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Social Media, Online Marketing, Writing Services (anywhere in the USA)
Because sometimes, you just have to make things happen.

In today's media, one needs a multi-dimensional reach to connect to potential clients. No matter how good you are, if they don't know you exist, you won't get their business. Effective social media and online marketing techniques will increase your visibility in interactive ways you never knew existed. As an intelligent business person, it's time to establish an online presence to reach your target market directly. It isn't rocket science or brain surgery, but it does take a bit of learning and finesse. If you let me, I will be your tour guide into a world where customers and new audiences await you. 


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RATES: Hourly or project deadline rates vary per client.

Direct experience in Las Vegas (NV), Portland (OR), Long Beach (CA), and writing nationally for, Vegas Seven, Frankie Tease Magazine, The Candy Pitch, and others, as well as two published ebooks.

Now that I'm an injured dancer (they shoot horses, don't they?), I am doing social media for small business and artists who'd like a boost in their branding, reach, or making text pop. This includes any and all social media, whatever is right for your particular market, line of business, clients, etc.

I got my start first, in marketing my own ballroom dance lessons in California, learned tons while producing burlesque and comedy in Portland, Oregon (about nine years), snapped into shape on the Las Vegas larger market (three years), and now handling tasks from Long Beach, California, my home town. I am available for contract work.

Services are not limited to: 

Social Media Copy
Social Media Management
Social Media Creation
Social Media Campaigns
Renovation of Existing Social Media
Original Editorial Content
Online Research
Market Research
Video Creation / Editing
Event Promotion
Press Releases
Voice Over
Voice Over Copy
Email Campaigns
Phone Campaigns
Phone Hold Recordings
Ticket Sales
Artist Bios
Press List Creation
and more...