About Frankie Tease

Photo by LPM

Frankie Tease Magazine was started in January of 2012 in fabulous Las Vegas as a compilation of mostly bi-weekly or tri-weekly articles and interviews and stories focused on the topics of music, comedy, burlesque and culture. Since mid-2013 we are covering all regions in the US and we added audio broadcasts and interviews thanks to a new home-studio set up and pro voice mic. We now reach anywhere by phone like NPR. Written articles and photos mixed with audio interviews and the weekly Rockit Broadcast plus two digitally published eBooks (iTunes, Nook, Amazon now $4) make up the Mag. We have never done print, it's a new age of publishing and a perhaps a new meaning for the word magazine. 

Originally from Long Beach, CA, Frankie Tease (Examiner.com, Candy Pitch, Vegas Seven, Guardian Express LV, Frankie Tease Magazine, Tease Time, Hangover Helper, Pastie Parade) was a columnist and photojournalist in Las Vegas 2011-2014. She has been a writer since her college days in Pasadena, CA, in the 90's and started covering stage, comedy, and burlesque, in Portland, Oregon, 2009-2011 as an entertainment writer with her "How to Burlesque" column on Kelly Dinardo's blog. Frankie has been in showbiz starting with a singing act with her identical twin sister. Now living, writing, and voicing from Long Beach, CA, publishing stories and offering help with social media.