Saturday, April 19, 2014

Saturday - Live Blogging from Viva Las Vegas Rockabilly Weekender - Updates Day of Event - and final by 4/25/14

Stay Tuned for the Live Blogging here by Frankie Tease from
Viva Las Vegas Rockabilly Weekender

Stay tuned as I give a teaser of today's photos and recap. Finally home and attempting some relaxing after I give you some wonderful highlight from today.

Below photos have been dropped into the text related blogging.

Just found out the Peek-A-Boo point and Gal Friday have recently added the fight portion of their act which we saw on Friday during the Burlesque Showcase.

Audrey Deluxe is a charming hostess with the mostess. It was hilarious how rowdy, and yet fun the crowds were at Burlesque Bingo. This was a fluke where everyone decided they had bingo and Audrey had to draw the line. Could 15 or 20 people really all be cheating? Yes, because cheating is encouraged at Burlesque Bingo, by the host and creator herself. Let's just say this was one of those 'precious' moments.  Oh and I got a picture of Audrey doing the splits, as promised. Those of you at the competition know what I'm talking about. 800 people heard a promise that she'd do the splits if they all showed up at the 10pm Burlesque Bingo. Cool.

Oh boy! I am getting to be present for an entire event of Burlesque Bingo by creator Audrey Deluxe.

The Viva Burlesque Competition was hosted by Audrey Deluxe and Tom Ingram. It was really nice and also fun to see them banter, and to hear Tom who is the organizer and creator of the very popular festival. He has a dry sense of humor!

Missy Lisa had a beautiful L.E.D. dress for her step-down performance. Very bitter sweet. Here, in her second layer, she strikes the Marilyn Monroe pose.

Donna Hood is the new Miss Viva Las Vegas Burlesque Queen. Congrats to
her on an amazing performance. I have the video to prove the audio meter was a click higher then wonderful second place holder Elle Dorado.

The Burlesque Bishop (aka David Bishop) was an extraordinary stage manager for all things in the showroom. I know you all can agree with me that the shows went swimmingly. Congrats BB.

I have interviewed via video every contestant backstage at Orleans Hotel. The show is about to begin.

Preparing back stage with the burlesque contestants for this year's Burlesque Competition.

Imelda May takes the stage and ROCKS the house. Thousands were present wall-to-wall and gate-to-gate to see her all the way from Ireland. Who knew rockabilly was popular in Ireland?! She had one of the best trumpeters I'd ever seen. Played a set of upbeat rock and then some amazing and sexy rumba rhythms.

Live video snippet added 4/23/14 - Fun times with Imelda May

Shot the Miss Pinup Contest at the Car Show. Super fun. Reports and names forthcoming.

Breaking in anticipation of 5pm Pin up contest and 530 pm Imelda May.

Walked up to the stage to see almost the full crew of performers from burlesque showcase kickin it. We all got into a huge photo op. Eccentric Cleo Viper even had her lil' dog in tow. Will find that pic but here are the first four I ran into. What a gang.

made it in time to catch Claire Sinclair at "secrets in Lace" and photo Bettina May.

Problem of 

inserting photos solved. Oh boy. Typos? Well I'll do my 
best from cell. Yesterday's "Burlesque Bingo" picture.

8:45am a note from Chateu Tease...

Today is going to be huge. We've been watching all the rafters, stages, and vintage cars get set up for 2 days at the grounds outside the Orleans Conference Center in Las Vegas. It'll be in the 90s. The VLV vintage car show is bigger than any year 16 years before, with a 2nd stage added this year. Highlights include 2pm Claire Sinclaire will be autograph signing. Ms. Redd will also be there who is a local Vegas international pin-up model (star of Bachelor Pad Magazine) and burlesque performer. Imelda May at 5:30 and so many more wonderful acts to come today. Time for hats and sunblock for the 20,000 plus people to party at the Car Show.
For many the car show is also a scavenger hunt. Visiting a booth you've recieved a code or promo card for, could mean getting a goodie bag. Make-up, corsetry, accessories, clothing for men women and little babies too, can all be found at the car show. It's a mere $30 I believe for entrance and kids under 12 are free. Check details at for quick loading today. There is a downloadable schedule there (PDF), which is mobile and phone friendly for viewing too.

Inside I'm excited about Burlesque Bingo (no voucher, but wristband required) at 10pm. Miss VLV Burlesque Competition, 8pm. Gonna be another crazzzy day.