Friday, March 21, 2014

Tidbits and Teasers : Las Vegas Linq, Absinthe, Zombie Burlesque

The Linq photo by Frankie Tease

The Linq is brand new on the Las Vegas Strip
The Las Vegas skyline has a new addition. An observation wheel built by Caesers Entertainment located where the old O'Shea's Casino was, next to Flamingo. The Linq includes shopping, gaming, dining, and drinking at the new O'Shea's pub. It also boasts the observation wheel (not ferris wheel) on site, which is able to hold almost 20 people per cart up in the desert skies. The 550 ft. high roller is the world's largest observation wheel (50 feet over the Eye in London). People are directed to call -800-Caesars for more details. You may also visit

Absinthe Vegas Turns Three
Las Vegas Absinthe the show has been running for three years in April. Not much has changed but a couple of acrobatic cast members since it landed its tent in the square of Caesars Palace on the Strip. Having travelled from New York, to Australia, to here, the tent was originally erected temporarily. Almost a year in the fire department required closure and to built a more permanent fixture. Now the most outrageous show perhaps in the strip's history, has renewed its contract through 2015. Star Melody Sweets renews her contract one year at a time and is through 2014. Though one cannot imagine the raucous circus burlesque ensemble without the singing Chanteuse that helped make the show as famous as it now is.

Zombie Burlesque Opens at Saxe Theater
A couple months ago a new show opened at the Saxe Theater. Well, it's really not new. Many ideas of zombie burlesque were borrowed from those doing these themes in community theater. But the show does do one thing different. It steals. It stole one of its prime numbers from beloved entertainer in the burlesque world in New York Julie Atlas Muz. Muz who's receiving rave reviews for her performance in "Beauty and the Beast" on Broadway right as I type, spoke with me directly right before I saw the show for a review. Muz said that she has asked the company to 'cease and dissist' using her "Spell on Me" original chroreography and concept burlesque number in their show. I've got the document and full show review coming at Meantime do see the rave review of Beaty and the Beast starring Julie Atlas Muz and Matt Fraser by the New York Times. Positively radiant reviews are being doled out for this x-rated fairy tale reinvented. Read review here NY Times Review. Our full review of Zombie Burlesque is coming soon to