating gender confusion jokes. Her ability to room-read is fairly unparalleled and she's amassed a sizable list of comedian friends for any booking occasion. She's also played family and conservative rooms in the regions, including Applebee's, where she got a check to tell jokes while people ate. The mental games and exercises in writing are something she's been doing for five years plus, but she first had a career in editing text books before moving to Oregon in the 2000's. Now doing adult care to make it all work, Streed hosts her own comedy night, travels out of region, and has credits on Portlandia, U.S. Comedy Festivals, and her set time is growing stronger and longer. A comedian's comedian, a writer and funny person, here is what the Whit had to tell me is happening for her now and upcoming in the land of Port.

FT: How is Portland treating you and what shows do you have going on right now?
WS: Portland is great right now. The comedy scene is booming and I am feeling very happy to be here. I'm still producing the Weekly Recurring Humor Night at Tonic Lounge every Wednesday night. It's still going strong and has become know as one of the most consistent showcases in town. In March we'll celebrate our three year anniversary! Other than that, I'm still also involved with co-producing CHAD Chats, a satirical infotainment series that I have been doing with Famous Author Mykle Hansen for a couple of years now. We haven't set the date for our next show but things are definitely still in the works.

FT: Can you tell me about the "All Jane No Dick" comedy show?
WS: "All Jane No Dick" was a blast this year. I got the chance to perform on Cameron Esposito's show and podcast "Put Your Hands Together," which was a huge treat and an awesome show. I got to see folks from out of town that I love and there was a lot of love for the amazing comedy that all the women who performed brought to the stage.

FT: How has your life changed since your good friend Ron Funches went on Conan and then moved to LA?
WS: I got to spend time with Ron when I was down in LA last October and it was so wonderful. I've been so happy watching his success. It brings me so much joy to see what he will do in life.

FT: Will you be performing at the Bridgetown Comedy Fest in Portland 2014?
 I'm definitely going to be involved with the Bridgetown Comedy Festival again this year. Last year, I worked in a lot of different capacities including coordinating the stage managers and managing the Tanker open mic, as well as getting to perform on some awesome shows, and I look forward to helping this year in every way I can.

Whitney Streed and Rob Delaney, Portland Ore. Hollywood Theater

FT?: What was your show with Rob Delaney like and is it the first time you were only with one other artist on a bill? How long was your set for that, what was it about, and how did it go?
WS: The show was great, it was at the Hollywood Theater and it was a packed house. I've done a few other shows like that where I was the only other comedian on the bill, like when I opened for Maria Bamford back in April in Salem and Eugene. It was a real treat to work with Rob Delaney - he was super nice and really funny. I was featuring so I think I did about 25 minutes. I had such a blast and he tweeted about me afterwards, which was so cool.

FT: What are you working on as a comedian and what do we have to look forward to?
WS: This year I'm refocusing on myself as a performer and working towards bringing my comedy to as broad an audience as possible. And tweeting lots of stupid puns, I'm sticking with that one. [@whitneystreed]

Streed told me about the following upcoming shows she's participating in. These are the ones she wanted you to know about most. Grrl Front: April 25 & 26, 9pm, Tonic Lounge, Portland, OR. Grrrl Front is intended to highlight women and creativity in a fun atmosphere while politicizing different groups that represent and support women and community. (See Streed perform April 26) 'Mo Wave Queer Music & Arts Festival: April 2014, Seattle, WA. ‘Mo-Wave is a queer music & arts festival that aims to highlight the particular flavor that Seattle and the Pacific Northwest offers the rest of American queer culture, both historically and today. Look for details about those dates here and the below links.

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