About Frankie Tease

Frankie Tease is a writer and performer alias I have identified with since 2006. It is a hybrid of a college nickname and my favorite thing to do, tease. Whether in dance or in writing, it's all about the tease. Think about it: if you aren't the least bit intrigued, you aren't going to click, buy or engage. It's not only about the message, it's how you say it, how you tease your audience.

Frankie Tease Magazine was started in January of 2012 in fabulous Las Vegas as a compilation of mostly bi-weekly articles and interviews and stories focused on the topics of music, comedy, burlesque and culture. Since mid - 2013 audio broadcasts and interviews were added so thanks to a new home-studio set up and pro voice mic, I can now reach anywhere by phone, like NPR. Plus, two digitally published eBooks (iTunes, Nook, Amazon) can still be purchased for a nominal fee, which contain large format photos of Las Vegas show stars, reviews and more.

Previous published writing credits have included: Examiner.com, The Candy Pitch, Vegas Seven, Guardian Express LV and Frankie Tease Magazine, to name a few. Show production, creation, and promotion has included: Tease Time, Hangover Helper Comedy & Burlesque Brunch and Pastie Parade, for a quick list.

Now, living, writing, and voicing from Long Beach, CA. Enjoy my semi-political liberal rants on Twitter, hashtag games, or check out my Instagram for lots of waterfront, music, tattoo and cycling shots, from the LBC.

Articles are now periodic in frequency as of May 2017.

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