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The Best of Frankie Tease Magazine Vol.2:

Jul.-Dec. 2012 is now available for purchase.

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About the eBook:

The Best of Frankie Tease Magazine Vol. 2 is a mix of tantalizing entertainment stories, resort and travel news, photos and exclusive interviews with visiting or resident Las Vegas performers, from July-Dec. of 2012. It's due to hit iTunes iBookstore, Amazon Kindle, and Barnes and Noble Nook eBook stores late February to mid - March, 2013 for download at an amazing $3.99.

Whether you are a local Las Vegan, a tourist, or are just a fan of burlesque, comedy, Vegas culture, and music, you will enjoy the informative, timely, yet timeless articles written by Frankie Tease (Examiner.com, Candy Pitch, Vegas Seven, Guardian Express LV, Frankie Tease Magazine, Las Vegas). Entertainment stories, show reviews, and photos are staggered among in-depth interviews with Reverend Horton Heat (David Letterman, Late Night with Conan O' Brien, King of the Hill, Texas), Tonya Kay (The Lalas, House, Green Girl, Los Angeles), Frankie Moreno (Dancing with the Stars, Stratosphere Las Vegas), Murray Sawchuck (Magic Castle, America's Got Talent, Celebracadabra, Laugh Factory Tropicana Las Vegas), Penny Pibbets (Absinthe Las Vegas), Perle Noire (Strip Strip Hooray!, Burlesque Hall of Fame, New Orleans), Amy C. Hanley (Sin City Rules Las Vegas), Brandon "Gooch" Hahn (Laugh Factory, 92.3 KOMP Las Vegas), Jo Weldon (NY School of Burlesque, Burlesque Hall of Fame, New York), Tiffany Carter (Las Vegas Burlesque Classes), and Eric Sandoval (Chubby Surf, Shark Tank, Yard Crashers, California). 

The content-rich text and informative links will be transformative. With words and photos by Frankie Tease and contributing photos by featured artists' photographers, the collection in itself is a vacation getaway. The eBook is meant to inform the Vegas tourist, aspiring performer, or average reader, giving insight into places only an embedded columnist and photojournalist could take you. Some of the loftiest talents and destinations in the U.S. and world make up the 31 multi-page articles and interviews, approximately 98 pages and 50 beautiful hi-resolution quality photos. After you read Vol. 2, you'll be pining to catch up with the stars featured in Vol. 1 of this series (also just $3.99).

Other stories and columns included are: Jac Bowie (Australia), 12-12-12 Weddings, Rita Rudner (Venetian Las Vegas), Vegas on CBS, Viva Las Vegas 16 Rockabilly Weekender (Orleans Hotel Las Vegas), Si Cranstoun Album Review (England), Surf the Musical (Planet Hollywood Las Vegas), Blue Man Group (Monte Carlo Las Vegas), Tropicana Resort Makeover, Las Vegas Art (Contemporary Art Center Downtown), Cha Cha Velour (Live Burlesque in Las Vegas), Las Vegas Comic Expo (Riviera Las Vegas), The Frankie Files, Tidbits and Teasers: The Neon Museum, Skyvue Observation Wheel, Vinyl at Hard Rock, Wet & Wild, Burlesque Hall of Fame Eminent Domain, also Labor Day Pool Getaways, Burlesque and Topless Show List of 2012, Photo Finish: Winter in Venice (Venetian Las Vegas), 3 Pool Guys (Golden Nugget Las Vegas), Melody Sweets (Absinthe at Ceaser's Palace Las Vegas), and Downtown Fremont Street LV. 

About the Author:

Originally from Long Beach, CA, Frankie Tease (Examiner.com, Candy Pitch, Vegas Seven, Guardian Express LV, Frankie Tease Magazine, Tease Time, Hangover Helper, Pastie Parade) is now a columnist and photojournalist in Las Vegas since 9/11/11. She has been a writer since her college days in Pasadena, CA, in the 90's and started covering stage, comedy, and burlesque, in Portland, Oregon, in 2009 as an entertainment writer with her "How to Burlesque" column on Kelly Dinardo's blog. Frankie has now published her first two eBooks The Best of Frankie Tease Magazine Vol. 1: Jan.-June 2012 and Vol.2: July-Dec. 2012, full of exclusive interviews, articles, photos, and events from the international city of Las Vegas. Her unique stage experience in performance, dance instruction, stage production, and radio allows her to get poignant interviews with spectacular stars who travel through or are resident headliners in Las Vegas. Enjoy her word and photo circus to stimulate your Inner Vegas.

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author / press contact email : MissFrankieTease@gmail.com
author cell-phone : 702 372-2004
publisher: BookBaby (Portland,OR.)
author location: Las Vegas, Nevada
e-release dates: February / March 2013
eBook distributors: Amazon Kindle, iTunes iBookstore, Barnes and Noble Nook\
eBook price: $3.99 
isbn: 9781626750722

For Immediate Release August 2012

The Best of Frankie Tease Magazine Vol.1: 

Jan.-June 2012 is now available

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Frankie Tease (Examiner.com, The Guardian Express LV, The Candy Pitch, Tease Time, Vegas Seven, FrankieTease.com) was born in Long Beach, CA. and has been a resident of Las Vegas since 9/11/11 (by way of Portland, OR.) She hasn't wasted any time, recently collecting the best articles she's produced Jan.-June of 2012, for the new eBook "The Best of Frankie Tease Magazine Vol.1". Setting up to publish a series biannually (BookBaby), Frankie has already interviewed and covered some of Vegas's best stars and events to kick things off right.

The book's first volume includes interviews, reviews, and photos of international artists and events that have come through or will come through Las Vegas including: Comedian Lisa Lampanelli (NBC, Comedy Central), Director Mark Mori of Bettie Page Reveals All Film (Building Bombs), Dita Von Teese (Bizarre, Playboy, Crazy Horse-Paris, House of Blues) Strip Strip Hooray!, Jonathon Joffe, Burlesque Assassins, The Big Six, Dirty Martini (Dirty Martini and the New Burlesque, Cannes Best Director winner: Tournee'), Viva Las Vegas Rockabilly Weekend 15, Imogen Kelly (Australia), The Burlesque Hall of Fame Weekend 2012 (Las Vegas), Si Cranstoun (of UK's Dualers), Moonlight Howlers, Melody Sweets, Absinthe, Michelle L’Amour (America's Got Talent, Naked Girls Reading), Renea LeRoux (Burlesque Assasins), and Armitage Shanks (Burlesque Assassins). Photos by: Blue Hair Media, Rene Gastelum, Jonathon Joffe, 53deluxe.com, Into the Gold Photography, and FrankieTeaseFotos.

"It wasn't hard creating the first in the series: The Best of Frankie Tease Magazine Vol.1, with the amount of entertainers to cover in the Las Vegas area" according to Frankie Tease, who will become a published author for the first time with this effort. It became clear early-on in this project that an eBook was the only sure way to get these amazing stories to the subjects' true fans locally and across the globe. A 'best of' book was the solution, and the book series was conceived in July of 2012."

The Best of Frankie Tease Magazine Vol.1 is an electronic semiannual e-publication covering a few select exciting genres in Las Vegas, Nevada, published by BookBaby. ISBN #: 9781623096434. The information covered is timely, but timeless.

Frankie decided to take the online articles and turn them into an eBook consisting of the most popular reads from the website (to be published each half-year) and add exclusive stories and photos, which have never been published related to comedy, music, culture, and burlesque, from fabulous Las Vegas. 

Though covering many vintage-focused themes and artists, the book is full of engaging current and modern content and photos, creating a wonderful juxtaposition of eras and genres. Whether you are fans of a fun informative read to stir your imagination, burlesque, comedy, music, or the culture of Las Vegas, you will find it in the Best of Frankie Tease Vol.1, Jan.-June 2012. 

"Frankie's questions get to the heart of many issues one wonders about with regard to high-powered performers. What motivates them? Makes them tick? What do they like about their job? The level of detail is totally surprising. I recommend this publication for anyone interested in the performance and performers in Las Vegas." Five stars on Amazon Kindle

For updates visit FrankieTease.com

Frankie Tease photo by LPM

author / press contact email : MissFrankieTease@gmail.com
author cell-phone : 702 372-2004
publisher: BookBaby (Portland,OR.)
author loction: Las Vegas, Nevada
e-release dates: out now
isbn: 9781623096434
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